A Note About the Paris Attacks; The World Needs Love

The Bataclan Theatre, site of one of the attacks.

By Wes Annac

It seems appropriate to write something about the Paris attacks, but like other people, I didn’t feel like I had much to say about it at first; there was only shock, hurt and disbelief. Like so many other things have, this tragedy reminds us that there’s an unfathomable level of evil in this world that rears its ugly head too often.

I didn’t immediately start researching and writing about the attacks like you’d expect a writer who wants to raise social awareness to do, because I was trying to wrap my head around how people can be so evil and ruthless and not care about the lives they’ve taken and the lives they’ve changed forever.

Some people (including me) smelled a false flag from the minute they read about it, but in my eyes, this evil is here whether the attacks were a false flag or not. I personally think they are, but beyond the need to raise awareness and bring an end to state-sponsored terrorism for the goal of curtailing civil rights, what we should really focus on is that there’s something alarmingly wrong with this world and some of the people in it.

You can blame Muslims or Arabs, you can blame the government, the Illuminati… it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that some people have completely lost their humanity to the point that they’re willing to kill innocent people for their own agendas. And whether it was ISIL or the power structures in government, they did this to satisfy a selfish agenda and that makes it even worse.

The best advice I can give is to continue to laugh, love and share good vibes during this tragedy. I’m not saying we should be blind or complacent to it and pretend life is all sunshine and unicorns since it clearly isn’t, but the world needs our love and good vibes more than ever.

The world needs us to keep singing; keep writing; keep being creative. We need to come together in love and respect now more than ever, and I honestly think this is the only way we can hope to prevent things like this from happening in the future. If people could somehow change from within, the world would be absent of the pure hatred and greed that causes these things to happen.

It isn’t easy to be in a good place or give love when so many people have suffered and will continue to, but we have to be strong and do it anyway. Love and unity will always be the answers, but the very idea sounds overly naive in a time like this. Nevertheless, we have to believe in the basic goodness and decency of most people and we have to know that that decency will prevail, even in times of extreme strife and turmoil.

Whoever is responsible, and I do believe it’s the geopolitical types who have a hidden hand in running our governments (and who use false flags to justify the loss of the masses’ civil rights), they need to be brought to justice for the sake of everyone who was killed and/or lost a loved one.

We need justice, but we also need love, compassion and unity. That’s really all I have to say about this, and I sincerely hope the people responsible are exposed and brought down so we can focus on restoring everything that’s good and right.

3 thoughts on “A Note About the Paris Attacks; The World Needs Love

  1. Excellent post, Wes. Words couldn’t have expressed it any better.

    I’ll keep sending Love and Light to all who need it in France–and indeed, anywhere else for as long as it takes for Peace to take hold and stay in our collective consciousness.
    With Love,

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