Letters, Numbers, and Spirituality

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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I recently realized that letters and numbers are more spiritual than I once thought. I’ve never really considered that they have a deeper purpose or meaning, and I’ve always associated them with nonspiritual concepts that I never really cared about. I wasn’t particularly fond of math or spelling in school (no kid’s really fond of math), though I didn’t really have a problem with English class because I’ve always enjoyed writing.

Like most people, I’ve failed to interpret or even explore the purpose of these symbols. It wasn’t until recently that I considered that they might have an actual spiritual purpose, and when I think about it, it seems obvious.

Letters and numbers help us communicate things we could never express if they didn’t exist. Everything is spiritual, including the mind and ego, and while we’re encouraged to clear the mind and become aware of thought in a deeper sense instead of giving into it, our thoughts are just as spiritual as any other part of us.

When letters form into words, they allow us to communicate our thoughts and feelings about anything we’re willing to shed light on. They connect us with our intuition via our self-expression, and this is why so many writers and authors are dedicated to them. They have a mystical power to illuminate our connection with our higher consciousness, and all I can do is encourage you to pay attention to what happens when you read something.

It’s like you’re transported into a realm in your mind where you create the things you’re reading, and the words connect you with your inner sight. Since I’m the one wielding the words you’re all reading in this case, I could write anything here and you’d create it in your mind. Interestingly enough, you’d create it in a unique way despite my description or any details I give.

Imagine you’re on a beach, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. It’s a warm, sunny day, but an occasional refreshing breeze passes by. There are all kinds of people here, and you can see a group of excited children swimming and playing off in the distance.

You create these images in your mind as you read them, and if you’re particularly creative, you’ve already come up with all kinds of new images and details. You’ve already changed and expanded the scene in your minds, adding more and more detail to make it more real and enjoyable.

Words have an amazing power to take us to these places and encourage us to be creative, which is why so many people enjoy reading books. They like to be taken to places where anything is possible, and we really bring the magic into reality when we combine the use of words with our spirituality.

I know that words are basically useless when it comes to communicating things that can only be understood in a higher state of consciousness, but they also provide an incredible medium for the communication of concepts that open the mind and encourage us to regain our spiritual freedom. Not to mention that they can incite spiritual revolution in the minds of the sleepy masses, and they can inspire the revolutionaries who are already active to keep going and never give up.

Without words, I couldn’t encourage all of you to keep your strength in hard times. I couldn’t communicate the things I learn in meditation, like these symbols’ significance, and I couldn’t reach so many people who, like me, have awakened to the oneness of all existence and the various higher levels that exist beyond this reality.

Words allow us to connect with each other over social media from opposite sides of the world, and if applied in a certain way, we can use them to reconnect people with a deeper part of themselves that they’ve covered up and forgotten about. We can liberate people who are lost and searching for something that they don’t even know exists, and we can do it with artistic self-expression.

You probably don’t need me to tell you how numbers are spiritually significant, and you only need to look at synchronicities to see that numbers are one of many avenues used by our higher consciousness to communicate with us. Certain synchronicities mean certain things, and I’ve learned that we can assign our own meanings to synchronicities to help us in a more direct, personalized way.

In meditation, I’ve received what I can only call ‘light codes’ or ‘energy codes’, and I get the feeling that these codes have a lot to do with numbers. I don’t know how or why, but I can’t stop thinking that numbers are an important part of them.

I’d go as far as to say that numbers and letters are sacred, even though some passionate spiritual seekers would understandably disagree. When we’re on a higher level, I think they’ll either become irrelevant or they’ll be upgraded in some way, and I could only imagine having more advanced symbols to express ourselves.

I can’t claim to know what a higher level will be like, but I do think that instantaneous telepathic communication will be a part of it. Maybe, in some way, the symbols we know as ‘letters’ and ‘numbers’ will play an even greater role in this communication, but either way, we’ll communicate in a way we once thought to be pure fiction.

Some people even think the computer and the internet are manifestations of our inner consciousness, and when we type out words on the computer, we use them to mirror our consciousness and what we known and feel within. We merge the internal and external, and in doing so, we realize that they’ve been one all along. It might be hard to consider that writing and other art forms that involve words can actually do this, but if we stick with them, we might be surprised at where they take us.

We might realize one day that our connection is much stronger than it used to be, and we’ll have writing or another art form to thank for it. We’ll realize that self-expression is a blessing, and these sacred symbols will be responsible for our realization of the unity of the internal and external. Like I said in our introductory segment, writing can definitely become a form of meditation, and like a lot of other things, it can encourage self-expression on a more inspired level.

I look forward to increasing my use of these sacred symbols, and they’re already helping me see the external world in a new light. I’m finally understanding that everything truly is one. The use of these symbols is just as spiritual and meaningful as anything else that connects us, and we can use them to make a serious positive impact on the world.

If we can just open up to them and the help they’re meant to give, we can make this journey a lot easier, more fulfilling and more colorful. We can show the way for others, and we’ll eventually realize that these symbols inspired worldwide revolution and helped us establish a new way of life that works for everyone and honors each person’s individuality.

We’ll be grateful to these symbols for their crucial role in creating a new world, and we might even discover them in a newer, more advanced form when we evolve and we no longer need them in their current form. They might evolve right along with us, and if they do, you can bet I’ll be more interested in them than ever. I’m sure a lot of other creatively dedicated spiritual seekers would agree.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


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