Happy New Year! Time to Contribute

happy-new-year-copyHappy New Year everyone, I hope you have a great year filled with joy, passionate work and inner transformation.

I’m not usually much for New Years resolutions, but I have some resolutions this year that I think are important and relevant – not just to my role in this transformation, but to yours as well.

I’m going to be more active in writing, creating music and generally being dedicated to this movement, because we’re still at the beginning.

We still have so much to do; so much art to make, so much awareness to raise, so many people to bring together – and 2016 will be a great year for it.

If we can dedicate ourselves to our collective evolution this year, we could achieve a lot and bring more people on board who are ready to contribute.

So along with eating more healthy, natural foods, I resolve to work harder and be more committed to every aspect of this movement. Hopefully, those of you who also feel inspired will join me. 🙂

Much love!

Wes Annac

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