10 Reasons We Need a Global Shift in Consciousness

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week – Spiritual revolution is inevitable, and people all around the world are standing up to reclaim their rights, one of which is the right to practice their spirituality without fear of discrimination or oppression.

While much of the world is still rooted in violence and devastation, more people than ever are realizing how bad our situation is and striving for change. They’re opening their minds to new, inventive solutions to the world’s problems, and they’re slowly realizing that love is the only way to change anything.

They’re stepping out onto the world stage to wake up more people, and the result is that millions of people are aware of the inner and outer changes that need made and willing to contribute in some way.

They’re embracing peace and love for the first time, and they’re mobilizing in a way that puts the hippie generation to shame. Thanks to them, the conscious community is more alive and active than ever and our strength will only grow in the years ahead.

I’d like to share ten reasons we need a global shift in consciousness, which our little community is starting to create. This shift will be increasingly evident as more people arise and demand change, and we need to actively contribute for the reasons listed below.

  1. People are unhappy

The problem’s actually worse than people just being unhappy. Too many people are depressed and miserable, and while different treatments work for different people, I honestly think that a global awakening is the solution.

If more people were aware of their divine identity, they might realize that beyond this world’s coldness and carelessness, they’re infinitely loved by their creator and their own higher consciousness. Imagine the love and compassion we could all express if more people tapped into this simple realization.

We could collectively take steps to address unhappiness, and we could realize that most people’s unhappiness is a byproduct of living in a society that just doesn’t care.

  1. People are complacent and unaware of government and corporate corruption, and they mostly rely on mainstream news for information

Mainstream news serves two purposes: to misinform you and to bum you out. Mainstream news outlets contribute to most people’s depression, because the only things the media is even somewhat honest about are the brutal things happening in the world. Even with those things, the media is usually dishonest about who’s responsible.

A global shift in consciousness would help us realize that the media only exists to depress us while serving the corporate interests that fund various news outlets, and then, we could scrap it and work together to create something more honest.

  1. People lack compassion

A global shift would restore our society’s compassion, and you only need to look around to see the evidence of our apathy. The world is coming together to pray for Paris after its devastating massacre, for example, but much worse disasters occur nearly every day in poorer countries and the world doesn’t seem to notice.

If more of us were aware of what’s going on around the world, which a global awakening would allow for, we’d have no choice but to do something about it all because we wouldn’t live with ourselves if we kept letting it happen. We’d certainly want something done if we were the ones suffering, and the first step to being truly compassionate is to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and take action in their favor based on how we’d react if we were the victims.

  1. People are out of touch with nature

We’ve forgotten that nature is crucial to our survival, and some religious people have forgotten that it’s crucial to spirituality. It’s ironic that people who consider themselves religious would take part in destroying nature, because honoring all life on this planet is one of the most spiritual things we can do.

A global awakening would put us all in touch with nature while helping us remember its true power, and then, we might finally respect it and fight for its preservation.

  1. People have forgotten what life is supposed to be

Too many people are convinced they should toil at a 9-5 job to afford a materialistic lifestyle and indulge in that lifestyle in their spare time, and instead, they could devote a portion of their time and energy to helping the world in some way. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a regular job, and most people can’t avoid it. If they could, they’d immediately quit their day job and work on building the career of their dreams.

There’s also nothing wrong with relaxing after a long day at work, but some time can be devoted to a hobby or passion we can use to help people.

We’ve forgotten that life isn’t about working to make someone else rich and overindulging when we’re off the clock; it’s about living, loving and sharing our light with the world. A global awakening could help us remember this, whereas staying asleep will keep us mentally and spiritually enslaved.

  1. People are more focused on money than true inner abundance

Some people care more about money, the most deceitful false god of all time, than their own family. It doesn’t matter if they’re religious; money is the most important thing on their minds.

They’ve forgotten about inner abundance, which we discover when we look within and become comfortable with the present moment, and they’ve covered up their higher consciousness with visions of dollar signs that float through their heads all day long.

Like an addict desperately searching for the next fix, they constantly calculate how they can make more money regardless of how much they already have. The more wealth they want, the more deceitful and heartless they’re willing to be to get it. As they use their deceitful tactics to make more and more money, they cover up their higher consciousness and their inner abundance.

