Weekly Newsletter: A Long Creative Journey

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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When we discover our passion (or passions), we begin a long journey of commitment and expansion. It isn’t always as easy or free-flowing as we prefer, and there will always be challenges we can’t seem to get past and disciplines we require along the way. Ultimately, it’s a process that teaches us about ourselves and how we can expand our abilities, and while it can be uncomfortable, it gets easier as we move through it.

The creative process can be challenging, frustrating and immensely rewarding at the same time, and it disciplines us in a way that few other things can. This is why commitment is so important, and while it’s easy to decide we want to do something, living up to that decision can be a lot harder. It requires more from us than we initially expect, but as long as the mind’s open and we can persevere, it’ll eventually get easier.

The beginning is always the hardest part, and things will flow more smoothly once we have some experience under our belt. We’ll have honed our abilities and achieved a good flow, and the people who gravitate to our work will appreciate the time we spent developing our talent. Not to mention that we’ll enjoy our work more than ever, and at a certain point, it’ll stop feeling like work and start feeling more like play.

Suddenly, this thing we love doing every day will reach massive amounts of people, and we can help the masses just by following our passion.

Maybe we can keep this in mind when we struggle, and however difficult things are now, they’ll get easier if we persevere and remember our goals. We’ll eventually be excited for a good challenge, because we’ll know that it helps us get better and reach our goals more quickly.

Everything we experience in life is a lesson, and this can especially be said for creative challenges. The whole purpose of a challenge is to help us become better, and instead of getting frustrated or annoyed when we hit a brick wall, we can empty the mind, come back to our center and try again when we’re ready. We don’t have to be upset, and we don’t have to give up after we’ve already come so far. All we have to do is breathe and let things sort themselves out, and if we stay centered, we’ll always find an answer to our problem.

All it takes is a little love and effort, and our creativity will start to pour out of us. We’ll have to try our best to keep up, and the more we practice, the less we’ll have to deal with a restricted flow.

With our inner love intact, our work will flow effortlessly as we awaken others to the things we’ve discovered, and other conscious people will be attracted to the love and the good vibes we put into our work. Along with sharing these good vibes, we’ll help them understand things that have been hidden and suppressed.

We’re rediscovering sacred truths that the elite have tried unsuccessfully to hide from the common man, but discovering these truths isn’t enough. We have to do something with our discoveries, and this is where our creativity and our passion come into play.

Once we have a creative outlet we can confidently pour our love and knowledge into, we can reach the rest of the world and help them awaken too. Provided we keep at it, our influence could grow so large that nobody can keep us from speaking the truth, and our victory will be a victory for love and our higher consciousness.

But we won’t achieve this victory without facing some challenges. We can handle them as long as we have love and centeredness in situations that require patience or perseverance, and we can persevere easily when we have love in our heart. We don’t require patience when we have love, because we’re already present and heart-centered and the temporary obstacle doesn’t bother us at all.

I feel compelled to say that heart-centeredness is the ‘big secret’ to life, creativity and spiritual evolution. I can’t tell you what’ll work best for you along your path, but in my eyes, heart-centeredness is a crucial component to enjoying our work (and life in general). We’ve all heard that anything’s possible with love, and perhaps there’s more truth in this simple statement than we realize.

Developing our creativity is a lot more fun when we have love, and we don’t need anything to enhance our work or make life more enjoyable. We have all the love and joy we require, and we can translate this joy into our work and make it even more appealing for people who are just starting to awaken. We can help them understand that spiritual evolution is just as joyful and liberating as it is difficult, and it doesn’t have to be a constant battle. We’ll be endlessly rewarded when we reach the next stage of our existence, and until we get there, we might as well work hard, help others and keep love in our heart.

As we embark on the long creative and spiritual journey ahead of us, let’s remember to frequently call on love and centeredness – especially when we’re confronted by difficult obstacles. Let’s remember that all of our difficulty is caused by the idea that we’re separate from our Divine Mother and Father, which we could never be, and to call on love is to call on the Mother to help us through our times of struggle. She’s here for all of us, but we have to open up to her (which, again, is the same as opening to love) to feel her presence and receive her valuable teachings.

She’ll help us approach our work (and our life) with more love, enthusiasm and centeredness than ever, and if we call on her, she’ll make herself known when we need her the most. Our creator will always be with us, because we’re eternally one with him/her and the rest of creation. Let’s remember this when we struggle, because sometimes, all it takes is a little umph from the Divine Mother to get things moving.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


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