Seeking the Magic


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Inspired by an article from Shubhra on Wake Up World, entitled Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It

We’re all looking for some color in our life; some magic; something that’ll reassure us that the things we’ve learned about life and spirituality are genuine. Some of us probably don’t need reassurance about our beliefs, because we’ve long accepted that our discoveries are real.

Regardless, we’re all looking for something to expand our spirituality and help us see that we really do live in an infinite universe that’s composed of pure, blissful vibrations, which we can tap into with focused, disciplined effort.

We’ve sought love and spirit in plenty of different ways, and a lot of techniques are offered in this day and age to help us “expand our minds”, “raise our vibration”, “connect with our higher self/spiritual guides” – the list goes on.

I’m not saying these offers aren’t genuine – I’m saying that nearly every seeker has either searched for or created a way to increase our receptivity to love and spirit. Simple beliefs aren’t enough for us anymore, and we want to directly experience the Formless; the Transcendental; whatever you want to call that higher consciousness we all crave.


The lost among us (i.e. those who haven’t yet “woke up”) tend to search for love and spirit in different, usually destructive ways, and for the most part, it’s because they don’t realize they contain an infinite inner universe that they can access and use to rediscover their true nature as beings of consciousness and awareness.

Most of the world is still tragically unaware of spirit, and while plenty of people are religious or generally spiritual, we have yet to collectively transcend that barrier that seems to keep us separate from a higher consciousness.

Knowledge precedes enlightenment, be it individual or collective. While knowledge is only so useful, we have to learn a few things about spirituality before we can be inundated with the inspiration to explore our consciousness in a deeper, realer way.

We have to know a thing or two about spirit before we can find or act on the immense, inexplicable desire to explore it, and those of us who have learned a few things are now ready to take the next step on our journey inward.

We’re ready to descend into our inner consciousness and subsequently expand outward in ways we haven’t yet been capable of, and for some of us, the usual explanations about spirituality no longer cut it.

I’ve written a lot about accepting “new age” teachings and their followers, as opposed to becoming spiritual elitists who can’t accept people who think a little differently, but I understand why some seekers are somewhat fed up with the new age teachings that could be seen as simplistic.

We’re ready for a greater perspective on love, spirit and everything else we’ve come to discover and advocate, and simplistic explanations of “love and light” and other concepts that are discussed in the new age community just won’t work for us.

This is okay, as long as, again, we can accept people who still resonate with that level of teaching. They’re on their own path, and those teachings are working for them just fine. They’ll go the next level when they’re ready, and for now, putting ourselves above them or their philosophy won’t help anyone.

The magic is all around. Credit:

For now, we’d be best to focus on our own journey and our own desire to understand the spirit in a greater way, and whether or not certain teachings work for us, we can respect that they work for other people and distance ourselves without becoming snobby.

I’m sure some people who resonate with new age teachings are also ready to expand their perception and learn more about this amazing, omnipotent inner power we have yet to really understand, and the best advice I can give us all is to take it one day at a time.

Don’t force your spirituality or your accumulation of knowledge, and know that living in the heart is infinitely more helpful and empowering than striving to learn, learn, learn. It’s understandable that we want to learn as much as we can, but we’ll learn a lot more by connecting with the heart and the intuition.

It also helps to use creativity to expand our consciousness, because it empowers us and widens our perception of what we’re capable of. Along with general spirituality, creativity is one of the most empowering, expansive activities we can take part in, and personally, writing is quickly becoming my new passion.

I’ve always been somewhat passionate about it, but my interest in it is starting to skyrocket because I’m realizing that a lot can be said and done with it.

We might as well use creativity to empower ourselves as we seek to expand our consciousness and learn as much as we can, and if we find that it still isn’t enough at the end of the day, we can sit down and meditate or explore our consciousness in another way.


As long as our heart’s in the right place and our mind willingly serves the heart, as opposed to ruling over it and mechanically making all of our decisions, we’ll find everything we seek in due time. We just have to have patience and the willingness to enjoy life instead of fixing ourselves solely on our destination.

We’ll get there, and for now, there’s so much to see, feel and experience. We have every reason to enjoy life and this expansive spiritual evolution we’re undergoing, so let’s keep our minds open and our hearts willing to experience every moment – the good and the bad, the inspiring and the painful.

We’ll be glad we did when we look back on this interesting journey from a higher state of consciousness, because we’ll know that we did everything we could’ve. The gratification we’ll get from that we’ll be a lot more potent than the gratification we’ll get from reaching our goal and evolving.

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