We can change this by sharing our awakening with anyone who wants to be a part of it, and I’m confident that it’ll spread to the rest of the world if we work hard.

  1. People have forgotten that we’re our own creator and we’re constantly connected with higher planes of existence

An absence of genuine spirituality is arguably the cause of all of the world’s problems, and when I say ‘an absence of spirituality’, I mean an absence of love, which is what spirituality rekindles for us.

Spirituality allows us to grasp genuine love, and if we can increase our understanding of this love, we can stay connected with our higher consciousness and get rid of the desire to indulge in material things.

The world could change significantly if everyone embraced a form of spirituality that’s unique to them, and their passion can even be atheism if it inspires them to make a change and it doesn’t cause them to cast away spiritual people, which is exactly what religion does to non-believers.

Our spirituality can be anything, but no matter what it is, love, compassion and tolerance will always be important.

  1. People have forgotten to respect each other’s differences

Spirituality and atheism are the most common examples when it comes to this, and no matter what we believe (or whether we believe anything at all), a global awakening can inspire us to respect each other’s differences.

Embracing love, compassion, respect, and tolerance will help us realize how silly it is for grown adults to fight over philosophical differences, and I don’t understand why so many atheists and spiritual people can’t get along. It must be because both sides have a lack of love and understanding for each other, and they could learn a thing or two if they stopped fighting and tried to find common ground.

Atheists could benefit from religion’s morals without believing an omnipotent man in the sky built such a complex world in seven days. Similarly, we spiritual people could learn crucial information about the world, the universe and how our species evolved to this point (and how we may evolve further) if we could look past our beliefs and be open to what science has to show us.

We don’t have to renounce spirituality to embrace science, and we don’t have to renounce science to think spiritually.

  1. People have forgotten that we have a purpose and we can change the world

A global awakening could remind us that we have a purpose for being on this world and inspire us to discover that purpose so we can make our mark, and I can only imagine how powerful this movement would be if everyone discovered their purpose and started working.

Hard work is great if it’s work we enjoy, whereas hard work we don’t enjoy is time poorly spent. Most people settle with an uninspiring job because they think they should, but if more of them could wake up, they might realize that their purpose isn’t to toil away their time and energy.

Again, even if you have a regular job, you might be able to devote a little extra time each day to working toward something you’re passionate about if you aren’t too tired at the end of the day. You’ll enjoy the work you’re passionate about a lot more than the work you get paid for, and whereas one exhausts you, the other will give you more energy and inspiration.

  1. People have forgotten to value the present moment

It’s hard to value the present moment when the mind races from thought to thought, and a global awakening could inspire us to stop, slow down, return to the present and watch in awe as the universe unfolds before our one eye.

So, what does it mean to return to the present moment?

For me, it means to stop focusing so much on time and other mind-centered concepts so we can focus on the now and the gifts all around. Have you ever stopped what you were doing and went outside to bask in the sunshine for a while? If you have, you probably noticed that you’re too enamored with nature’s gifts to be worried about time or any other rigid human concept.

If everyone could wake up, we could all stop our busy lives for a moment and enjoy infinite calmness as one people. It might seem like a longshot to think everyone could do this, but I know in my heart that this awakening will spread like wildfire if we keep on. It’s already starting to spread, and I can only imagine how many people will be on board in the next ten years.

While the idea of a global awakening undoubtedly seems naïve to most of the world, there are plenty more reasons why it’s exactly what we need if we want to survive and thrive.

This awakening has nothing to do with everyone suddenly becoming spiritual or conforming to the same ‘peace and love’ outlook. It has more to do with people of all colors, faiths and cultures coming together and respecting our differences so we can create the kind of world most people want.

Most of us want peaceful world where everyone’s human rights are honored and governments no longer deceive the masses, but this can’t happen until we work toward it together.

I wouldn’t mind living in a world with no governments; a world where the masses make all of the important decisions together, but the first step is to find common ground with each other and encourage others to do the same.

It can only happen if we make it happen, but if we keep working hard, it’ll be as inevitable as the changing of the seasons.

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Need a Global Shift in Consciousness

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  2. We are all hypocrites, slaves to the reptile mind, held in a stupor of unreality, so absorbed in the struggle to survive, and the sensual comforts we have in life, that we have sold our souls to darkness along with our planet, and instead of confronting the truth, we sweep our fears under the carpet and carry on….


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