Everyone’s Invited, Everyone’s Accepted

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Everyone’s invited to attend the party that the conscious community has started, and no matter what your beliefs are or how you interpret the spiritually driven changes that are occurring in our society, you’re welcomed here.

We don’t all have to agree with each other to get the most out of our respective interpretations of our spiritual evolution, and it’s healthy to have different beliefs that we can debate and, at the end of the day, respect each other for.

I subscribe to the idea that nobody really understands what’s going on right now, no matter how close they feel they are with spirit or a higher consciousness, but this doesn’t invalidate the idea that we should all come together and figure out how we can create the kind of world we’ve been waiting for.

Everyone’s perspective is valuable, and nobody should be left out of the creation of a new world. No matter where you come from or how you define your spirituality, your perspective is monumentally important.

We have to trust each other if we want to change anything about our clearly defunct society, and the conscious community will have trouble changing the world if we’re too busy fighting amongst each other over our philosophical differences.

We can all agree that love is the way back into a higher consciousness, and most people who consider themselves ‘conscious’ are generally aware of the massive evolutionary event that’s currently happening, which has been referred to as ‘ascension’.

We don’t achieve ascension by following a guru, whether they’re on earth or they speak through a channeler – we achieve it by coming together, learning to love/respect one another and sharing our unique perspectives on our spiritual evolution.

We achieve ascension by reconnecting with each other, with the earth, and most importantly, with ourselves. We can’t advance our collective evolution if we don’t advance our own with diligent inner work, and uniting with others will be easier when we learn to love ourselves.

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We’re paving our spiritual revolution on the foundation of inner love and acceptance, so it stands to reason that we need to express these qualities in the external world before we can make a change.

Personal change is essential if we want to bring the conscious community (or the world) together, and uniting with others becomes easier when we can stop, look deep within and find the things about ourselves that keep us from loving and accepting others.

Usually, people have trouble accepting others because they haven’t figured out how to love themselves, which is why inner work is so important.

We have an opportunity to make some serious internal and external changes, and the cosmic energies that are elevating our individual consciousness and bringing our chakras online will either make things a lot easier or a lot harder.

We can choose how to handle the bold personal changes that’ll likely result from the most intense aspects of our ongoing ascension process, and everything will be alright if we remember to keep a level head and turn to our higher consciousness before any other spiritual source.

It also helps to intuitively validate anything we learn from a higher source, but the biggest mistake some seekers make is in acting like they’re better than others just because they’ve learned to access their inner wisdom.

Our perspective is just as valuable as the perspectives of those who are enthusiastic about spiritual teachers or channeled messages, and this is where acceptance and tolerance come into play. We don’t have to agree with someone to accept their perspective on life and spirituality, and acceptance is crucial in this new time.

We can finally come together if we all learn to accept each other, and in the short term, this is the greatest task ahead of us. It’ll be easy if we can all stay centered and diminish the ego-driven tendency to fight with others over our beliefs, and if anyone can do it, it’s us.

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