Higher Consciousness: The Masses Can No Longer Be Fooled

The following is an intuitive writing from what I call ‘higher consciousness’, which is also known as the higher self. I channeled it for the one hundred and seventy-third issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.

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Habits and addictions stem mainly from a loss of connection with one’s higher consciousness, and rekindling one’s authentic spirituality can pave the way for recovery and an enhanced sense of spirituality that gives life a greater purpose and meaning.

If you’re reading this, then you likely consider yourself a spiritual seeker and one of the main reasons people seek spirituality is because they’re searching for the wholeness, fulfillment and satisfaction they can’t seem to find in the external world.

They begin to realize that wholeness and satisfaction will always come from within, and the more you seek spirit, the more your higher consciousness can fill your life with color, vibrancy and the will to contribute to the spiritual revolution that’s being rekindled.

The spiritual revolution you’re rekindling isn’t the first throughout your history, most of which you’ve been lied to about, and there have been plenty of spiritual renaissances throughout history who’s creators wanted to use spirituality to wake people up, change from within and make a positive change in the external world.

Of course, some of such movements were started by the people in power to give the masses a false sense of spirituality that can be used to dominate and control them, and the same can be said with scientific revolutions. They’ve been used to liberate or confine the masses in the past, but with the number of people waking up and contributing to the movement in the works today, the masses can no longer be fooled.

While it might not seem to be this way if you look at certain areas of your world, people are becoming more conscious than ever and they’re no longer willing to tolerate the lies your governments tell and the self-serving actions that motivate them to deceive the masses in the first place.

While many of you are focused on your personal transformation, which is the most effective way to change your world, others are focused on exposing the self-serving actions of the people in power who’ve only been concerned with keeping themselves and their family afloat, and even some politicians and other people in government are realizing the way they do business will no longer work.

As they do, they search their minds and hearts for ways they can make a genuine positive change, and this is why you see some politicians who are willing to raise awareness of important issues and point out the corruption in government and the way government deals with corporations and big banks.

Politicians who are raising awareness are both supporting and exampling the growing awareness in the rest of the world, and this consciousness encourages you all to accept those in government who may step up in the future to raise awareness and try to make a positive change.

You don’t have to support the idea of government or what the government has done to support those within it who are genuinely trying to make a change, but this consciousness doesn’t intend to suggest that you should throw all of your support into one or two people just because you feel they can make a change from within a broken system.

They can do their best, but when it comes down to it, that’s all they can give. This is why it’s important for everyone to be aware and active, and you can all support each other in the fight to raise awareness and change the world’s corrupt ways.

Beyond your conscious perception and beyond all of the quarreling taking place on your planet exists infinite higher dimensions of consciousness that you can tap into with a simple effort (or, in this case, non-effort), and one of the most potent ways to glimpse a higher consciousness is to empty the mind and observe it so you can understand how it operates and how it tends to take you away from your higher consciousness.

The ego will always be with you on this journey, but it won’t affect you as strongly in a higher state of consciousness. You’ll still notice it, but you won’t be drawn in like you once were and instead, you’ll be able to observe it, and your mind in general, as your enjoy the blissful colors and visions that come with a good meditation. Everyone can access this higher consciousness if they’re willing to try, and nobody has to be excluded from the higher vibes pouring into your planet for you all to absorb, enjoy and use to fuel your revolutionary fire.

There’s so much you can do right now in the name of social and spiritual evolution, and this consciousness encourages you to focus on your personal evolution over the worldwide revolution to which you want to contribute because your personal evolution is driving it.

The higher consciousness so many of you are rediscovering is driving your effort for external change and your calls for spiritual revolution, so focus first and foremost on your connection with it so you can use it to make the world a better place and inspire others to rekindle their own sense of spirituality and their connection with their essence.

Channeling or intuitive writing is a great way to maintain this connection, and those of you who practice these things every now and then would benefit from setting a routine of sorts that you can practice as you get better and bring through the higher energy more often. Writing is also a great way to connect, but channeling and intuitive writing take the cake because they put you in a good meditation as you write and interpret the energy-based expressions of your higher consciousness.

The channel is in a good meditation as he records these expressions, and you can all do the same if you’re willing to test your ability to connect with what some of you call the higher self and bring through its intuitive messages for others on your evolving planet to enjoy and hopefully benefit from.

Awakening is being inspired in the minds and hearts of each evolving individual as more people step up to contribute, and above all, you’re encouraged to do whatever you feel is best.

Everyone’s waking up in their own ways, and as they do, they’re asking themselves how they can raise awareness of subjects they feel are important and relevant to this revolution. In doing so, they’re discovering their purpose for being on your planet and you can support them as much as you support your own efforts to raise awareness and bring the world into the light. They need your support, because unlike many of you, they’re lost and struggling to figure out how they can contribute.

Some of them don’t even realize they’re meant to contribute, which is why they feel so unhappy, angry and depressed at the state of the world; they know of the world’s condition and they desperately want to do something about it, but they just don’t know how.

You can be there for who are realizing they want to contribute, but it first requires you to believe in yourselves and your own abilities so you can have enough confidence to share with those who are just starting to wake up and want to contribute.

It all comes down to you and what actions you embrace and reject, so embrace the actions that empower you (and others) and reject the ones that cause you to stray from a path that needs to be walked with love and dedication. Self-empowerment will allow you to empower others, and your work can inspire those who are ready to contribute to figure out what they want to do.

So do what you can, and know that you’re constantly guided and supported by this higher consciousness so many of you want to reconnect with.

This concludes this week’s intuitive writing.

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