A Solution for Every Problem

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Scrupulously examining our behavior can help us determine how we’re keeping ourselves from the things that mean the most to us, and for every desire or goal we can’t seem to reach, chances are there’s something we’re doing to keep ourselves from reaching it.

The human mind is an interesting thing. One minute, we’ll have a goal or desire we want to reach more than anything, and the next minute, we scramble to get away from the very thing we wanted.

It can be hard to determine what we want out of life if we run away from the things we convince ourselves are important, and I’ll use a personal example to illustrate my point.

Spoiler alert: For one of the sections of this week’s upcoming Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, I wrote about the challenges, as well as the opportunities for growth and expansion, that loneliness can present.

I wrote that it can be easy to feel lonely if we’re in a place where there aren’t a lot of other conscious people around, and I shared my experiences feeling isolated from the rest of the conscious community.

When I really thought about it, I realized that I’m actually not alone and all it takes is getting on the internet to find large groups of conscious individuals who are happy to chat about almost anything.

For every problem, there’s a solution right under our noses and we just have to shift our perspective to realize it. But the human mind doesn’t always prefer to work this way, and we call on it the most when we have a problem we can’t solve.

We won’t have to be dependent on it like we were before once the problem is solved, and this can cause us to create more problems just so we can stay rooted in it.

Instead of leaving the space of the mind and finding out what their higher consciousness can do for them, some people prefer to say in a problematic space so they have a justifiable reason to either feel like a victim or keep searching their mind for a solution that they don’t actually want.

Credit: Facebook.com/quotedthoughts

If their perspective was lighter and perhaps more openhearted, they’d realize that there’s a solution to loneliness and any other problem that could bring them down – they just have to open up to it. It isn’t always apparent in the beginning, but it’s there and all they need to do is open their eyes to realize that it’s been right in front of them all along.

We don’t have to make ourselves miserable over the issues that flow in and out of our minds on a daily basis, and if we try hard enough, we can resolve any difficulty – whether it comes from the world or from within.

While we might not all have someone to physically talk with about spirituality or anything else, what’s important is that we have each other.

We can turn to each other for support along this crazy journey, but if we don’t call on each other for help, we can’t complain about loneliness or any other problems we might’ve been able to solve together.

We can’t let something bring us down if we don’t even try to get past it, and even if we do try and ‘fail’, we still shouldn’t let it stop us from being ourselves.

Our heart-centered awareness will remind us that nothing has to keep us from shining our light. If we can call on this awareness and stay centered in its vibrancy when the usual negative thoughts or feelings arise, we’ll be endowed with a new sense of love, strength and perseverance.

Life really doesn’t have to be so difficult or depressing, and the vast majority of our problems originate in our own mind.

Once we can adjust our mind and stay connected with our higher consciousness, the depressing and naysaying thoughts will be easy to transcend and we’ll feel inspired to solve every challenge that comes our way – including the challenges that come with loneliness.

We can do it, but we have to believe in ourselves and refuse to give up when we’re challenged in a way that we don’t think we can handle. With faith in ourselves and a mind that’s open enough to understand that we can find a solution to anything and everything that ails us, we’ll finally be able to focus on the good in life.

Credit: Meetville.com

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