Merging Revolution and Spirituality


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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I wrote a lot about myself and my path here, but if you can bear with me, hopefully you can all get something out of it.

I met up with an old friend recently, and he asked me a lot about my work; the writing, blogging and the topics I discuss. I wasn’t ‘awake’ or spiritual at all when I used to spend time with this person, and it surprised him to see how different I’ve become.

My personality is the polar opposite of what it was when I was younger, and I was headed down a negative path back then. Looking back on it makes me thankful I changed direction. I didn’t yet have any solid spiritual foundation to stand on, so my life was all about friends and having fun.

I didn’t expect so many questions about my work and who I am now, but my friend was intrigued so I told him all about it.

I’d like to say I didn’t hold back, but I tend to be light when talking about all of this when I’m around those who aren’t as deep into it as me and all of you. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, just like I wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by someone else’s culture or how they live their life.

The only real way to live in harmony with others is to refrain from forcing your viewpoints on them, because it leads to tension and arguments. So I told him a little about what I’ve been doing, and while it wasn’t his cup of tea, he was still fascinated and glad I found a purpose.

I don’t know if it was because I didn’t want to say too much, but I initially struggled to explain what this work is all about. It became clear after a minute though, and then, I let it flow.

I explained that this movement is laid on a foundation of inner peace (which we can share with the world in hopes of helping others become peaceful too), and my intention is to merge spirituality and revolution.

I started this work by contributing to the new age movement with my own channeled messages, and after that, I became interested in writing, revolution and corporate/government corruption.

Now, I see that my purpose is to merge these themes and write from the heart about spiritual evolution and the replacement of corrupt governments with institutions that are run 100% by and for the people.

More importantly, I’m here to share love and good vibes in the form of writing. I usually do this by writing about certain themes that interest me, like spirituality and revolution, but no matter what I write, I intend to do it from the heart.

I also want to connect with more of you who are spiritually aware so we can discuss our discoveries and the awesome (and not-so-awesome) things happening in the world that signal a new paradigm.

I want to bring the conscious community together, and as it stands, there are various conscious groups that have the potential to merge and coordinate some of their efforts with respect for each other’s differences.

Each group thinks differently in noticeably big ways, and I’d never suggest we conform to the same mindset because conformity steals our uniqueness.

I’m suggesting that we respect and appreciate our differences (and appreciate each other for having these differences) and do away with the apparent need for others to think the same as us before we can have peace.

I go around a lot of people who I don’t consider socially or spiritually aware (almost everyone I know who is aware is on the internet and lives far away), but I’ve learned to accept how they live and what they think about life as long as they don’t disrespect me or my lifestyle.

This is one reason I don’t force my views on others; I’m not interested in coming on too strong with my spirituality and being disrespected by those who think differently. It’s arrogant for someone to criticize a spiritual person’s views, but it’s just as bad for a spiritual person to try to convert someone to their way of thinking.

This philosophy extends to other things like vegetarianism.

Like I told my friend, I don’t eat meat but I don’t go around telling others they shouldn’t. I choose not to eat it as a service to animals because conditions for factory animals are torturous and I don’t feel they should be eaten if we can avoid it, but I don’t judge people who do.

Everyone I know eats meat, so as you can imagine, I’m around it a lot. I never judge, and again, I wouldn’t want to be judged for abstaining from it.

People are basically good, and we’re all doing what we feel is best.

Harmony between different cultures and spiritual groups (which includes all religions) is the only way to change the direction in which our planet is moving, and we can take the first step by being peaceful and accepting of those around us regardless of how they live; as long as they don’t hurt anyone or try to make us live like them.

Along with writing about revolution and spiritual evolution, my purpose is to spread peace and show that harmony is possible between people who think and live differently. Things would quickly change if the rest of the world could at least try to do the same, but as long as you and I do our best, we’ll know we gave something significant.

I’ll sign off for this week with some pictures from PocahontasBrandy, which are attached to the email delivering this week’s newsletter.

Until next week, I’m Wes Annac and I salute you on your journey with the light and love of the One Infinite Creator.


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