A Permanent Shift Into the Heart

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We’re on a journey of personal transformation, and some days will be harder than others. There will be times when we feel hurt, lonely and confused at the current state of our world, and there will be other times when we seem to soar through life without a care or concern.

Those are the times when we’re connected with our higher consciousness, and calling on this higher power will allow us to handle difficult circumstances with love and centeredness.

Our outlook on life, and especially the challenges we face, is entirely different when we’re rooted in love.

We understand that every difficult and stressful experience is a challenge of our ability to persevere and stay centered, and instead of treating life like an uphill climb, we flow through it with joy and excitement. Not to mention that it gets a lot easier to be patient.

I’m learning that we have to call on love if we want to make life simpler or more enjoyable. We have to summon it from within, even if we think we’re fooling ourselves or searching for happiness in the wrong places, because love and happiness can only come from inside of us.

If we aren’t rooted in love and we don’t think we can handle any challenges, they’ll bring us down every time and we’ll wonder why we keep meeting the same obstacles over and over again.

If we can shift our perspective and become more willing to take on these obstacles, we might find that they’re a lot easier than we expect. Only when we build them up in our minds do they seem invincible, and we see them for what they really are when we embrace them.

They’re puzzles in this game of life, and the more puzzles we solve, the more we grow spiritually. As we continue to evolve, the puzzles will become more intricate and we’ll be focused solely on solving them and reaching the next levels of existence.

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By the time we’re in a higher sphere, we’ll understand that love is essential to succeeding at any challenge or doing anything significant – in this world and the worlds beyond. We need love, and without it, we really aren’t doing anything at all.

A lot of spiritual teachers will tell you that knowing God and finding enlightenment are the two most important goals a spiritual seeker could have. No matter what we do in life, none of it is comparable to enlightening ourselves and becoming one with our creator.

The same thing can be said about returning to love, which is our ultimate creative force. I think we call on the Divine Mother when we call on love, and with this force by our side, we can do anything we’re willing to pursue.

The Divine Mother is the creative side of God, and the Divine Father is the side of complete silence, nothingness and emptiness.

When spiritual teachers encourage us to ‘become nothing’ and merge with our higher consciousness in that form, they’re essentially suggesting we connect with the Father. When spiritual seekers are inspired to be creative, we’re connecting with the energy of love, which, in my view, is the Divine Mother.

Some people might disagree, but I think the energy of love and the Divine Mother are one and the same. Calling on love will help us just as much as calling on the Divine Mother, and when we have love, we seem to emanate qualities you’d expect from a loving, caring mother.

We show compassion and understanding to everyone we meet, and we appreciate our existence and our ability to create positive change – if not in society, than in the lives of our loved ones and anyone else who we want to uplift.

We can’t help but pour our love into the world, and other people will definitely notice.

We might become more open, friendly and caring to people we’ve never opened up to, and the people closest to us will be directly affected. We’ll notice the positive change too, and it’ll translate into even more joy and appreciation for life.

We’ll feel better, lighter and more energetic when we shift into love. Our outlook will become more carefree, because we’ll understand life for what it really is – a game with a lot of puzzles that we’re supposed to enjoy.

When we realize this and we understand that material pleasures aren’t as fulfilling as looking within and pulling our love and joy up to the surface, we’ll excitedly embrace these higher qualities and leave sadness, frustration and misery behind.

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We don’t have to be tired, stressed out or fed up with life, and all we have to do is open the mind and consciously shift into the heart. It won’t be easy at first, and we’ll be tested in plenty of interesting ways, but the end result will be worth the effort.

Let’s go out of our way to increase our self-love and our love for the world, because we and the world might wither away without it. Instead of letting the less enjoyable aspects of life bring us down, we can take the opportunity to thrive in our love-centered awareness regardless of our external circumstances.

We might as well take the opportunity and open our hearts, because they provide a portal back to our Divine Mother, and ultimately, back home.

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