We Are Infinite – Believe It!

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By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

You might not have heard of Gloria Wendroff’s “Heavenletters”, which are intuitively channeled messages that come directly from God (the highest source imaginable), but I think they’re among the most helpful messages out there.

I’m not as passionate about channeling as I once was, but I still follow and repost Gloria’s messages because they resonate a lot with me.

It doesn’t matter how you refer to God (I prefer the terms ‘Jah’ or ‘Source’), and it doesn’t even matter if you believe this omnipotent creator consciousness actually speaks through Gloria Wendroff or anyone else. Either way, you can empower yourself if you look within and expand your limits.

I enjoy these messages, and they’ve been a tremendous help to my spiritual growth. I used to be more open to messages that are purported to come from entities in higher states of consciousness than I am now, but I decided somewhere along the way that I want to head straight for the source of it all.

I’m more open to Gloria Wendroff’s Heavenletters than almost any other channelings, and I’d like to share a few snippets from the latest message she received. In this message, we’re encouraged to transcend our limits and understand that we really are infinite beings, and we have Source Him/Herself to remind us of our infinity.

We tend to see ourselves as limited humans, but beyond our bodies, which we’ve come to associate with our identity, we’re much more than we give ourselves credit for.

“You are drawn to beauty, aren’t you? What can be more beautiful than My Creation?

“You are My Creation, and I Who Created you from My Very Self am also beautiful. You are soul. Remember, your body is only a covering, yet, My children, how much you tend to equate yourself with your physical dimensions, as if the physical body is the sum and total of you.” (1)

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We aren’t confined to our physical body, and we might start acting on our potential if we could realize this.

“The physical body is an outline of you, yet you are not confined within that outline. The physical body is like a sketch made on paper with a pencil. You sketch an outline of yourself and sign your name to it. The Truth is that you are dimensionless. There are no borders to you. There are no limits to you and no limitations.” (2)

The most interesting thing about it is that Source can tell us we’re infinite, and yet, we’ll probably shrug it off and go about our day as usual.

“I am God Who tells you this, yet, for all intents and purposes, you say, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ as if I speak only to hear Myself talk. I am giving you the straight goods. Sit up and listen.” (3)

We’d all probably benefit from ‘sitting up and listening’, and even some spiritual seekers fail to realize their potential and the things they could do if they opened up and transcended their limited perception of themselves.

What does it take for us to realize that we aren’t confined to the physical body? Some people have to experience a massive amount of catalyst before they can understand that the body doesn’t define them, and this process is usually known as spiritual awakening.

Unfortunate things will happen in life that test our resilience and our ability to stay strong, and once we finally make it through our unpleasant experiences and find the light at the end of the tunnel, we realize that they allowed us to grow significantly.

We finally start to understand that we’re infinite spiritual beings, but it usually takes a lot of difficulty for us to realize it. We can surpass all that trouble now by realizing that despite what the finite, conditioned mind would have us believe, we aren’t limited to our physical body or our status as ‘humans’.

We’re much more than human, and it takes opening up and listening to our inner voice (or, in this case, Source) to realize it.

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One of our problems in understanding our infinity is that we don’t tend to take it seriously when we’re told about it.

“What keeps you from knowing the boundlessness of you is a disbelief in yourself and Me and what I say. For the most part, you don’t take seriously what I say.” (4)

Even when we’re told about our infinity, we tend to feel distant from it and this distance causes a ceaseless desire to find ourselves by looking to the external world, which always leads to heartbreak.

“You feel so far from it, and you may think of Me as an old grandmother who goes on and on with old memories and imaginings. I do not imagine you. I know you. I know you truthfully as Myself.

“I know what I created, while you see yourself as flotsam and jetsam. You look here and there, and your eyes do not settle on Truth. Your eyes keep looking at shining tinsel that waves in the breeze in the fields of illusion far and near. You miss the boat.” (5)

We don’t have to scour the world to understand our infinity and godliness, and we don’t even need to read the Heavenletters (or any other messages) to grasp it. All we have to do is look within and realize that love and infinity are our natural states, and then, our abilities will start to flow effortlessly.

We’ll still have to work hard at whatever we want to do and be patient when we have trouble, but like I’ve said before, being infinite doesn’t mean we can instantly do anything we set our sights on.

It means that we’ve been blessed with patience and the ability to persevere when things aren’t going our way, and we dance with illusion the moment we convince ourselves we should give up on something because “we just aren’t good at it” or “it just isn’t right for us”.

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If we stick with it and stay patient, we will eventually master it. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

The fact that we can keep going should inspire us to want to stick with it and even try new things we start to feel passionate about, and as long as we can routinely look within (where we find everything we’ll ever need), acting on our infinity will be a breeze.

Before we can act on it, however, we have to realize we’re infinite and find the self-empowerment we require to thrive. Self-empowerment is as important as any other trait that can enhance our creativity and help us evolve, so let’s stay empowered and willing to do whatever the heart feels inspired to do.

Or, we could get lazy and fail to expand our limits. The choice is ours, and I probably know what most of you will choose.


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