We All Want a Better World

Credit: arkadiansystems.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The conscious community is comprised of people from all walks of life who are passionate about changing the world, and we all have different beliefs, lifestyles and visions of the future.

Some want to expand their consciousness, while others want to protect endangered species and hold corrupt corporations accountable for environmental crimes. Some want to expose government corruption, and some want to do all of it.

They want to protect animals, raise their vibration, hold the corrupt accountable; advocate healthful eating; the list goes on. These are the ones who can achieve the most if they’re motivated enough, because they’re passionate about it all.

Some in our community are into spiritual concepts like channeling, chakras, extraterrestrials and the energy grid believed to surround the world.

They usually care more ascension, enlightenment and bringing people together to form a mutual understanding of spirituality than changing society, and in my opinion, they have as much to offer as anyone else in our community.

Despite our differences, we all want a better world. We’re tired of the limited circumstances in which we find ourselves, and we want to change them no matter what it takes.

Whether this change is personal, societal or both, we feel inspired to awaken people to it so they too can embrace it. This inspiration drives us to work independently to assist in humanity’s evolution by supporting the change the world needs, and while we’ve achieved a lot so far, we clearly still have a lot to do.

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There’s nothing wrong with working independently, but we can achieve a lot more if we work together.

It won’t be easy since we all think differently and we’ll disagree a lot, but changing the world will require us to accept our differences and work together for the good of mankind regardless of how little we agree.

If we’re truly ‘conscious’, socially or spiritually, we should know by now that fighting over our differences allows the power structures to continue to rule over us. They maintain control over the world by keeping us divided, and they fear the day the masses come together.

Not only do they fear it; they take steps to make sure it never happens.

With the condition society is in right now, global unity won’t happen for a long time. This is why the conscious community needs to come together, learn to respect our differences and set an example for others to follow when they’re ready.

If people see that it’s possible to come together and respect our differences, they might be more open to working with those they never thought they could.

They might see that their differences are minuscule compared to their commonalities, and just maybe, they’ll set their egos aside and think about the big picture. It can only happen if we try to make it happen now, and in my opinion, we’re the only ones who can make a change.

The masses don’t seem ready to take a stand for unity, so we have to do it.

Credit: kateaubreyhojilla.wordpress.com

Some might think the conscious community bears a heavy burden because we’re aware of so much that needs to change and we’re the only ones who care enough to take a stand. The burden lifts when we remember that this is why we’re here, and it’s replaced with inspiration to work hard and help humanity.

Since the only work most people are doing is work that makes some rich CEO richer, the responsibility rests with those who are willing to extend themselves in order to awaken people and set our collective evolution in motion.

No matter how you want to contribute, remember to be open to those who think differently but, like you, want to create a new way of life. Everyone in our community has good intentions, which is more than our governments can say, and now is the best time to act on our mutual desire change what no longer works.

Until the rest of the world becomes aware of the massive societal and environmental problems that threaten us with extinction, we’re the only ones who can do it and it can only be done by working together.

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