Fear Drives Hesitation; Detach from Both Today

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’ve been thinking a lot about hesitation, an important topic for anyone who’s discovered their life purpose. I notice that while I enjoy writing, music, meditation and other things, I sometimes resist them.

It’s easier to get distracted than sit at the computer and write or edit a document, and the commitment that comes with living with purpose will challenge us.

I’ve been wondering what drives hesitation, procrastination and other qualities that impede a life of purpose, and the best answer I can come up with is fear. Fear keeps us from the things we need the most in life, and if we can become aware of how it hinders the creative drive, we can take the first step to resolving it.

In order to do so, we have to look out for any fear or hesitation that surface during the creative process. We have to question if our commitment is strong enough to stop giving in to fear, and if the answer is yes, it should be easy to find the strength to keep moving.

When we get a lot more done in one day than we thought possible, we’ll realize how many precious moments we tend to let slip away.

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Fear and hesitation will drain us of all of our inspiration and creative energy if we keep giving in to them, but we don’t have to let them rule us.

When we’re stuck in fear or resistance (or when we just have writer’s block), we should remember that our work isn’t the mountainous obstacle we usually make it out to be.

We decided to do it in the first place because we wanted an outlet to express our souls, and even though it’s a challenge, we can overcome. When we do, we’ll realize that the challenge helped us reach the next creative level; the level where we can really express ourselves.

Fear and resistance are the most difficult obstacles for anyone who wants to be creative, and unfortunately, we don’t just overcome them once. We have to overcome them again and again, sometimes every day, and this is what makes them so challenging.

This is why so many are called to be creative but so few are chosen; everyone wants to express themselves and enjoy the glory that can come with it but hardly anyone wants to challenge themselves daily while trying to overcome continuous fear and hesitation.

Sometimes, writing is the last thing I want to do when it’s the only thing I should be doing. Other writers are different, and some are passionate enough to push through the fear. They may have succumbed to it at one time, but they’ve long overcome it and they’re better because of it.


I’m not at that stage yet, and I’m still trying to overcome the fear and the massive desire to procrastinate. I still face them daily like many other writers, but I’m becoming conscious of the struggle and the potential solutions.

As long as we look within, solutions will appear and the light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter and closer. Creativity is obviously easier if we look within, because this is where it comes from.

It’s from this inner space that we can share our light, and we can return to this inner space via meditation at any time for replenishment. We can share more light with the world if we replenish the soul often, and if we have love, we have the strength to overcome everything that used to stop us.

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