Reader’s Question: How Has Society Been Fooled?


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know how we’ve all been fooled into accepting the reign of the one percent.

“How is it that the 99% have been fooled so badly? I am confused as to how and why this has been possible when the 99% could change the entire course of the world in a single day? Why are people so fearful and silent in regards to all of the unjust things going on?”

In our day and age, most people have trouble standing up for what’s fair and right because of an utter lack of compassion, which has been caused by the widespread social conditioning we’ve been subjected to, and a sense of being too ‘small’ to make a change.

Most people have been conditioned to be too complacent to take a stand against the one percent, and they’re content to live their comfortable lives – even if it means they never stand up for what’s right.

Not to mention that we’ve been conditioned to fight against one another, and our division is just as apparent in our current “civilized” society as it has been for thousands of years.

Because of this instilled division, most people seem to lack the compassion to stand up for one another or help one another through the difficult circumstances we face, and the one percent have created and now profit from our separation from one another.

The strategic division of the masses benefits the planetary elite, and when we’re busy fighting each other over whatever societal issues they’ve convinced us are important, we don’t see what they’re doing behind the scenes.

Most people fail to see that our society is an orchestrated illusion, and behind the curtain, the people in power who we never hear about make all of the real decisions. They decide which nations go to war, and they always profit from the results.

They decide which nations’ resources to plunder for their own gain – not the gain of humanity as they’d have us believe. If a leader of any given nation tries to stand up against them, they usually lead a fake rebellion to have that leader ousted and replaced with someone who’ll do their bidding.

They decide what kind of programming we watch on that mind control device we call a television, and they decide the news we see and don’t see. These secretive, controlling interests are responsible for nearly every aspect of our heavily conditioned society, and they keep a very tight grip on information they don’t want the public to know.

They also keep a tight grip on our freedoms, but they give us just enough illusory freedom to keep us “happy”, complacent, and unwilling to question them or their widespread social engineering. They’ve even come up with a nifty little term to discredit people who dig deep enough to find out about them: “conspiracy theorists”.

“Don’t pay any mind to those crazy conspiracy theorists talking about the one percent. They’ve spent too much time in their mother’s basements. They don’t contribute to society – they only think up half-brained theories that have no basis in reality…”

Most people believe them and continue to live controlled, conditioned lives. Fortunately, there is a way out of all this, but it’s a way that most people probably won’t accept quite yet.

That way is love.

This will probably sound naïve, but if the entire world could stop caring so much about themselves and shift that interest to the whole of humanity, we could easily expose and dethrone the one percent. Like our reader said, we could change the world in an instant if we all came together and took a stand, but it takes love.

With love for our fellow man comes the compassion we’ve been missing, and compassion forces us not just to look at our own problems (whether they’re caused by the one percent or not), but the problems all of humanity faces.

We’d quickly learn that our problems are infinitesimal compared to the problems faced by the citizens of economically starved countries with despotic leaders.

We’d realize in a heartbeat that depending on where we live, the things the elite have done to us pale in comparison to the things they’ve done to people in underdeveloped countries, and the more we’d learn, the higher our compassionate rage would rise.

Most people are too unwilling or afraid to stand up for themselves, let alone others, and this needs to change if we want any hope if creating something new. Never mind sustaining our current paradigm – it’s completely unsustainable and it’s bound to come crashing down on itself, which is why we have to be courageous.

Freedom, and I mean true freedom, comes with a price. We have to be willing to fight for it, and the elite have hijacked this essential truth by convincing us we have to support profit-fueled wars for the freedom to slave away at a dead-end nine-to-five we don’t really care about.

This isn’t true freedom, and the wars they claim are being fought for this fake freedom are really being fought to keep them wealthy and keep the rest of the world in a perpetual state of obligatory, terror-driven destruction.

It’s one giant illusion our society thinks is real, and love will allow us to pop this bubble so the world can see it for what it really is. But without love or compassion, unity can’t thrive. Without the collective willingness to take action when we witness injustice, the elite will continue to get away with their crimes.

People all around the world will continue to suffer, and those of us who are lucky enough to live in places that don’t experience a tremendous amount of destruction will continue to be too complacently conditioned to say or do anything about it.

This will be the tragic reality of our situation if we don’t come together and do something right now.

While most of the world still seems unwilling to take a stand, those of us who are aware can rise up and use our compassion to create a new trend for the rest of the world to eventually follow – even though this isn’t about setting yet another pointless social trend.

It’s about doing what we can to inspire a collective revolution – an opening of the mind and heart – and the best way to inspire it is to get active now.

It’d also help to connect with our higher consciousness, which would assist us greatly in the ongoing battle against tyranny, but whether or not we consider ourselves spiritual, we have to muster up some compassion and join the struggle to create a new world.

Just what this new world is, I can’t yet say, because we’ll create it as we go. One thing’s for sure, though: We have to start now.

The sooner we start, the sooner we can determine what the results of our efforts will be, so let’s ease into our role, and once we’re familiar with it, work hard to help the world. This is our mission, and the suffering masses are counting on us to take a stand.

The only question left, then, is if we’re courageous enough to put the needs of others over our own.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.


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2 thoughts on “Reader’s Question: How Has Society Been Fooled?

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Thanks for this. I agree that we have been kept controlled for many years, many generations, and that makes it hard to change. Yet, we are seeing what is going on and making the changes.
    Write songs about making changes in ones life. About loving ones self, caring for each other and all life.


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