Awakening Consciousness by Spreading the Light

Credit: The Inspiration Network

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I regret not having a post for you all first thing this morning, because I’m feeling inspired to work hard at writing, music and everything else that nourishes the spirit.

I want to be around for those of you who come to the Culture of Awareness for these writings daily, and I also want to put out some music despite that it takes so much time away from the blog and writing.

My intention is to share light with the world by creating things from the heart, which sounds easy but can be difficult when living on a planet full of darkness and inhuman levels of apathy.


Credit: Cult of Weird

Remembering that, as Terence McKenna put it, we come from ‘unimaginable realms of light’ makes it easier to deal with the world’s vitriol and carelessness, and it gets easier when we open the mind and return to the heart.

In order to open the mind, we have to be willing to calm it by slowing it down.

We don’t have to slow down the heart or the love we feel surging through our spiritual veins, but we do have to slow down the mind so we can access this love more purely, which helps us remember the realms of light we came here from and reawaken memories of everyone’s divine origins.

A calm mind combined with an open, flowing heart will give us the strength to work hard each day, but we have to be wholly dedicated to our mission if we don’t want the world’s stress to pull us under.

We have to remember where we come from when we’re tempted to feel overwhelmed, and it’s especially important to remember that our love and creativity will never deplete if we continue to call on them.

They seem depleted when we’re tired or we just don’t have it in us, but perseverance teaches us that they’re always accessible. We just have to refuse to give up, and I mean really refuse because sometimes, we’ll feel totally depleted and our whole mission will seem pointless.

This is where perseverance becomes crucial, and if we can keep on and keep working to raise consciousness, we’ll be endlessly rewarded upon our return back to our true home.

The rewards won’t come in the form of praise from God or some higher guiding entity, but from the satisfaction of knowing we did all we could to help the planet evolve.

It’ll feel even better to know that we actually reached people who might not have awakened were it not for all the things the conscious community is doing, and our satisfaction and gratitude for the chance to help this world will outweigh the stress that sometimes brings us down.

The best advice I can give in this moment is to stay strong, remember where you came from and try your best not to let the negativity or drama halt your mission.


We aren’t here to be perfectionists or master all of the lessons we’re learning overnight, but returning to love will give us the strength to do our best when we’d rather hide from the world.

Hiding is easy, but finding the strength to work hard every day in the best interests of humanity is infinitely more fulfilling.

Let’s remember this when we’re tempted to stop, relax or take it easy on ourselves when we could be working to awaken consciousness, and while hard work is important (especially right now),we should also remember to rest and engage in other soul-nourishing activities.

For me, those activities are writing, music, meditation and getting out to nature, but whatever you enjoy alongside your effort to awaken the world, remember that you enjoy it for a reason and try to have some fun with it.

Having fun is arguably the best way to raise the collective vibration, which is why so many of us are doing work we love, so let’s embrace the things we enjoy while we passionately pursue our life purpose. We’ll be glad we did when we look back on this life knowing we made a significant impact on this planet and its people.

We’ll return to the ‘unimaginable realms of light’ when we’re done here, so for now, let’s bring as much of that light as we can onto this planet in hopes of awakening everyone and facilitating revolution and evolution.

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