Where’s the Inspiration?

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

How can we get excited about creating a new world? How can we inspire ourselves to pursue our purpose in the collective awakening and make sure the inspiration sticks?

A lot of people talk about a new way of life, the meek inheriting the earth, and various other concepts that point to a worldwide transformation, but I wonder how many of them are willing to put in the massive amount of work that’s required. We can’t wait around for anyone else to make a change, especially our governments, and we have to take responsibility for our planet’s situation and work together to find solutions to our seemingly endless problems.

Be the Change, Make a Change

We can talk, write or sing about collective enlightenment or the fall of the corrupt elite all we want. But until we enlighten ourselves and strive for change in direct, tangible ways, the elite will continue to ravage the planet and the world will stay rooted in the lower consciousness that causes suffering and allows them to get away with their crimes.

Anyone will tell you that nothing can change until we all become aware and play our part, and we can all contribute in different ways that inspire us. I have writing, some people have music or painting, and some prefer activism. The hardest part is being inspired enough to keep at it every day, and we’ll really start contributing when we reach this level of dedication.

Physical and Spiritual Work

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Our work can be just as much spiritual as physical, because again, our speeches, articles, songs, paintings or poems won’t matter much if we aren’t somewhat enlightened and willing to live consciously. They’ll appear to help at the surface, but they won’t have a deeper meaning, and thus, they won’t make a big impact.

Amidst all of our work, let’s remember to take some time for meditation or something else that allows us to relax and travel deep within. We learn about ourselves, our path and our mission when we meditate, and it can energize us throughout the day with a mystical, inspirational power that comes from inside of us.

It can help us on those days we don’t want to keep going, and it can anchor us into our spiritual side on a regular basis, which makes everything better.

Staying Inspired

Just like activism or creative work, the hardest part is to stay inspired enough to do it every day without giving in to the temptation to skip a day or all-out stop. I’m sure it gets easier after we do it for a while, but the first couple weeks could be the most difficult. It’d be worth it to maintain our inner connection while working passionately to change the world, and we’d be glad we challenged ourselves and made our connection stronger.

When it comes to work, meditation or anything else, we all have those days when we just don’t feel it. We want to give up and deal with whatever consequences result, and our inspiration basically dwindles. We know things could be better tomorrow or the next day, but in that moment, all we want to do is lay down and let the world fade away.

We might hold it against ourselves if we don’t get a lot done, and the sad part is that we can’t really help how we feel. What we can help, however, is our reaction to how we feel, and if we really want to challenge ourselves, we could try to keep up with our responsibilities while being tired and unenthused.

At Least We Tried

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Even if we try for a few minutes and can’t go any further, at least we made an effort. At least we tried something new and showed the universe that we know we’re on a mission and we’re doing our best, and our best is really all we can do.

If we keep trying but our lowness gets the best of us, we might be proud of how much we achieved in that time. We wouldn’t have achieved any of it if we hadn’t done something, and a little extra effort goes a long way.

Compassion and Self-Love

As we challenge ourselves and try to keep up with our work, we have to remember to show ourselves love and compassion. We don’t want to push ourselves too much, and it’s perfectly okay to have the occasional lazy day if we’re stressed or we just need to unwind.

The problem is that if we keep giving ourselves those days or convincing ourselves we deserve them because of little stresses, we’ll drift away from our life purpose. We might look back one day and realize we gave up something incredible because we weren’t inspired enough, but with love, compassion and continuous personal inspiration, we can avoid that unwanted future.

When We Become Distant, We’ll Know It

We’ll know when we become distant from our work, because it’ll be obvious that we haven’t gotten much done. We’ll be behind on our responsibilities or our personal milestones, and the more we give ourselves permission to goof off or be lazy when we could be working, the further we’ll drift from our purpose and the less inspired we’ll feel.

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It’s like exercise. To feel more energetic, we have to exercise and get the body moving. To feel more inspired, we have to give ourselves something to be inspired about. Leaving our purpose behind will take away our sense of meaning and our source of inspiration, and it becomes a downhill slope the minute we start resting, procrastinating or getting distracted more than we know we should.

Our inspiration will gradually dry up, and before we know it, we won’t have much of anything to be inspired or passionate about.

Remembering Our Purpose

So how can we motivate ourselves?

We can remind ourselves that we’re doing all of this for an important reason. We can remember that we’re here to encourage the masses to wake up and reject the Babylonian system that enslaves us and profits from our ignorance, and we can realize that if we try hard enough, we’ll significantly impact the world around us.

We can remember why we felt inspired to change the world in the first place: because there’s a lot that needs to change and we’re the best candidates. In fact, we seem to be the only ones who have enough courage, audacity and naivety to not only know that it’s possible, but that we can do it.

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Those of us who consider ourselves ‘conscious’ are the only ones who can really do anything, because it starts with each individual and most people are too distracted to even think about elite corruption or changing the world. We have a self-appointed responsibility to do something, anything, to wake people up and create the world we all deserve.

Choose Your Own Role

If we need even more motivation, we can remind ourselves that we can encourage change in whatever ways work for us.

We can express our creative side in various ways (writing, music, public speeches, etc.). We can embrace our preferred form of activism; clean up the environment; do little things to make other people’s lives better each day. Our choices are virtually unlimited, and every little thing we do to advance the planet’s evolution will help.

We just have to commit to the medium that means the most to us, and while commitment’s the hardest part, it’s also the most rewarding. When we’re truly committed, we’ll feel inspired in every moment to work hard, develop our talent and use it to help others. We’ll be proud of the results without having an inflated ego, and we’ll be encouraged to help the world in bigger ways.


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Let’s always keep our purpose and our vision in mind, because in terms of inspiration, they’re second only to love. They’re among the greatest inspirational sources we can tap into daily, and reminding ourselves of the changes we strive for can motivate us to keep fighting the good fight and enjoying ourselves along the way.

If we stay inspired, our impact on society will surprise us and make us want to keep going in the face of all odds, and nothing stops us or stands in our way when we’re wholly inspired. Challenges are exciting and somewhat easy, even when things go massively wrong, because we stay true to our vision and we know it’s a part of our path and it’s meant to teach us something.

Let’s continuously inspire ourselves for the sake of our mission, and let’s invite the world to be a part of this growing spiritual revolution.

People everywhere are waking up and faithfully pursuing their purpose, and the world will change as a result of the common man’s humble yet inspired work. We will reach people if we keep going, and soon, nobody will be able to deny the influence of the various conscious people and groups who want to help the world evolve.

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