Chemtrails: We’re Not Helpless


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It can be disheartening to see chemtrails in the sky, and to me, it’s worse than seeing trash on the ground.

With the latter, we can at least solve the problem by picking up the trash. Chemtrails, however, can induce a sense of helplessness by making you think there’s nothing you can do about them.

The good news is that there’s plenty we can do, and we just need to come together in greater numbers to put a stop to these environmental crimes while bringing justice to those responsible.

We don’t have to sit and watch as the environment is effectively destroyed by geoengineering, and the first step to making a change in any area of society is to become aware that a change needs made.

We need to educate ourselves, and we won’t know enough about these issues to fight them properly if we don’t. We have to know what we’re up against if we want to be serious contenders, and it isn’t enough for just one person to be aware.

We all need to be educated, and until we are, the power structures will continue to lie to us knowing we’ll take the bait.

Why do you think chemtrails are sprayed in big exes in the sky? They know what they’re doing, and they’re laughing at the masses for how little they think we know. Photo credit:

They’re already so self-assured that they don’t even try to hide what they’re doing. Why do you think chemtrails are sprayed in big exes in the sky? They know what they’re doing, and they’re laughing at the masses for how little they think we know.

To their surprise, people are stepping up to expose geoengineering and careless environmental pollution, and these fearless revolutionaries need our help. They can only do so much, and their effort won’t go very far if we don’t pick up where they leave off.

This is the great thing about being in a community of people who are all aware; we can support and build on each other’s work. We can spread knowledge to the corners of society that aren’t yet aware, and we can make new discoveries and achievements on the foundation of those made by the people who inspire us.

None of this will happen if we don’t educate ourselves and get involved, and along with working hard, I’d recommend taking time to sit in the sun and enjoy life. It can be hard to enjoy being outside when you notice all kinds of pollution, however, so you might be quickly reminded why your work is needed.

It might motivate you to strive to see the day when you can look up to a chemtrail-free sky. Photo credit:

It might motivate you to strive to see the day when you can look up to a chemtrail-free sky, and if you feel like your work is pointless, just remember that there aren’t a lot of people doing this and the world needs you to step up.

Even if we don’t see the changes we strive for in our lifetime, we can make it easier for future generations to make these changes if we work hard now.

We have a responsibility to leave this planet in a better condition for our children and grandchildren, and in the same way we can build on the work that’s been done so far, they can build on our work and hopefully heal the damage done to the planet by previous generations.

I’d like to say there’ll be a time when everyone’s aware and willing to work together to change things, but it can only happen if we raise awareness and encourage people to come on board.

Most people would be furious if they knew what was really happening on this planet, and they’d realize somewhere along the way that they have the ability (and responsibility) to fix what doesn’t work. Hopefully, they’d be more open to working with others, thereby increasing their ability to create change.

As individuals, we’re more powerful than we realize. As a collective, however, there’s nothing we can’t do if we work together. Only when we’re divided can the ‘elite’ maintain power, but they lose control when we work together to expose their criminal activities.


They maintain control by dividing humanity, and the day we all work together will be the day they lose power and become irrelevant.

If we remain divided and continue to accept chemtrails and an array of other environmental crimes that people are conditioned to dismiss, the planet will inevitably fall into destruction.

Since our current way of living is unsustainable and our lifestyle hurts the planet far more than it helps, the only way to move forward is to do what we should’ve done all along: do the research, become educated and active, and most importantly, work together.

We can effect change by focusing actively on the goals ahead. If we reject the division the ‘elite’ have tried to force on us, we can expose and bring down the corrupt system while cleaning up the environment and creating a new way of life that rejects conformity, respects individuality and encourages respect for the earth.

This is the only way we can sustain our society, and the longer we wait, the more the environment and subsequently all life on the planet will suffer.

One thought on “Chemtrails: We’re Not Helpless

  1. Hello Wes, I am Rheena. I am an enjoyer of your energy, just so you know where I’m coming from… I would like to address something with you, that I see across the board in the so-called Lightworker community (I find labels limiting but until we get telepathic… )

    I address this with you because of the beautiful receptiveness that I feel from the attitude that comes through your words. A receptiveness that is sadly still very lacking between ‘people’, even those people who are ‘receptive’ to messages from On High.

    The time has come for action. I feel exactly what you are saying about chemtrails, the helplessness. I read your article, hoping that finally someone would point a way forward, but saw nothing specific. Every site I visit shakes the finger at the rest of us, saying “wake up, wake up and take action” but not a single site offers a plan.

    I do not have a platform with followers so my voice will not be heard. I have a unique position in the Ascension plan, and as much as I would like to, I cannot lead in this way because it is all programmed around me that I stay hidden. Believe me, I spent 46 years trying to break that mold before growing enough to recognize the significance of my purpose. I can and do try to reach individuals who I believe have the capacity to hear my words with their heart, and recognize a way forward for themselves out of the inspiration of what comes through me.

    The finger shakers need to get together and craft a plan. Petitions, radio shows, demonstrations, coordinated graffiti art roll-outs in major cities, music, documentaries, call for a vote-strike… Maybe none of these ideas will take hold. Maybe one will. But at least let us spend our Love and Light on movement, instead of talk talk talk. It’s time to march.

    See what you can do, Wes, if any of this truth resonates with you at all. At all.



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