Intuitive Writing: Let the Higher Vibes Flow


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Intuitive writing is basically a combination of writing and meditation, and while the writings I bring through during meditation aren’t quite as easy to read as the ones I write in the traditional format, I think intuitive writing is a valuable way to create that has a lot to offer the individuals who practice it.

You’ve probably heard of channeling, which is when someone allows another entity to speak through them (the entity is usually assumed to be a departed loved one or a spiritual guide), and intuitive writing is a little different. You don’t leave the body to intuitively write, and it isn’t even the same as automatic writing, which is a lighter form of channeling.

Intuitive writing is different from channeling in that the ‘channeler’ influences the communication almost as much as the ‘entity’ coming through, and in this case, the ‘entity’ is the channel’s own higher consciousness. So when you read an intuitive writing from me, you’re basically reading something I wrote in a meditative state.

The thing I enjoy the most about intuitive writing is that it enhances meditation. I can meditate without the writing, but it’s never as good as it is when the writing’s included; or specifically, when I’m finished with the writing. It’s as if your higher consciousness takes you away into a deeper and more blissful meditation as the writing comes through, but again, the writer doesn’t come anywhere near actually leaving their body.

The writer stays where they are and enjoys a good meditation while their higher consciousness writes through them, and this could be a new way to write in a future driven by spirituality. People will eventually realize that while writing is a great way to express our thoughts and feelings, intuitive writing is a tool we can use to realign with the Self, allow it to speak through us and give us a great meditation in the process.


Whereas we used to struggle to feel any kind of enlightenment, we can now enjoy it every time we sit down to write; that is, if we have the confidence to practice intuitive writing and share the results with those who want to read it. Like I said, an intuitive writing looks a lot different from a regular piece of writing, and the words don’t always appear as smoothly as they do for those who write the normal way and vigorously edit their work to appeal to the readers.

Every writer wants their work to be easy and fun to read, but since intuitive writings aren’t really edited (you want the work of your higher consciousness to be pure and untouched for the readers), they don’t always come across as smoothly as traditional writings. I think we could get a lot out of them if we get past this little hiccup and embrace them anyway, and we don’t have to abandon traditional writing just because we explore something new.

We could learn a lot about spirituality, evolution and where these ‘end times’ are taking us if we explore intuitive writing, and we could share this valuable guidance with a community of people who are just starting to open up to it and take it seriously.

You only need to check out some popular sites and forums built around channeling to see that people are very serious about writings that are claimed to come from a spiritual guide or another ‘higher’ spiritual source, and while I don’t have a beef with channeling (to each his own, I say), I think intuitive writing could be a more valuable way to approach receiving messages from higher sources.


I think intuitive writing is the future of writing and channeling, and this comes from someone who used to channel all the time. I became convinced somewhere along the way that I was actually connecting with my own higher consciousness instead of the entities with whom I assumed I was connecting, and from there, I decided to embrace writing in an effort to maintain this higher connection while coming back down to earth a little and addressing issues that are close to my heart, such as unity and spiritual revolution.

I only recently stumbled on the idea of intuitive writing thanks to late psychic Edgar Cayce, who used to call it ‘inspirational writing’. There’s all kinds of material on the internet about inspirational writing, and while I prefer to call what I do ‘intuitive’ writing because I think the word ‘intuitive’ communicates more about it, they’re basically the same thing.

Despite that it can be harder to read and it carries associations with channeling that probably make some people skeptical, I’m becoming more and more passionate about intuitive writing because I think it’s one of the best ways to stay connected with our creator.

Our creator, higher consciousness, etc. can actually speak through us via intuitive writing, and while it also speaks through us with traditional writing and other forms of creativity, the connection is stronger if we meditate while we write. It’s difficult to explain, and you’d just have to try it for yourself to understand.

The awesome meditation intuitive writing puts me in is enough of a reason for me to embrace it, because I hunger for real, authentic spirituality and a real, authentic higher vibration.


Maybe intuitive writing is part of my purpose for being here, and since channeling is how I got my start in this community, it only makes sense to follow this path and enjoy the good vibes it’ll inevitably have for me. You don’t have to believe in channeling, intuitive writing or anything similar, but please respect the choices of those who do embrace them because they’re embraced for a reason.

We all search for little bits of enlightenment in various ways, and with intuitive writing, I finally feel like I can stop searching. I no longer need to figure out how to enhance this work or life in general, because the good vibes that permeate me during an intuitive writing session have it all covered.

Feel free to embrace whatever raises your vibration and puts you in that blissful meditative space, and remember that different spiritual practices work for different people. Some pray, some meditate, some play music; some write; some praise a master or guru who’s helping them find enlightenment; and some simply sit in silent observation of the world.

Whatever lights your fire is what you should pursue, and intuitive writing definitely lights mine.

Here’s a snippet of a recent intuitive writing from The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter to give you a feel for the messages. The subject for this message was the spiritual value of natural psychedelics.

“Natural psychedelic substances can provide a portal into your higher consciousness and make it much easier to communicate with your inner voice, and your society’s understanding of these substances and the role they play in your social and spiritual evolution will be transformed when more people wake up and educate the masses about their benefits.

“It’s important when understanding their benefits, however, to also understand that you aren’t meant to be hooked on them. They help you expand your consciousness, but misuse or overuse could have unintended negative consequences of which you’ll want to be aware. If you rely on them to fill an inner void, the best thing you can do is realize that this void holds the key to exploring and expanding your consciousness.

“Those who rely on these substances for their spirituality or a generally positive outlook on life should perhaps ask themselves what they’re running from. What is it about reality as it is that they feel the need to avoid?

“This comes down to the idea that life on earth is becoming less bearable and tolerable for a lot of people who are waking up and realizing that unconditional love and harmony shared amongst people and nations is the best and only way to truly run a planet. The more dissatisfied they become with the external world, the more they seek solace in the higher spiritual reality that they can actually reconnect with, without the need for any external substances (however powerful they are).

“The use of these substances isn’t discouraged, and in all things, you have to do what’s best for you and what the heart guides you to do. If these substances help you as they do countless spiritual seekers, then feel free to embrace them but remember not to overdo it or become dependent on them.


“Substances like cannabis can be used frequently or infrequently in a purely ceremonial way, as opposed to using it countless times throughout the day to maintain the high you want to become a permanent part of your existence. These substances don’t have to become a necessity for you to get the most out of them, and instead of constantly running to them, you can recognize their spiritual and ceremonial value and perhaps focus on that over continuous use.

“The intention isn’t to tell anyone how to live their lives, and again, you have to do what you feel is best.”

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