The Role of the Initiator


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week – Michael Forrester recently posted an article to Prevent Disease where he discussed the “nine types of personalities” helping to change the world.

I shared his article on the Culture of Awareness because it was significant to what we’re all doing to raise the world’s consciousness, and there’s one personality type in particular I’d like to discuss.

This is the personality of the ‘initiator’ or the doer. The doer is, well, the one who does!

They actively create, support the creations of others, talk with people about a new world and generally dedicate themselves to their work. They live and breathe for it, because they know they have a great opportunity to contribute to humanity’s evolution and they intend to use it.

Michael explains the nine personality types we all contain – some in larger doses and some in smaller.

“Nine distinct personality types make humanity very special, not only in their interactions with each other, but within themselves. Synchronicity ties them all together in a beautiful system that makes everything work.

No human being is ever represented by just one of these personality types, but rather a mixture of several. And while the western mindset focuses on happy moments as the ideal, it is unaware that each piece of the puzzle, each with its flaws, is integral in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

“Everything is shifting and changing so quickly and each of these segments is playing a critical role in human consciousness.” (1)

Even though we contain each of the nine personality types Michael outlines, certain types are more dominant than others. We can determine what’s dominant in us by looking at the angle at which we choose to approach this spiritual revolution.

Do you prefer to work hard, night and day, to share the light, or do you prefer to hold the light by meditating more often and being content with the subtle yet powerful effect it has on the collective consciousness?

It didn’t take me long to figure out my dominant personality type, which is the initiator. Michael explains the role of the initiator and the motivation they bring to the rest of the community.


“Regardless of the initiative, these are the doers of our world. Being the number of ‘new’ in which all manifestation begins, they symbolize the principle of beginning or initiation through purity of purpose. It is the energy that begins all actions and leads the way in new directions.

“Without them, we would have a lot of trouble getting things done because when nobody else wants to do it, they step up and get it done with courage, originality and decisiveness. Their drive makes them magnificent manifestors and they require the support to keep them going.

“They do not tolerate laziness from the people within their circles, and they don’t like to ask for help from others. The Initiator is somebody we all depend on for monumental achievements because they are masters at self-sufficiency, invention, focus and rationality.” (2)

This is definitely my role, and I can say from experience that fatigue and laziness tend to drain my sense of love and purpose. Michael wrote that the initiator doesn’t tolerate laziness from others, and I have trouble tolerating my own laziness because it makes me feel low, depleted and less willing to write or make music.

Even on Friday night, when most people give themselves permission to relax or unwind, I feel awful sitting on the couch and watching TV or being distracted in some other way. Something feels off, and I start to feel normal again when I start being productive.

Michael also shares the key strengths of the initiator.

Key Strengths:
– “Creators and primal force of consciousness and grand movements.
– Do not see an end to their journey and goals (retirement does not exist)
– The most powerful Initiators are those who awaken to their purpose to serve rather than rule (because they also make great rulers).
– Always at the forefront of directing and leading others
– Trust in their own ability to separate right from wrong regardless of what they are told.
– Often mentally stronger than most other people
– Live and breathe what they think they need to do and nothing will stop them from doing it.
– Generally optimistic people who have a great deal of inner strength and are often a source of inspiration to others.
– Self-motivated, striving for progress, with ambitious will, power and positivity.
– Pioneers with leadership qualities that attract many followers.
– Have an initiative, instinct and intuition that makes it all self-perpetuating.” (3)

I can’t say I’m mentally stronger than others, but most of these strengths fit for me and they may fit for some of you who are inspired to help show the way.

I’ve come to understand that anyone who wants to be an initiator has to find their own strength when they don’t seem to have any. Sometimes, we have to create something out of nothing, but the ability to do so is an indication that we are indeed initiators.

I’m passionate about using writing and music to spread the light and help people wake up to what’s really happening on this planet, and I no longer want to give up or let fatigue take over.

I want to join all of you in co-creating a truly conscious society that understands the value of love, creativity and authentic spirituality, and anyone who wants to show the way will have to be willing to work hard.

Hard work is one of the key attributes of an initiator, innovator, world-changer, etc., and it gets easier when we realize the journey is more important than the destination. I don’t write all of this every day to get it done; I write it because I’m passionate about writing and I enjoy the process of creating something uplifting (and hopefully inspiring) with words.

There’s a lot of hard work involved, but it’s worth it when you’re doing something you love and you can reach others with it who are also ‘awake’ and willing to contribute to this movement too.

I highly recommend reading the rest of Michael’s article and discovering which personality type fits you, because we all have a role to play in this collective evolution. Since 2016 has been prophesized by many as the year of action, now’s the best time to discover your role and help us create heaven on earth.


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