Love and Emptiness: Tools for Transformation


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

When we connect with our higher consciousness, we connect with a source of infinite wisdom that we can use to give a cosmic perspective on spirituality and world events. We no longer rely on anyone for knowledge about our reality or the realities beyond, and we know we can find all of the knowledge and insight we need within.

Spiritual teachers are people who’ve connected with their higher consciousness, maintained that connection, and maybe even reached a stage of enlightenment. While a lot of spiritual teachers had ‘masters’ and gurus in the beginning, they got where they did with continuous, sincere inner work and we can do the same if we persevere through our own sometimes difficult inner work and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

The funny thing about it is that we’re already at the end of the tunnel, but we push ourselves back when we resist our evolutionary process. If we can relax and go with the flow, all of the divine energy and insight we want will eventually pour through.

The key (or rather, one of many keys) is to stay open and persevere when we don’t feel connected, and when we are connected, we’ll know it. Love, wisdom, compassion and understanding will be effortless, because we’ll have finally realigned with that connected part of us that, in my opinion, is responsible for our creativity and the inspiration we feel to help others.

All we really have to do to connect with this part of ourselves is try to empty the mind and open the heart so they can both be filled with love, and then, let our love flow. All of our struggles, challenges and obstacles become more fun and exciting when we approach them from a loving space, and nothing brings us down or keeps us from shining our light when we approach it consciously.


Some spiritual seekers are against ‘love and light’, because they associate them with stereotypical new-agey concepts that they don’t think have anything to do with reality or their spiritual experience. In my experience, however, love and light are very real tools that we can use to spiritually/energetically heal the planet or even give our creative work an added boost.

Just like a pencil or a guitar, they’re instruments that we can use to share knowledge and elevate the collective vibration. Some people will inevitably continue to speak out against them, but I’m confident that our spiritual prejudices will fade when we understand that despite our differences in belief, we’re all one.

We’re all discovering the inner and outer tools that help us on the spiritual journey, and love and light will be a huge boost for some people.

In my opinion, realigning with the love we can each feel bubbling beneath the surface is essential if we want to reconnect with our higher consciousness and let our knowledge and awareness flow, and the more we work on ourselves, the more solid our perception of our inner love will be. We’ll eventually be able to use it to make a positive change in the world, but to get it to that level requires a lot of diligent inner searching.


In my opinion, the best thing we can do if we want to raise our vibration is request a connection with our higher consciousness and our inner love. This request will never be denied, and the law of freewill makes it paramount that we experience exactly what we create for ourselves. This means we can go out of our way to create a loving, spiritually aware life by simply requesting our vibrant higher consciousness be with us.

All we have to do in the beginning is make a request, and our request will be answered every time. The hard part is following up on this request or consciously keeping our higher connection intact, and this’ll get easier if we keep practicing and refuse to give up.

We have the power and potential to do what all of those spiritual teachers have done for centuries, and in my view, all it requires is an open mind (so we can connect with the intuition) and a loving heart (so we can willingly make other people’s lives better.) These two qualities are also known as the Divine Father (emptiness) and the Divine Mother (love), and a reader recently referred to them as ‘divine stillness and divine love’.

We’ll be infinite and able to express ourselves in any way we want if we have love and stillness, and we can connect with them in any moment. Sustaining that connection is a different story, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think and all it requires is diligence and the willingness to let go when the mind closes and stress or frustration take over.


So feel free to open the mind to the vibrant emptiness that brings us closer with the Divine Father, and remember to keep love in your heart. This world would change significantly if everyone could embrace love, compassion and myriad other qualities that’d cause us to come together and celebrate our oneness and our uniqueness, and as I’m fond of saying, it starts with each of us.

So what are we waiting for? With a loving heart and a blissfully empty mind, let’s transform ourselves and the world around us. Our intuition and higher consciousness will be there for us through it all, and we can in turn be there for people who need us.

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