2016: The Year of Transformation


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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I don’t know what 2016 means for all of you, but for me, it signals the start of the conscious community’s real work.

Our social and spiritual work each year lays the foundation for what we’ll achieve in the years to come, and since we’ve been able to do so much up to this point, this year can’t help but be active and eventful.

I think the conscious community will become more active this year as we realize how valuable our work is, and we’ll subsequently understand the value of inactivity, which we can practice while keeping an active lifestyle.

Some of us might meditate more while working harder to fulfill our life purpose, and we’ll merge our understanding of the value of activity and inactivity as we learn how they can both help us make a positive inner/outer change.

While creativity is inherently spiritual, it’s still a form of activity and it’d take a lot of writing, painting or playing music to get to the deep level we can find with a good meditation, which requires mental and physical inactivity.

Creativity still a helpful way to raise our consciousness while raising humanity’s awareness, which is why so many people are working harder while embracing the inaction that comes with meditation and other spiritual practices that are meant to calm the mind.


We’re expanding our consciousness by taking both routes; the route of action caused by the desire for selfless service (commonly called Karma Yoga), and the route of inaction caused by meditation and the desire to know more about spirit.

In 2016, I think we’ll take them both to the next level.

More and more of us will dedicate ourselves to them and, as a result, expand our consciousness to new heights while giving the world the heartfelt, spiritually inspired art it needs.

Spiritual seekers who want to contribute in the public domain will become more confident in themselves and their creative abilities, and they might start doing things they never thought they had a knack for.

Writers, artists and musicians of every kind will suddenly pop up as we see that creativity connects us (and everyone who enjoys our work) with a higher consciousness, but by no means will we swap out our spiritual practice for our creative work.

We’ll embrace all of it, and somehow, we’ll still make time and energy for our other responsibilities.

We’ll enjoy our creativity and meditation so much that we’ll gladly deal with any responsibilities that come first, and the more we do these soul-nourishing things, the better we’ll feel and the more we’ll be capable of doing.

If we can apply ourselves, I think 2016 will be more amazing than any previous year. If we don’t embrace the creative and spiritual gifts this year has for us, we’ll risk falling further into any destructive behavioral patterns that have inhibited us so far.

Light and darkness are one. Credit: wallpaperstock.net

I think the light and darkness will continue to enhance this year as we begin to understand that they are one, and the quality we feed will be the one that guides our life.

Therefore, it’s important to consciously feed the light while allowing the darkness to express itself for the purpose of healing instead of trying to hide from it.

We can experience darkness without feeding it, and it comes down to our willingness to explore it and let it go. To let it go isn’t necessarily to suppress it as long as we honestly explore and heal it, and there’s a difference between letting it go and suppressing it.

Once we feel comfortable letting it go, I doubt it would go back to the subconscious to fight for recognition again.

We’ll be fine if we focus on feeding the light, which creativity allows us to do, but we have to remember that darkness is a necessary part of life and we shouldn’t avoid it just to feed the light. If we try to avoid it, we’ll only strengthen its influence and lock ourselves in the patterns we’re ready to get away from.

Passive examination and acceptance of everything life gives us, combined with an active effort to pour our soul into whatever outlet helps us make the world a better place, will help us get the most out of this year.

Passion is crucial whether it comes to meditation, creativity or anything else, so let’s regain any missing passion by looking in the heart and embracing the things that help us feel closer with the Most High.

Let’s use those things to bring awareness and light to a world that’s barely begun to wake up, and let’s make 2016 the best, most productive and most transformative year the conscious community has ever seen.


To new beginnings! Credit: faithatthebeach.com

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