What Does It Mean to Have a Mission?

Being on a mission means that we have a purpose for being on this planet.  Credit: cccbic.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

You hear a lot of talk in our little community about being on a mission, but what exactly does that mean? Do the people who think they’re on a mission live or act differently than those who don’t?

Being on a mission means that we have a purpose for being on this planet, however we each define it, and we build our lives around that purpose in hopes of reaching others who also have something significant to give.

For me, having a mission means that I have work to do, and next to spending time with family, this work is the most important thing to me. Those who are on a mission are usually preoccupied with their work, and they’d rather discuss something that has to do with their mission than the cultural distractions we’ve come to accept as normal.

They hunger for authenticity, and the usual discussions about politics, television and other distractions don’t interest them. They’d rather discuss how we can move the planet forward, so they passionately commit to generating this kind of discussion and they invite others to contribute.

My mission is to help the world evolve by contributing to a conscious revolution. What’s yours? Credit: faithvillage.com

Personally, my mission is to help the world evolve by contributing to a conscious revolution that’s been around for decades and is growing stronger by the day.

I try to achieve this by sharing wisdom and good vibes in the forms of writing and music, even though I haven’t shared most of my music yet. I’m here to use these outlets to uplift people, and sharing good vibes is arguably the best way to inspire people to change.

There’s a reason so many people are passionate about music, writing and other forms of creativity. They know these things can distract or liberate the masses, and they’re dedicated to freeing people from the mental prison that’s enforced by our governments and religious institutions.

They use creativity to wake up the sleepy public and inspire people to become progressive with their own passions, and they stay away from distractions because they know their purpose is too important to stop what they’re doing, even momentarily. As they try to uplift others, they also challenge themselves and try to get better so they can reach more people in a more direct way.

As easy as it’d be to stop their work and indulge in the latest or most popular distraction, they’re more interested in getting better at their craft and using that increased talent to reach people they were unable to reach before. Their work has become their life, and while they still make time for other important things like family, their spare time is devoted entirely to the mission.

Your purpose comes down to what you enjoy the most. Credit: wantalifecoach.com

So, how do you know if you’re on a mission? Does your life purpose choose you, or is it something you have to find?

For some people, their purpose is obvious before they even realize they have one. Your purpose, and subsequently your mission, comes down to what you enjoy the most, and some people embrace music or writing.

Some choose other outlets like painting or poetry, and others choose activism. The thing you really enjoy is probably your life purpose, and you’ll want to embrace it if you hold even the slightest interest in uplifting and/or changing the world.

Some people have a hard time discovering their purpose, and they might drift from thing to thing in an effort to figure out what lights their fire. They might try and fail at a hundred things before they find what works for them, and some still haven’t found their purpose.

Some have realized they have more than one passion, and they try to keep up with three or four different things each day. It probably isn’t easy, but it’s worth it to them because they enjoy each outlet and they know they can do something positive with all of them.

Some people’s mission is to simply hold the light, so they meditate and do other things to raise their vibration and the vibration of the planet. They aren’t concerned with creativity, activism or any kind of work that can be used progressively, because they know that plenty of other passionate individuals have it covered.

Some people focus on their personal evolution, and they know they can affect the planet’s evolution significantly by doing so. Credit: spiritualwarriorclub.com

They focus on their personal evolution, and they know they can affect the planet’s evolution significantly by doing so.

Their mission is to elevate their consciousness to higher and higher levels so they can share their love and bliss with a world that seems empty of authentic spiritual awareness, and while most of them work a job to pay their bills, they devote the rest of their time to spirituality.

In my opinion, we need more people to devote their time and energy to raising their consciousness if we want to enlighten our society.

Everyone’s mission is unique, and I think we should all search for our life purpose and passionately pursue it when we find it without worrying that we won’t be good at it or other people won’t care about it. Even if nobody shows an interest at first, you can’t help but get people’s attention if you practice and get better.

There’s no telling what you can achieve if you believe in yourself and stay dedicated to your cause, and you can be one out of millions of people who are waking up, discovering their purpose and striving to help others.

I like to think we’re all on a mission and most of us have yet to discover what it is, and the best way to discover it is to explore our passions and find that thing we can’t live without. We’ll know exactly what our mission is when we do, and our accomplishments will be determined by our commitment and our openness toward those who also want to be a part of this movement.

Credit: littlethingsbigdifference.com

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