Spiritual Revolution and the Power of Writing

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

There’s a reason they say the pen is mightier than the sword. With writing, we can expose corruption and inspire people to free themselves from the reign of governments and corporations who want to control the world, and along with every other passionate individual who knows the time for change has come, we can create a new way of life.

Evil exists on this world in abundance, and unfortunately, the people and institutions we’ve been led to think we can trust are the ones trying to stifle our social/spiritual awareness. They’re the ones who generate endless wars at the expense of millions of lives, and all the while, they push supposedly peaceful religions on the masses.

They ostracize those who point out the control tactics inherent in most religions and choose to live free from their influence, and they’ve convinced the rest of society that those of us who go against the grain are heathens, anarchists and satanists.

They have the world under their spell, and they’re afraid of what people will do when we wake up. They fear the power of writing to expose their blatant crimes against humanity, and if they had it their way, they’d stifle all of the revolutionary writings that are waking people up.

They use the mainstream propaganda machine to make revolutionaries seem either like unproductive hippies or fringe-obsessed conspiracy theorists, and it’s because they’re terrified of what we can do.

This is why they laugh at us, stereotype us and write us off – they know we have the potential to expose and bring them down, and they fear the day the masses realize our power. The last thing they want is for everyone to realize we can run the world ourselves, so they disempower us in every way they can in hopes that we never discover and act on our potential.

We can use writing to expose the elite while helping people become aware of their own divine identity, and using the written word to raise awareness and encourage change is a noble life mission.

Quote by Abraham-Hicks. Credit: pinterest.com

We can only make it our mission if we understand how valuable writing is, and it doesn’t matter if we write articles or books, music, or anything else. We can draw or paint pictures that raise awareness, which takes us out of the realm of writing but keeps us in the realm of creativity. It really doesn’t matter what our outlet is as long as we use it progressively, and I think it’s time to get a lot busier.

Bob Marley used to sing, “soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionaries”, and we display how passionate we are about worldwide spiritual revolution and the creative outlet with which we contribute to it by our dedication to both. How often are spiritual revolution and the work we contribute to it with on our minds? How much of our day do we devote to them? Do we distract ourselves and procrastinate, or do we maintain our commitment each day without hesitation?

Change has to start with us, and one of the best changes we can make is to the devotion we give this cause. If we haven’t been giving it our all, perhaps we should increase our dedication without burning ourselves out.

Credit: creativewomensdevotional.com

It’s possible to work harder than we already are without becoming overwhelmed, but we have to get past any fear or self-doubt that try to stop us. When we find our purpose and we’re totally convinced it’s what we want to do, we have to fully commit to it knowing that if we work hard enough at it, we can inspire the masses with it.

We can use it to help people discover a higher consciousness, and if we team up with others who strive for inner and outer change, we can create a massive force of awakened and inspired individuals that the power structures can’t stop.

Anyone who considers themselves socially or spiritually aware has a responsibility to do something with it, and using creativity to contribute to the world’s evolution is a fulfilling way to live once you get past the initial obstacles. Our sense of purpose will gradually increase, and we’ll have our work and that of every other spiritual revolutionary to thank for it.

We can bring down this oppressive system, but only when we focus more on changing the world than indulging in the cultural distractions that compete for our attention. Only when we figure out what’s really important to us can we start making a genuine change, and it should be easier for the socially and spiritually aware because for the most part, we know what needs done and we’re willing to do it.

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There’s no sense in only showing a slight interest in spirituality, government corruption or anything else important that interests us, so let’s dedicate ourselves to it all and continue the work of the passionate revolutionaries so many people look up to. In doing so, let’s remember to give love to the world and try to make the lives of others a little better.

Beyond bringing down our governments and the greedy mega corporations who influence our laws far more than the public, sharing our love is the best thing we can do for a world that’s ready to sink or swim.

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