One People, One Responsibility


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The planetary controllers have gotten us to divide ourselves by convincing us we should fight over our differences. They want to make sure we don’t come together or take back our planet, and they’ve programmed the masses to show so much pride for their appearance, their beliefs or their way of life that they hate people who think or live differently.

The elite have us convinced that we need to fight for our values, our history and our lifestyle, because some other group wants to come and take it away. You can interpret this any way you want, and examples are everywhere.

Hardcore Christians are worried that liberal America is trying to take away their religious freedom, which, in some cases, includes the ‘right’ to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t fit in with their narrow view of reality. Diehard Americans are convinced that immigrants, legal or illegal, will take away their country by stealing all of their jobs.


No matter how you look at it, people are falling for the old ‘divine and conquer’ tactic and we see where it’s getting us. We’re playing right into the elite’s hands, and they want to keep us bickering and make sure we never look past all those external differences to discover what we have in common.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, you probably know that beyond the flesh, we’re pure energy – the energy of consciousness – and we all come from the same divine Source.

This alone should be enough to bring us together or at least shed light on our refusal to unite over things that don’t matter, and even if you aren’t spiritual, you can’t deny that we’re all human and there are things we all have in common. We all feel, and we all know what it’s like to be happy, sad, angry, scared, and confused, among other things. We all share these emotions, but with the way the world behaves, you’d think we don’t feel at all.

Not only are our ‘enemies’ thinking, feeling, living people – they’re also spiritual beings in human form just like us. We’re all connected, and we all have commonalities that’d bring us together if we could grasp them. No matter what the controllers want us to think, we have no reason to keep fighting and hating each other.

Where do we expect this hatred to take us? Do we think it’ll improve our society or our outlook on life? All it’ll do is make the world worse for our children and grandchildren, and we certainly don’t want to teach them this kind of behavior. Unfortunately, many of them have already learned it and will carry it into adulthood.

The world will continue to be in a state of disrepair until we recognize our oneness as human and spiritual beings who are all trying to get by. Only when we can break the controller’s predictable programming can we move the world in a positive direction, and until then, we’ll just bicker and kill each other over nonsense. There’s a solution to the problems we think we should fight over, but it’s one that most people would rather avoid. The solution is to come together.


If we want to change the world, then unity will have to be the first step. This won’t automatically change things by itself, but it’ll give us the motivation and incentive to work together to find unique solutions to problems we think are unsolvable.

Just imagine what changing the world will be like if none of us are interested in coming together. We might end up in worse shape than we already are, and that’s saying something. The time will eventually come when we’re forced to work together to make a change, and we’ll make things a lot easier by coming together now and at least trying to address our differences so we can move forward.

As long as we divide ourselves, the elite will rule over us. They’ll keep us distracted with the latest celebrity feud, the latest orchestrated conflict between nations or anything else that propagates division, and they’ll control the world behind the scenes the whole time. They’ll keep fooling us and getting away with it, because we’ll be too busy fighting each other to see the real enemy that’s actually hurting the world.

It’ll be difficult for people to learn that there really is a force that’s dedicated to destroying our society and our planet, and it’ll be especially difficult to learn that it has our governments in its back pocket. People will have to come to terms with a lot of unsettling things when they do wake up, one of which is that this elitist force has been pulling the strings and dividing humanity for at least two centuries.


As hard as it’ll be for them to take in, learning it all could lead them to realize that this parasitic force thrives on anger and hatred. The more we hate our fellow humans, the more we feed the elite and their malicious agenda for humanity. This realization can be a driving force in our willingness to see beyond our differences and work together, and it might take a lot of paradigm-shattering disclosures before people can finally wake up and make a change.

When we do, we’ll understand that the fate of the world is in our hands. It always has been, but we unknowingly gave it over to the elite when we trusted them with our food, water and basically every other resource we need. They take those resources and sell them back to us even though they’ve been freely available this whole time, and we’ll quickly realize that we have to rely on ourselves and each other – not only to survive, but to create a life worth living.

We decide our fate, and we have to decide to come together if we want to survive and thrive. We have to learn to love and respect one another, no matter how hard it’ll be, and we can no longer stall our reunion. We’re all family, and it’s time we recognize this so we can join together, dethrone the elite and live in a paradise of our own creation. It’s our responsibility to create this paradise, and since nobody will do it for us, now’s the best time to start.

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