Review: The Ascension Manual: A Lightworker’s Guide to Living in the Fifth Dimension – Part 1

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By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

If you’re looking for a detailed channeled book that addresses nearly every key aspect of our ongoing shift into a higher consciousness, look no further than The Ascension Manual – A Lightworker’s Guide to Living in the Fifth Dimension – Part 1 from Caroline Oceana Ryan.

I started reading it with the intention of offering my perspective on what it had to say, and I ended up so captivated that I eagerly drank in all the advice that was offered, much of which was extremely relevant to my recent questions and experiences.

If you enjoy channeled material that offers a grounded perspective on a wide array of issues that have to do with our physical/spiritual ascension and the things we can do right now to make this process easier on ourselves, this guide could help you.

“The Collective”, who writes through channeler Caroline Oceana Ryan and who’s messages have been featured on The Culture of Awareness before, debut a powerhouse of channeled guidance, which, if you’re anything like me and you seek inner guidance daily, you might appreciate.

The speak on subjects ranging from how we can shift our perspective on money during this shift; how our relationships with friends, family and even spouses could change; how we can change our perspective on food and eating; how we can release the deeply ingrained habits and emotions that were sown in us in past lives; and plenty more.

I particularly appreciated their advice about releasing the old thoughts and emotions that have accumulated throughout lifetimes spent in a limited, conditioned reality.

We’re encouraged to consciously release everything that no longer serves us as we seek the intuitive assistance of our guides and our creator, which will help us experience this ongoing shift as easily and gracefully as we can.

Growing pains are inevitable when it comes to any kind of shift, be it personal or planetary, and we’re going through the greatest shift mankind has ever known. Needless to say, we’re going to struggle along the way.

The advice offered in The Ascension Manual aims to describe and subsequently help us through these changes, and The Collective deeply encourages us to make the intuitive connections with our higher self, guides, creator, etc. that most people fail to realize even exist, much less cultivate.

I think this book will be helpful for anyone who’s struggled with the heavier aspects of this evolutionary process that tend to weigh us down, like losing a friend or loved one or feeling insufficient or unworthy of living and expressing yourself exactly how you see fit.

The most memorable thing I’ve learned from it is that we are going through a tremendous shift, and it’s imperative that we release all of our inner pressure, routinely connect with spirit and pursue the creative outlets we have the most passion for, all with the assurance that we deserve this life, and more importantly, we deserve to LIVE.

This is, in my opinion, the best advice that could be given to anyone who’s pioneering the physical and spiritual evolution of mankind, and regardless of our beliefs or our culture, I think we can all agree that decreasing the pressure we put on ourselves and learning to enjoy life is immensely beneficial.

I’m glad this book came into my life, and I’ll probably read it over and over again just to get the most out of it. After finishing it and coming to the end of this piece about it, all I can say is that I look forward to part 2.

Here are a few things The Collective advises us about in The Ascension Manual:

“It is easy to assume that because you feel alone and abandoned in the Universe, there are no outer helps for you there, and that even when you ask for a thing, it does not appear, except by accident or hard work.

“This is one of the great traps, one of the most insipid faults and deepest pits of the third dimensional experience, and our empathy for your situation is complete. Because there is no such thing, anywhere in your Universe, as ‘lack.’ There can be no lack of energy or abundance, or of love, perfect health, or inspiration for one’s path, because there is nowhere in your Universe that is not full of energy and Life in its fullest form…”

“You are becoming Lighter in every sense. Not to the degree that your Ascension will occur with no conscious participation on your part, but to the degree that it is occurring naturally in many ways merely due to your openness to the process, your complete willingness to move into higher dimensions, and your thirst for Truth—your desire to know your own and Earth’s past and present as fully as possible, and to know and fulfill your life mission and soul path as fully as possible.”

There’s a lot more wisdom and insight where that came from, and should you choose to check out The Ascension Manual, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

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