What’s Your Purpose?

Quote from Robert Byrne. Credit: encoretampabay.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’d like to follow up from my piece yesterday and encourage us all to get serious about our purpose. Let’s figure out how we want to help the world, because it needs people who are willing to pursue their dreams and help others along the way. To help others is to help ourselves, and when we use our talents and passions to uplift the world, we serve our creator and expand our consciousness.

Those of us who consider ourselves ‘conscious’ or ‘awakened’ have a natural responsibility to share the good vibes with the world, and we don’t necessarily have to do it by sharing our perspective on spirituality, which will inevitably contradict a lot of people’s beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with discussing our philosophy with open-minded people, but we might not want to force our perspective onto anyone.

Instead, we can focus on bringing more love and joy to the world. We can encourage others to pursue their dreams and have fun while reaching out and uplifting people, and we can focus on helping the world remember how love, joy and happiness really feel. Our work doesn’t have to have anything to do with our philosophy on life (even though it inevitably will for many of us because it drives the work), and we can focus on inspiring and empowering others through the medium of our choice.

The first step is to look within to determine how we want to do all of this, and a lot of people will immediately head for some form of art or creativity. Writing, painting, music and dance are just a few examples of art forms that uplift the masses, and since they also put us in touch with our higher consciousness, they can become a form of meditation.

Writing stimulates the mind and spirit, and the same can be said about music. This is why so many spiritual seekers choose one them (or both) as their main outlet, and beyond the endless ways they allow us to help society, they help us personally on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Credit: pinterest.com

After we practice them for a while, they seem to open a path into that deeper, multidimensional part of ourselves that’s intricately connected with the rest of creation. Plenty of musicians will tell you about the endless ways their music helps them on a daily basis, and personally, I can’t go a day without picking up the guitar and singing.

Music is deeply therapeutic, and like writing, it aligns us with a more liberated part of ourselves. Once we connect with it, this part of ourselves can either express its cosmic perspective on the everyday events that are subtly leading us into a new world or impart the colors of this new world onto the masses via some form of art. When we’ve honed the art(s) of our choice and our connection is strong, our work will become a powerful meditation akin to sitting still with our eyes closed and our mind cleared for long periods of time.

Music, writing, painting, dance, song, poetry – these are all forms of meditation. Like the more recognizable forms, they require some intent and effort (or in the case of meditation, non-effort) to develop to a point where they can actually connect us with our higher consciousness, but once they do connect us, we’ll be connected for good.

In the beginning, we’ll have to deal with a lot of challenges and setbacks that could make us want to give up altogether. If we persevere and keep trying while releasing our expectations of what the process or the results should be like, however, our uphill struggle will quickly turn into a fun and exciting downhill ride.

As long as we return to our newly formed creative wellspring every day, it’ll consistently refill our cup with visions and the inspiration to open our channels further and really help people. We won’t be able to control our creative pace once the inspiration starts flowing, and this flow will result from all of that hard work we did when we were climbing uphill and we thought there was no end in sight.

Credit: alisoleil.com

If we keep on, then one day, a switch will seem to have been flipped. We might not even notice it, because we might be going about our work as passionately and dedicatedly as ever. But at some point, we’ll realize that we no longer have any trouble expressing ourselves, and our creative flow is as strong as our passion for self-expression. Not to mention that we’ll be motivated by the sense of being on a mission to uplift the world, and the funny thing is that our work will uplift and inspire us as much as anyone else.

Our accomplishments will surprise us, and if we’re wise, we’ll keep going and build on them. Who knows what we can achieve if we keep honing our creativity every single day and refuse to give up, even when the challenges overwhelm us. Given that our work will have become a powerful way to connect with our higher consciousness by that point, we’ll probably practice it daily regardless of the results.

The most important part of all of this is that we’ll help the world, and before we know it, more people than we expect could approach us and even thank us for our work. Nobody who genuinely wants to help the world is in it for fame or recognition, but knowing we’ve achieved our purpose and helped at least a few people can warm our hearts and encourage us to keep going.

Credit: pinterest.com

If you’re motivated to help the world in some way, maybe ask yourself what you’d like to do. Explore the things you’re good at and the things that light a flame within, and ask yourself if you’d want to commit to any of them full time to make a positive impact on the world. You don’t have to force yourself to do anything at first, and you can simply explore your talents and make a decision based on how they make you feel and how you can use them to help others.

Anything that’s genuinely meant to help is valuable, and it’s really just a matter of finding what we enjoy the most and pursuing it. Even if we only pursue it for a short time, we’ll know we at least did something. If we do keep at it and we find success, we’ll be able to do anything with it, and then, our creativity and our ability to uplift the world will really blossom.

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