Work Hard and Persevere

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

In a time like this, some might want to give up on raising consciousness and helping people evolve because the continuous violence in the world makes it all seem hopeless.

Despite the awful things happening daily, however, the mission is only impossible if we believe it is and the world’s evolution not only hinges on our willingness to contribute, but our refusal to give up.

We can’t let anything take away our resilience, and our role in this revolution requires us to stay busy.

We should still take time to meditate or just be every now and then so we can get back out there with more to give, but beyond that, we have a job to do and the busier we are, the more we accomplish and the more people we help.

Beyond spiritual evolution, the point of all of this is to raise consciousness by doing something we love. If we aren’t passionate about any form of revolutionary work, we’ll be unwilling to go the extra mile and achieve anything significant and we’ll miss out on our life purpose.

Even if you don’t know your purpose yet, you have something powerful to give to the world. Throwing in the towel and failing to utilize your unique talents would be unfortunate to say the least, but we don’t have to give in to laziness or the fear that we aren’t good enough.

We can get better at our craft than we ever expected, but it requires us to get past the fear of inadequacy and shine in the face of any and all adversity.


The world needs us to share our light regardless of how difficult it is at first or how we choose to do it.

While it can be difficult if we’re preoccupied with unimportant things or life’s endless challenges bring us down, we have to keep going for the sake of the planet and everyone who aches for spiritual evolution, consciously or unconsciously.

It’s too easy to be lazy or let negativity take over, and for some people, it’s more appealing. Since enough people aren’t motivated to take a stand, the responsibility rests with the conscious community to be active in whatever way we see fit.

I couldn’t tell you how you should contribute, but I can tell you that your contribution is infinitely more valuable than you likely know. It might not seem that way when you struggle with the most insignificant mission-related problems, but adversity exists to test us and make us better.

We’ll just have to accept that challenges are inevitable and try to persevere when the stresses pile on. There will be plenty of times when they do, but being inspired makes perseverance easier.

Personally, I’ve had plenty of stresses and a multitude of metaphorical headaches, and I usually write about it in hopes that what I learn will help those of you who also want to contribute but are often hindered by stress and adversity.

It helps to remember that despite what the world tells us, we don’t always have to be perfect at what we do.

Our work might not be the best when we’re lethargic or uninspired, but we have to keep going anyway, knowing that we’ll eventually get back to our familiar skill level.


We might be constantly tempted to stop and do something easier that we think we can handle, but we’ll have to try to transcend that temptation and, if necessary, approach our work from a new, more refreshing angle.

We won’t enjoy our work if we get stuck in a rut, which is why it’s good to try new things and integrate them into our work if they help. They won’t always, but even when they don’t, we can be glad we tried them and learned the lessons they had for us.

Everything in this life has something to teach us; especially our work.

Those who are committed to their life purpose are challenged by it daily, and it’s up to us whether we accept the hardest challenges or hide from them. If we hide, we may force ourselves into a life that reflects our fear and halfhearted effort.

We’re here to contribute to this worldwide transformation that more and more people are becoming aware of, and the best way to do it is to be so dedicated that nothing, beyond other important things like family, takes us away from our work.

Credit: Innland A

We can embrace a transcendent level of dedication, but only if we’re 100% passionate about our work. Otherwise, we risk giving in to the laziness that captures most of the world in its web.

If we’re willing to give in to it, we might as well work a 9-5 job that doesn’t challenge us or test our creative abilities.

Some people feel comfortable at a traditional job because it’s something they can handle and they never really have to push themselves, while others are dying to get out of their day job and make a living using their passion to wake people up.

Anyone who can make a living with work they enjoy is blessed, and they can share that blessing with everyone who enjoys their work by staying active in spite of anything that could potentially stop them.

Everyone’s work will be important in the years to come, so in this moment, let’s focus on how we can awaken and uplift others and know that everything else will fall into place if we work hard.

4 thoughts on “Work Hard and Persevere

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  2. I do not think that working hard will always get one some place. The corporations are keeping many in poverty by not providing a living income, no matter how long or hard one works. I have worked in some industries, careers that did not provide a living income, even with a college education. And some that wanted experience after college to start working in that career, obviously that would not work. So if the businesses would give a living wage, than life for all would be a lot easier. The rich, corporate heads are keeping many as their slaves, which one cannot get out of that job, ie slavery. There needs to be many changes in how we are doing things.


    • I agree that working for someone else isn’t the way to go. What I refer to here is working toward something we’re passionate about rather than the typical 9-5, and I think that if we work hard at our preferred outlet (whether it’s writing, for example, or anything else) we can make a positive change in the world. I think we should find work we enjoy that we can use to awaken and inspire people and work hard at that, but not at a corporate job or another kind of job where we make someone else richer because, as you wrote, the system is designed to benefit the rich and keep the poor down despite how hard they work.

      Fast food workers can be some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet and have the hardest jobs imaginable, but we see how they’re treated by a billionaire class that doesn’t care about us ‘useless eaters’.

      Thanks for your comment! Much love 🙂


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