Just Hear Me Out…

Credit: damianmarksmyth.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and some people have trouble communicating their feelings in a way that others can understand. We all struggle in ways that the people around us don’t realize at the surface, and whether we know it or not, most of us want more than anything to communicate our pain and our struggle.

Talking about them is the first step to getting past them, and it helps to have someone who can lend an ear and help us release all that junk we hold in. Some people are lucky enough to have someone to be there for them, but others aren’t so fortunate. Some do have people around them who are willing to listen, but they feel alone nevertheless.

I’d imagine most of us feel like the world doesn’t understand our pain, and it’s easy to convince ourselves that everyone else has it easier. It isn’t necessarily that the world doesn’t care, and it has more to do with the fact that we’ve conditioned ourselves to hide our struggles underneath the surface. As a result, nobody really communicates on a deep level anymore.

This is what I appreciate about the conscious community. The conversations we can have in this community are deep and centered on profound topics, and most ‘conscious’ people are usually willing to be there for one another. We’re happy to help a friend through hard times by listening to them talk and complain if necessary, because we know what it’s like to need help and we want to give the same help we may or may not have been given in the past.

The people who need it the most will never have their voices heard until the rest of humanity can communicate with each other in a deeper way, and it isn’t just about communicating our pain.

Credit: womantalklive.com

Most of us have some ideas of how we can make the world a better place, and we’d like for our ideas to be heard and considered. Everyone would make the decisions in an ideal society, which would be a lot more work for people (but it’d worth it), and nobody would have their ideas rejected or never even heard in the first place.

We all have something to offer, no matter how much society pushes us down and convinces us otherwise, and the entire foundation our society’s built on will have to come crumbling down before our input is accepted. How can we expect for the common man to have a voice in a society built on greed, carelessness and conquest?

Our current collective mindset will have to be demolished before we can have a voice, and this is why so many system busters are working around the clock to help people wake up. They know how important it is for us to rise up and demand our voice be heard, and this is why they fight for mankind’s rights while sharing enlightening information with the populace. They have something to say, and they’re encouraging all of us finally use our voices too.

Whether we have revolutionary ideas or we just want to vent some of our frustration, we all have meaningful things we want to communicate about life. Unfortunately, we try to communicate them to a society that doesn’t seem to care at all, but if we keep working toward our goals and refuse to give up, society won’t have a choice but to listen.

Keep adding your color to the world. Credit: elm.umaryland.edu

If you’re trying your best to wake up the world, you have to keep going. There’ll be plenty of people who turn you down and refuse to listen to you, but you have to stay strong and remember why you’re doing this. Someone, somewhere will eventually be excited to hear what you have to say, and they might even help you spread your message of love and peace.

We have a lot to do if we want to change the world, but the best thing we can do is be there for each other. Let’s take notice when someone around us struggles, and let’s try to show them some love, which is what we all need. The best way to receive it is to give it freely, and when we do, it multiplies from within and we can then give more out, increasing our resonance and our alignment with the Divine Father and Mother.

To give love is to serve mankind in the best way, because love inspires us to do everything we’re doing. It inspires us to meditate and learn more about our spirituality; it inspires us to be creative and use our art the help the world advance; and it inspires us to be there when someone needs us. The more we’re there for them, the more we understand that our struggle is universal.

Love inspired me to write this, and when I look around, I see that we all just want some companionship; someone to talk to; someone who can be there for us. We all want someone to converse with about life, revolution, spirituality, our own struggles, and so many other things that are important to us, and others will naturally be there for us if we’re there for them.

“We can do a lot of good in the world just by lending an ear”. Credit: kjophotography.blogspot.com

We can do a lot of good in the world just by lending an ear, and we’ll take the first steps into a new way of life when we learn compassion and openheartedness. It’ll happen on a massive scale someday, and the best part about it is that we’re already making it happen. Even if it takes a while for the rest of the world to catch up, we’re trying to pioneer a way of life that, in the future, everyone will realize is the right way to go and the only way to save ourselves.

When they do, we can finally create the world we should all be living in. Slowly but surely, things will change if we commit to changing them now, and the first (and best) step is to be there for others with an open heart.

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