The World Needs Your Light


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The world seems to be getting worse, and it’s easy to be upset or even depressed at the condition of our civilization. Violence, death and destruction seem unavoidable depending on where you live, and if you’re fortunate enough to live in a place where there isn’t constant bloodshed, you still hear plenty of stories about it that can bring you down.

When confronted with the disasters occurring on a daily basis, we have to stay strong and keep shining. We can’t give in to the hatred, and we can’t give in to laziness; especially the kind that’s caused by depression.

Just like it’s easy to be depressed, it’s easy to think our contributions to the world are insignificant. This is why we have to know in our hearts that we can make a difference, and too many people are still unwilling to even try to help create a better world.

Those who are aware of the changes that need made have a responsibility to contribute to those changes, which is why we need to combat depression, fatigue, laziness, etc. with inspiration and a constant vision of the world in which we want to live.

The light and the dark are one. Credit:

The solution to the extreme darkness in the world is to add more light, and it helps to keep in mind that light and darkness are one. We experience both of them equally, and the one that holds the most power is the one we feed.

If we feed anger or sadness, we’ll feel them more often. If we consciously choose love and happiness, they’ll trump our negativity and enrich our life. It isn’t about favoring one over the other, but about deciding which one we’d rather feed.

If we learn to seek love in ourselves, which isn’t as hard as you think once you get the hang of it, we won’t need to strive for happiness because it’ll be natural for us. When we practice looking within for love and happiness, bringing them to the surface gets easier because we get better and better at it.

Once we decide not to give in to negativity or depression, we can focus on how we want to contribute to this collective awakening. From there, we can wholeheartedly commit to our choice as long as we’re sure about it. We won’t be as inspired some days as we are on others, and these are the times we have to challenge ourselves.

I’ve written before that the most important time to work is when we don’t want to, and while it’s good to take a break sometimes, there’s a fine line between temporarily resting and getting lazy.

Even if you slack off for a substantial amount of time, start working again as soon as you feel inspired. Credit:

Even if you slack off for a substantial amount of time, start working again as soon as you feel inspired. You might miss a potent window of opportunity if you don’t, and once you start again, you’ll realize how foolish it was to stop for so long. Even when we struggle with it, our spiritual and/or revolutionary work is the most important thing for us to focus on, so we should always be focused.

Dedication is arguably the most important part of our life purpose, and we obviously won’t achieve much if we aren’t dedicated to the cause. Only the truly committed find the level of success most spiritual revolutionaries want, and we don’t seek success for fame or recognition; we seek it so we can get the world’s attention and contribute to these changes more directly.

We’ll never succeed if we don’t apply ourselves, which requires dedication, and we have to keep going in hard times. This work is more important than we realize when we work all day without any visible sign of the success that’ll allow us to make a difference, so we have to keep the faith when we feel like this is all pointless.

It isn’t, and we’d be pleasantly surprised if we knew the value of our work.

For this and plenty of other reasons, let’s continue to embrace our role as world changers and stay committed when we’d rather throw in the towel. We’re capable of incredible accomplishments, which will be achieved for the purpose of social and spiritual transformation, but we have to challenge ourselves before we’ll know what we can really do.


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