Music Can Show the Way


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you read my articles often, you probably know that I think music is one of the most spiritual things we can enjoy. I have reggae music to thank for this opinion, and I’ve always been impressed by how Rastas and other spiritual musicians impart their perspectives and philosophies into their music.

No matter how we feel about life and spirituality, if we practice music in conjunction with meditation or another form of consciousness exploration, it can help us elevate our consciousness while filling us with a sense of excitement and eternal enjoyment.

Music harnesses the sacred power of sound to help us raise our vibration, and like meditation or anything else, all it takes to get the most out of it is commitment. Not only will we get better and better if we play continuously – we’ll also increase our reception to music’s spiritual properties.

The great thing about music is that we don’t have to play it to benefit from it, and we can listen to it instead.

Playing it might be a better or more potent way to uplift ourselves, but listening to it gives us the advantage of enjoying music that’s already written and composed and usually features more than one instrument.

If we play alone, we’ll only have one or two instruments unless we record ourselves and play over those recordings, so in some cases, listening might uplift us more. I’d recommend finding a group of conscious music lovers who are willing to play it with you.

I recently watched an interview with Foo Fighters’ front man Dave Grohl, whose music I’ve always enjoyed, and he mentioned that while a lot of ‘one man bands’ are out there and some people do like to write and play by themselves, finding other people to play and write with is a better way to go.


Why? Because having other perspectives on our musical creations will challenge us and allow us to see new points of view that we would’ve missed by ourselves. Not to mention that, personally, I’d rather have jurisdiction over one or two instruments than all of them, which’d be a lot of work.

Music brings people together, and playing/writing with others could form a bond between us and them that might not have been there were it not for the music. I’m not saying we shouldn’t play or write by ourselves, but we might benefit from finding other music lovers who are willing to join us.

The last point I want to make before wrapping this up is that, in my opinion, we don’t have to rely solely on music for a higher vibration or an expanded sense of spirituality. A lot of musicians do, and that’s okay, but there are so many other ways to raise our vibration and we might want to experiment with a few different things.

There are various ways we can move closer to enlightenment, and if we want to explore all or even some of them, we’ll have to make time for them all. I like to write, for example, and I also enjoy music and meditation.

I’m trying to get used to meditating more often because I think routine meditation is important, and I (or anyone else in my shoes) can embrace a combination of writing, music and meditation throughout the day.

It requires commitment, but I’m sure it’ll be more than worth it in the end when we’ve sharpened our creative skills and we can use them to connect with the Christ within.

Terence McKenna told us that art, creativity and self-expression can trap us or liberate us depending on how we use them, and if you’re reading this article, chances are that you’d rather use art, which includes music and writing, to find enlightenment than please the senses.

We have the musical power right in our hands. Credit:

Everything we’ve been given on this planet can be used as a means to a higher consciousness and a healthier outlook on life.

As long as we don’t burn ourselves out by relying too heavily on any one avenue (except maybe meditation, which, admittedly, can also have its limits), we’ll get the most out of all of the tools that have been placed before us.

So feel free to pick up your guitar, or any other instrument you enjoy, and play your heart out. And remember that, as Sri Chinmoy said, the music uplifts us even more when we open up and allow our higher consciousness, Source, etc. to play through us.

I’m starting to think we’re already embodiments of that higher consciousness just as we are, which, in my eyes, means that we’re perfectly capable of spiritual exaltation in our current form and we don’t need fancy practices to help us align with who and what we already are at our cure.

As long as we can open the mind and direct our thoughts, words, emotions, etc. to the higher consciousness we seek, these creative and linguistic tools will in fact liberate us and show us the way back home.

Creativity is beautifully empowering, and I sincerely believe that if we practice it in conjunction with other things that help us align with the Self, we’ll not only enlighten ourselves – we’ll help others find the higher vibration the world clearly needs.

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old spiritual writer, blogger and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

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