Love: The Guiding Creative Force


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

No matter what we do, let’s do it with love.

Let’s do it with faith and passion, and let’s always remember that if we have love, we have everything. If we have our higher consciousness, we’ll find everything we could ever need within and we’ll never have trouble enjoying life or passionately pursuing our interests.

Passion is a shade of the energy of love, and when we’re passionate about something, we pour a lot more time and energy into it because our passion causes us to devote ourselves to it and never look back.

Passion is a powerful tool, and we don’t want to ignore our passions or the things that light our inner fire because they point us to our role in this planetary transformation.

They help us understand what we want to do and how we want to do it, and we’ll want to take note when we find something that seriously inspires us. We’d be fools not to pursue something that ignites our passion, and we can’t put any real love into our work without this passion.

Opening up to our higher consciousness is harder if we aren’t passionate about the work we do it for, and we’ll always benefit from aligning with the higher self and approaching life in a more balanced, understanding way.

But unfortunately, this connection won’t help much if we aren’t passionate about our work. This is why we’ll want to make sure we stick with the things that really excite us, and we’ll know when we’ve chosen the right work.

We’ll know by the amount of time we willingly spend working, and while we’ll inevitably meet obstacles along the way, they don’t have to stop us from continuing to pursue our goals with our faith intact.

Love will show the way. Credit:

Nothing will stop us if we’re really passionate, and we’ll welcome challenge with an open mind and the willingness to embrace it. Our minds will be opened to the outpouring of love we’ll receive from our greater awareness, and integrating this love into our work will make the obstacles easier.

When we learn to embrace obstacles, our work will flow freely and we’ll enjoy every minute of it. We’ll know we earned this effortless flow with all of the patient, dedicated work we did in the past, and we’ll quickly realize that we’ve given ourselves a gift and we now have to work harder to get the most out of it.

We can’t just walk away after we work so hard to cultivate a gift. We have to devote ourselves to it, and then, we can push through any barriers and drastically expand our capabilities.

We’ll probably surprise ourselves in the process, and we’ll realize that with love and passion by our side, transcending our limitations is a fairly simple feat. We’ve always had the ability to break through our barriers and reach the next stage of our existence, but it requires patience, diligence and love.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Even if we struggle to find our passion, something will reveal itself if we stay dedicated and refuse to give up on ourselves or our path. In all things, patience and diligence will see us through to the next phase, and with a passionate, dedicated heart, developing our talents will be simple and enjoyable.

Even if we struggle on one obstacle for a long time, the relief and excitement we’ll feel when we finally figure out where we held ourselves back will make up for any time or energy we spend getting there. With passion, perseverance becomes natural because we enjoy what we’re doing and we especially enjoy the results.

If we work hard enough, our work can sustain us financially while allowing us to help the masses, and those who are put in the blessed position to make spiritual work their actual ‘job’ carry an extra responsibility to work hard in the name of the light.


We’ll gladly take up this responsibility when we find our true passion and we have no problem constantly flowing, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that we’ll be excited to practice our true passion every moment of every day.

There will never be a time that we don’t want to practice =, because we’ll enjoy it so much that it’ll become our sole source of entertainment, upliftment, and in most cases, guidance.

Depending on what kind of work we do, we can tap into all kinds of higher guidance if we keep at it, and our true passion will become one of the only things we want to do in life. Especially if we don’t have to work a regular 9-5, we can make a lot of time for it and work just as hard (if not harder) than we would at a regular job.

Hard work is important no matter what we do, but when we work for our passion, it doesn’t feel like work. We’re just as dedicated and we work really hard, but we enjoy the work so much that it becomes a state of being rather than a state of doing.

Writing can become meditative if we practice enough, and a lot of people have said it provides a path into our soul by bypassing the egocentric mind and delving deep into our inner awareness to pull up little gems of wisdom and insight.

But like anything else, you have to have a specific passion for the art of writing to persevere enough to do anything significant. You have to be excited to dive in to the sea of words and pull your expressions back up to the surface, and it requires as much faith and commitment as any other creative outlet.

The bottom line is that our work has to inspire us, and if it inspires us so much that we can work hard without even realizing we’re working, then we know we’ve found the right thing. There will be times when our faith wanes and we have to stay strong, but it’ll all be worth it when we start to reap the rewards of our hard work.

These rewards are waiting to be earned, and they’re nearer than we realize – we just have to persevere through the final stretch and let our love and passion take the wheel. Once we do, we’ll step up to the next phase and things will get a lot more interesting as faithfully fulfill our mission.

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I’m a twenty-one year old spiritual writer, blogger and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

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