Never Giving Up


I’ve been a little depressed lately, feeling like I can’t do all of the things I want in life.

Writing, making music, spending time with family, exercising and staying fit/active, somehow finding time to get out and enjoy nature; I’ve begun to feel overwhelmed with it all.

But I’m not giving up. This life is about overcoming the challenges and obstacles that would otherwise keep us from achieving our dreams and making the world a better place, and we can’t do it if we let sadness get the best of us.

There will be days when being depressed sounds much better than trying to work hard throughout the day to keep raising awareness and spreading the light, but we aren’t here to let sadness keep us from living with purpose.

We’re here to be inspired and share that inspiration with the rest of this conscious community, with a clear mind and an open heart.

I can write articles, make and share music, keep up with meditation and everything else that nourishes the body and spirit. I just have to make sure I’m up for the challenge and stop getting distracted by silly things that take me off of the path.

We’re a lot stronger than we think, but we have to keep being strong when we’re overwhelmed or we’d rather hide from life’s problems.

It’s time for us all, especially me, to become more conscious in how we live, the activities we indulge in and whether or not they’re conductive to spiritual growth or the mission we’re here to fulfill.

Along with love and a clear mind, conscious living will keep us on this path and help us make sure we impact this world in a positive, lasting way.

I’m determined not to give up or let depression stop me, because our mission here is too important. Let’s all be strong, because the world needs us more than ever.

Much love everyone,

Wes Annac 🙂

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