Heart Consciousness and the Meaning of Life

Credit: meaningcafe.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Deep down, everyone wants to know the meaning of life. They want to understand why they’re here, what they’re supposed to do and why it’s all so mysterious, and even if they don’t care at the surface, the hunger for more knowledge and understanding burns deep within. They want to know if life is a random accident or if there’s an actual purpose for our existence, and they want to see through the mundaneness of daily life and into a deeper, more meaningful understanding of reality.

This is where spirituality comes in for a lot of people. It reinforces the idea that our existence isn’t random, and it reassures that life has a meaning and we aren’t doing all of this for nothing. It teaches us that consciousness is eternal, and it fills us with curiosity about the dimensions beyond our own.

People embrace spirituality because it gives them a sense of meaning, and from what I’ve learned from the conscious community, life’s purpose can be explained in two ways.

Some will tell you that the purpose of life is enlightenment, and when we reach it, we’ll discover our oneness with the rest of creation and the fact that we are our own creator. Our limitation will fade as we remember that we’re one with God and everything around us, and for now, our purpose is to play around in these illusory lower realms as we slowly make the climb back to the Source of our indestructible consciousness.

To understand that we’re our own creator is to liberate ourselves from the false suffering we’ve convinced ourselves is real, and nothing we do in life is as valuable as discovering our divine identity. There will come a time when we’re finished with the lower realms and ready to truly know ourselves again, and this is when we’ll start to access higher dimensions and the intuitive wisdom that flows from them. Some people have already started to connect with them, which is why they have an elevated or ‘enlightened’ perspective on life and spirituality that they can use to help others.

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Some will tell you that our purpose is to live in love, help the world evolve and reconnect with our creator while showing gratitude for life. They’re interested in spirituality and elevating their consciousness, but not to the extent that they actively seek enlightenment or would readily throw away their material lives just to glimpse it. Heart consciousness is the best form of enlightenment for them, and it can be experienced right here on earth without any strict rules or complex rituals.

Their main concern is to live with a vibrant, compassionate heart and a mind that’s at least somewhat clear and open to their higher consciousness, and their purpose is to achieve this every day while helping others. They live a passionate, heart-centered life that they enjoy, and while they care about spiritual evolution, they don’t need enlightenment or ascension because they’re centered in the present and they have nothing to escape.

Plenty of spiritual teachers will tell you that true enlightenment comes when we stop seeking it, and the best way to discover ourselves as God is to stop trying to discover it and start living it. How would God treat His children? I’m sure He would treat them with the same open, compassionate heart as the spiritual people who are waking up and learning to love life, so this is really all we need to do. Everything else will work itself out naturally.

For all we know, simply displaying the godlike qualities of love, compassion and respect could be the best path to enlightenment, and learning to use them could be the purpose of our existence in these lower realms.

Personally, I agree with those who think the meaning of life is to live from the heart while letting it enlighten us and inspire us to improve the world.

Credit: youthvoices.net

Instead of obsessing over life’s meaning or desperately searching for a higher state of consciousness, let’s understand that all of creation – including these lower dimensions – has something to teach us and heart consciousness is the vehicle it uses to teach. Let’s appreciate life as much as we would enlightenment, because this realm still has a lot to show us.

To live and love unconditionally is to skip the need for higher dimensions and zoom directly into universal oneness, so let’s allow life to unfold with no resistance to the situations or circumstances that result. Our purpose will become clearer as we learn to work with life and appreciate its lessons, and the more we learn, the more we’ll live in harmony with life and reconnect with the divine Source from which the soul is birthed.

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