Writing, Enlightenment and Compassion

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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When I first started blogging, I was inspired by channeled messages and spiritual guides. Some people are surprised when I say this because it’s a little different from what I write about now, but at the time, it lit a fire in my heart.

I even practiced channeling and became well-known for channeling messages from various sources. Now, I’m inspired to write from the heart about anything I feel is important or relevant to this movement, and the inspiration – as well as the goal – is the same as it was before.

Before, the goal was to connect with a higher consciousness by channeling spiritual guides. Now, the goal is to connect with this same consciousness, which some call God, the higher self, creative inspiration, etc., and express what comes through.

Creative inspiration is infinite when one is connected with this source, but it’s nonexistent when one is distant from it. I now understand that my purpose is to use writing to bring through guidance from this source, which we can all pick up on, and all you have to do is open up to it to receive its insight.

The best thing about it is that you can share this insight with anyone who’s open to it, and since the conscious community is growing by the day, we have more people to share it with than ever before.

Nearly everyone in our community is looking for guidance, and while this guidance can really only be found within and to rely on others for it is to set oneself up for disappointment, plenty of people are willing to share it.

I’m only one writer who shares insight, and you can find plenty of ‘enlightened’ self-help teachers if you’re looking for more help.

I’d be careful when seeking a mentor or a guru, however, because not everyone is who they say they are. Some are out to make a quick buck by exploiting the conscious community’s need for a teacher, but there are plenty of genuine and humble people in our community who just want to help.

I’d recommend discernment when it comes to any teacher, whether terrestrial or channeled, and I’d be cautious toward anyone who says they’re enlightened because enlightenment doesn’t necessarily mean what a lot of people think.

These days, enlightenment seems to be confused with general social or spiritual awareness. There are people on the internet who say they’re enlightened because they’re spiritually aware, but they fight with others over silly things like the role of certain chakras or which channeled angel they should follow.

There are even ‘enlightened’ people who claim we shouldn’t focus on the bad in the world because it’s negative and low-vibrational, which exposes a lack of compassion and thus, a lack of enlightenment.

Philosophy is the main thing supposedly enlightened people fight about, and we’ll just have to accept that we all think differently.

Enlightenment is, among other things, awareness and acceptance of our differences, and a truly enlightened person would never fight over philosophy or anything else. They wouldn’t avoid the world’s negativity, but they wouldn’t feed it by fighting over petty things either.

They have the highest potential to help humanity prosper, but their voice is often drowned out by the sensationalism and silliness the power structures want the spiritual movement to be.

If the powers that be had their way, everyone in the spiritual community would be to bubbleheaded or focused on pleasure over pain to stand up and fight for the rights of people all over the world. I’m not saying we shouldn’t focus on the good in the world, but there are a lot of bad things here that deserve our attention too.

How much attention we give them hinges on how much compassion we have for the poor and suffering, but it’s easier to meditate or align the chakras than it is to stand up for the hungry.

Personal spiritual growth is important, but some in our community who claim to be enlightened still have some personal work to do. In my opinion, spiritual growth is incomplete if it doesn’t cause or at least encourage social action.

Personally, I’m inspired to contribute to humanity’s evolution and I won’t give up on myself or the world. It’s not about getting rich or feeding the ego, which is why I have no desire to appear enlightened; it’s about sharing good vibes with self-expression.

I just want to serve mankind, and the desire to serve is the first indication that one is on a genuine path to enlightenment. Wanting to serve others doesn’t automatically make you enlightened, but selfless service is the first step.


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