The Mysteries of the Universe

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I can’t claim to know the secrets of life, and in a way, they’re unknowable. I’d like to get closer to them like everyone else, but even if we devote ourselves to the pursuit of a higher consciousness, we can only get so close and understand so much.

There are ways we can get closer, but for the most part, we won’t see the big picture until we’re released from the physical body and we can explore it all. Just because we leave the earth doesn’t mean we’ll see the full picture, but we can grow from there until we find the truth and consciously reconnect with our creator.

We’re on an evolutionary journey, and we kick it into high gear the moment we start to question things.

When we’re no longer content with how things are and we want to know, feel and experience more, we take the first of a series of steps into a more enlightened state of being where we can grasp life’s mysteries. We’ll only get to learn and experience so much from our currently limited point of view, but if we start asking questions and expanding our limited perspective, we’ll be that much closer to decoding the mystery.

Some people use religion to try to understand life’s secrets, and while it doesn’t work for me personally, I think people should embrace whatever helps them feel closer to enlightenment or live in service to the One. From a spiritual standpoint, the main problem with religion is that it presents a limited and specified view of life that inhibits our ability to learn with an open mind.

It keeps us from an actual higher consciousness with a strict explanation of life’s mystery and equally strict rules, whereas individually defined spirituality frees us to live and explore our consciousness exactly how we want. We can break free from religious limitation and live by our own philosophy that’s based on a unique understanding of our existence, but again, I wouldn’t encourage someone to abandon their religion if it helps them.

We have to embrace what brings us closer to spirit, even if others disagree with our choices, because we’re the only ones who know what works for us.

Those of us who feel the burning desire to decode life’s mysteries will search for all kinds of ways to become closer with ourselves, our creator, etc. and a lot of people use meditation. Some think meditation pales in comparison to the use of mind-expanding psychedelics, but those who aren’t ready to take a potentially overwhelming trip into the undefinable mystery might benefit from meditating or generally exploring their spirituality.

I couldn’t tell you how to explore it, and you might have to experiment to figure it out. You’ll know when you do find your ‘thing’, because it’ll do more for you than anything else up to that point. It’ll enhance your connection with your inner voice and allow you to communicate things that couldn’t possibly come solely from the conscious mind, and as you learn to trust your intuition and the method you use to connect with it, it’ll slowly become a major part of your life.

You’ll listen to it every day, even if you have to go out of your way to reconnect with it, and it’ll help you find the fulfillment the world is missing. Millions of people have realized their fulfillment is missing and sought it in various way, but the rest of the world can only do something about their emptiness when they’re ready.

Until then, we have to keep striving to understand this great mystery and share what we learn with those who want to hear it. Personally, I know love has something to do with it. I can’t say exactly what except that it’s a creative force and it always helps me, and we’ll learn more about its significance if we keep exploring and decoding this beautiful, complex reality.

I don’t want to stay on the same level anymore – I want to grow to new heights and bring as many of you with me as possible. It isn’t easy here on earth, where the controllers have engineered society in a way that makes it incredibly difficult to break free from social and spiritual limitation, but it’s a noble and worthwhile goal.

It’ll require us to trust ourselves, step outside of our comfort zone and expand our limits, but it’s all possible with love and self-confidence. We’ll decode this mystery we call existence as we continue to evolve, so for now, let’s remember to enjoy it.

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