Do Dreams Contain Hidden Lessons?



By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I like to think of dreaming as a way to experience the other side, and you might learn something about your life if you pay attention to your dreams. Some say there are lessons encoded into them that we can decrypt, and this is one reason people write them down in the morning.

Some people scrupulously examine their dreams for the lessons that may be hidden within, and they treat their dreams as if they were direct messages from the higher self. The thing that interests me about dreams is that they provide a boundless ethereal landscape in which to explore, learn, play around, and most importantly, create.

I’m especially interested in lucid dreaming, which is the phenomenon of being conscious during a dream and being able to control what happens. If we can tap into this incredible power, we can amaze ourselves with our ability to create and interact with our dreams.

I attempted lucid dreaming as a teenager before I was interested in spirituality, but I stopped because it took me to a dark place and I was too afraid to keep trying.



In the six or seven years since, I’ve thought about giving it another try. Nobody should let fear keep them from something so amazing, because fear inhibits the evolution of the mind, body and soul by keeping us too afraid and pacified to leave our comfort zone or try new things.

It can be likened to playing a sport. Just because you mess up or run into something scary doesn’t mean it isn’t for you, and if you keep at it, the fear will fade and you’ll start to enjoy it.

Whether it comes to lucid dreaming or anything else, a negative experience shouldn’t immediately scare you off; especially because these kinds of experiences increase self-awareness. If the inner voice has trouble bringing our attention to something, it usually uses dreams to make us aware.

This is another great thing about lucid dreaming. It can illuminate our connection with a powerful source of guidance that doesn’t speak as clearly in a regular dream, because in this case, we’re cognizant that we’re dreaming and open to its signs and guidance.

Meditation also opens us up to it, but since guidance manifests in different ways (and as different people) in dreams, we might be able to lucidly manifest something helpful.

A lot of people are unaware that dreams contain lessons about their lives, and if they could realize this guidance is available and keep an eye out for it, they could receive insight on practically anything important to them.

They could connect with the Source, a higher state of consciousness, a spiritual guide, or maybe even a departed loved one. The possibilities are endless, but we’ll never know unless we stop seeing dreams as the random products of our conscious and subconscious thoughts and start seeing them as teachers.



Since more people are turning to alternative forms of spirituality and are interested in knowing the truth about dreaming, it’ll undoubtedly continue to be a fascinating subject in the conscious community.

My perspective is that we temporarily exist in a higher reality when we dream (maybe a fourth-dimensional reality?), and I recommend reading Dr. Eben Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” for insight into what this higher reality is like.

I’m not sure if Dr. Alexander mentions dreaming in his book, but until someone proves otherwise, I’ll continue to treat it as a vacation from physical reality with lessons that take the form of seemingly random and bizarre experiences.

So keep dreaming, and try to remember your dreams because they might help you later on.

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