Every Moment Is Crucial

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Every moment is crucial when you’re in the midst of a personal transformation. You’ll want to observe your thoughts, emotions and actions in every moment to determine if there’s anything keeping you from being an example of true, lasting inner change, and there might be times when negativity erupts out of you, increasing your guilt and making you feel like you can’t achieve your goals.

Plenty of spiritual teachers will tell you that anger’s necessary on the enlightenment path, and true understanding comes when we’re open to everything this life has for us – the good, the bad, and whatever comes in between. Negativity seems avoidable sometimes, and while there are a precious few people who are enlightened or emotionally trained enough to never get angry, most of us will confront it at one point despite how far we are along the path.

In fact, we might occasionally fall into old habits we thought we were done with, and if we do, it’ll be a lesson that we’re never really over them. Until we’re in a much higher state of consciousness, we run the risk of falling back into them if we aren’t careful. This, among plenty of other reasons, is why constant mindfulness is helpful.

We’ll want to be aware of what we do and how we feel in every moment, because these things are crucial to the personal changes we want to sustain. It’s easy to fall out of these changes and back into negativity, but once we do, we have to make the perilous journey back up – provided we don’t keep ourselves there by feeding the negativity and making the situation worse.

Even the smallest, most insignificant things could make us fall further down than we thought possible, so we’ll want to be mindful of our reactions and whether or not they serve the bigger picture. If we want to be conscious and centered enough to help others and enjoy our life along the way, then all of our emotions and reactions are important.

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It helps to understand that there’s no ‘time’ as we perceive it – there’s only the present moment. When we understand this, monitoring our thoughts, feelings and reactions in every moment is easier because we’re no longer bound by time and distant from the present. Only when we worry about time does it seem to be real, and we stop thinking about it when we meditate or we’re having fun.

We don’t usually think about the time we spend when we’re doing something fun, and by the time we look at our watch, it’ll seem a lot later than we expect. Time speeds up as we step out of it, and we’ll eventually stop needing it altogether.

It also helps to remember our goal, which is to change the world by changing ourselves. We want to make a significant impact on the collective consciousness, and we want to show others the way into a higher state of consciousness by sharing our love and knowledge, and most importantly, by practicing what we preach.

I don’t consider myself the best candidate for way-showing, because I haven’t thought much about it until now. I’ve been thinking more about creativity, spiritual work and other things that I think will help the world, but I’d forgotten the most essential aspect of this transformation: the evolution of the individual.

We have to take responsibility for our evolution, and it’ll move at a slow pace until we can get behind the wheel and steer while remembering to make space for our creator and our higher consciousness to guide us.

We can’t leave our evolution in the hands of a guru or a spiritual guide, but we can hear what they have to say and take whatever lessons help us without relying on them. Our evolution is essential to the evolution of the planet, and once we understand this, we can get motivated to monitor ourselves, correct our errors and strive to be a force for change.

It’s not unrealistic to think that we can stop erring or confronting inner darkness on the spiritual path, but most of us have some work to do before we get there. We’re taking up this work little by little with increasing confidence in ourselves, and if we keep at it, there’ll soon be an entire world of inner change enthusiasts who’ve embraced spiritual revolution and are ready to contribute in any way possible.

The world is in our hands. Credit: Artinthestudio.blogspot.com

Let’s create this kind of world now, because we didn’t become self-aware for nothing. Our awareness is intended to motivate us to make personal changes as we expose what’s wrong with the world, which is really a reflection of what’s wrong with each of us, so let’s keep at it with faith in the world we’re creating.

Our efforts won’t be worthless, but we have to keep going before we can see what kind of impact we make. My guess is that it’ll be more powerful than we expect, and when we’re asked how it was all possible, we can tell people we have love and our creator by our side. We’re connected with an omnipotent force that most of the world has forgotten about, and our work is the result of this connection and our desire to help the world make the inner changes we discovered are possible.

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