Franklin Merrell-Wolff Describes Enlightenment – Part 2/2


Franklin Merrell-Wolff

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

(Continued from part 1. Read full post here.)

If you wonder what it was like to feel the ambrosia (spiritual bliss) and experience the Current, here is Franklin’s description:

“I felt the Ambrosia-like quality in the breath with the purifying benediction that it casts over the whole personality, even including the physical body.

“I found myself above the universe, not in the sense of being above space, time, and causality, My karma seemed to drop away from me as an individual responsibility. I felt intangibly, yet wonderfully, free.

“I sustained this universe and was not bound by it. Desires and ambitions grew perceptibly more and more shadowy. All worldly honors were without power to exalt me.” (1)

When compared to such an amazing experience, one can’t help but think there’s nothing to desire in this world. However, Franklin realized that one thing makes our time here worthwhile: sharing knowledge and good vibes with a world lost in darkness.

“Physical life seemed undesirable. … I looked, as it were, over the world, asking: ‘What is there of interest here? What is worth doing?’ I found but one interest: the desire that other souls should also realize this that I had realized, for in it lay the one effective key for the solving of their problems.

“The little tragedies of men left me indifferent. I saw one great Tragedy, the cause of all the rest, the failure of man to realize his own Divinity. I saw but one solution, the Realization of this Divinity.” (2)

We learn from this passage that the world’s problems are caused by a lack of enlightenment and can be solved by the understanding that we are one with Source and each other.

In my opinion, love is what the world needs more than anything. To be fair though, love probably overflows in a state of enlightenment. I’d imagine it’s as effortless as breathing, but it can change the world with or without enlightenment.

Next, Franklin describes a second experience in the Current.

“I had been following this course while completing a cross-cut in a gold-prospect near the small town of Michigan Bluff. Much of this time I was completely alone and was more than usually successful in penetrating the meaning and following the logic of what I was reading.

“One day, after the evening meal and while still sitting at the table, I found that, by gradual transition, I had passed into a very delightful state of contemplation.” (3)

His experience, which I’ve shared before, was less powerful than the first but still profound.

“My breath had changed, but not in the sense of stopping or becoming extremely slow or rapid. It was, perhaps, just a little slower than normal. The notable change was in a subtle quality associated with the air breathed.

Over and above the physical phases of the air there seemed to be an impalpable substance of indescribable sweetness which, in turn, was associated with a general sense of well-being, embracing even the physical man.

“It was like happiness or joy, but [these] words are inadequate. It was of a very gentle quality, yet far transcended the value of any of the more familiar forms of happiness.” (4)

For Franklin, the ‘elixir-like quality’ was the most powerful when he exhaled.

“Introspective analysis revealed the fact that the elixir-like quality was most marked during the exhalation, thus indicating that it was not derived from the surrounding air.

“Further, the exhaled breath was not simply air expelled into the outer atmosphere, but seemed to penetrate down through the whole organism like a gentle caress, leaving throughout a quiet sense of delight. It seemed to me like a nectar. Since that time I have learned that it is the true Ambrosia.” (5)

I might share Franklin’s third enlightenment experience in another report, because it’s just as fascinating as the first two. No two people will have the exact same experience, but sometimes, it helps to have a general guide to go by.

No matter who you prefer to listen to (or if you don’t prefer to follow anyone), remember to go within and rely more on your authentic inner connection than external things that help illuminate it.

It only takes a sunset or a pretty patch of flowers to show you that we have everything we need in the spiritual sense, and with openness and dedication to the path ahead, we may eventually have an experience similar to Franklin’s. Then, we can share the wealth like he did.


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