Love for the Enemy: Forgiving the Corrupt Elite


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Since I write about bringing down the corrupt elite and their oppressive system, I also like to remind people why forgiveness is important. Without forgiveness, we can’t do anything significant to change the world because we’ll be locked in a revenge-seeking mindset from which we won’t escape until we can forgive.

Forgiveness is the key out of our suffering and our need for revenge, whereas a vengeful mindset will ensure we never evolve from our current level.

People are going to be mad when the elite are exposed. There’s no way to avoid it, and if you think about it, you really can’t blame them. The elite have abused our human rights and committed horrible crimes against the earth and humanity just to push their agendas forward, and with the way our society is, you can bet people will want to hurt them.

They’re afraid of what the masses will do when we become aware, which is why they spread disinformation and try to censor the truth spilling out of alternative media.

They want to confuse people, because they know what the masses are capable of and they know there are a lot more of us than them. I’m sure some people are already advocating violence against them, but violence has never been and will never be the answer. Just like anger and the drive for revenge, it traps us in a limited state of consciousness that solidifies our inability to change anything about our world.


To seek revenge is to fall for the spell the elite’s trying to put us under, and beyond using governments and corporations to keep the rest of the world below them, their purpose is to spread anger, hatred and terror. This is why our governments talk so much about ‘terrorism’ – they want it to be in people’s heads. They want the collective vibration to be as low as possible, and they’ll do whatever they can to get it there without directly exposing what they’re doing.

If we give in to the drive for revenge, we’ll feed the negative energy they’ve worked so hard to spread. Given that we want to move the world in a positive direction, how can we get past the overwhelming desire to get back at them? We can understand the importance of forgiveness.

Plenty of people will tell you that forgiveness is just as much for us as those we forgive. It allows us to move forward, and I honestly think it’s the only way we can progress when the elite are stripped of their wealth and power. Without it, we’re sure to fail.


However high the collective vibration could be in the future, we’ll fail to access or connect with this higher energy if we hold onto the anger that could result from the disclosure of the elite’s crimes. We can’t enjoy the bliss of a higher state of consciousness if we’re rooted in negativity and vengeance, this will be hard to understand for those whose lives have been directly affected by the elite.

Those who’ve lost spouses, children or other family because of the elite will have a hard time forgiving them, which is understandable, and we can only hope they’ll eventually be able to be strong, forgive and move forward. If they can, they’ll take a huge step in their personal evolution and give our collective evolution a needed boost, and their pain can motivate them to contribute to a fairer world where a corrupt, controlling elite class no longer has free reign over humanity.

Credit: Brainy Quote

Love – for ourselves and the rest of the world (which includes the elite) – is the key to creating a new way of life, and it’ll be crucial when the elite are exposed in front of the whole world and the masses are angrier than ever. Even if we’re the only calm, heart-centered individuals who are willing to forgive and educate the world about forgiveness, our numbers will pick up if we share our truth with enough people and refuse to fall prey to our own desire for vengeance.

We aren’t the only ones who understand the importance of love and forgiveness by far, but even those who do understand could easily forget when they find out everything the elite have done.

It’ll be our job to maintain equilibrium and restore stability and sensibility in the outraged masses, and while things will be chaotic at first, the world will eventually settle down and figure out our next step.

In my humble opinion, the next step after the elite is exposed will be to forgive them and figure out how to sustain our society without them and their centuries-old social engineering, and those of us who remind people of forgiveness in the beginning will know we contributed to a world where everyone can have compassion for those who suffer and take real steps to end the suffering worldwide.

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