How Do We Feed the System? By Letting It Feed Us

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By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

My wife and I like to go to a certain restaurant for lunch every now and then, and it’s nice to go sit and hang out before returning to the day’s responsibilities. It seems innocent enough, and ordinarily, there’d be no reason for me to question something I thought was pretty natural.

It seems like a lot of people are conditioned to act or behave a certain way, and the tradition of eating lunch or dinner out is popular.

A short time ago, I might’ve accepted that eating out was just something people do, but lately, I’m having second thoughts. It actually goes beyond second thoughts – I’ve been seriously questioning whether this tradition is helpful or hurtful.

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that it hurts us in a lot of ways. The ‘food’ you get at pretty much any restaurant is so unhealthy and void of nutrition that it actually deprives the body while giving us the illusion of satisfaction; of being ‘full’.

I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but here in the US, practically all of our food is genetically modified and loaded with unnatural chemicals. We don’t even get to choose foods that aren’t genetically modified (unless we go completely organic), because apparently, we aren’t worthy of knowing which ones are and aren’t.

Our right to know what’s in our food apparently doesn’t matter to Big Food, so eating at a restaurant (and even shopping at the grocery store) is akin to playing Russian roulette.


We take a risk when we eat food with ingredients we know nothing about, and while a lot could be said about the corruption that’s rampant in the food industry, I wanted to write this article from a more personal perspective.

A short time ago, I hardly knew anything about food and especially about the food industry. I didn’t know what GMOs were, I didn’t think about chemicals in my food and I certainly didn’t question what I was eating.

That all started to change when I stopped eating meat, but even after that enormous lifestyle shift, I still didn’t question the food I consumed, which is most likely loaded with chemicals and GMOs.

I was born in the 90s, which means that GMOs, chemtrails and everything else that started at the end of the twentieth century are basically regular to me. I have memories of looking up at the thick trails being sprayed in the sky and thinking it was normal. Little did I know how abnormal it actually is.

I had no idea that these trails were so new, and for all I knew, it’d been happening ever since planes were invented. Along with GMOs and nutrition-less food, I was basically conditioned to think chemtrails were part of our society.

The same can probably be said for anyone else in my generation.

Only now am I realizing that we’ve all been duped by an elite class of world-destroyers who have our destruction (and the destruction of the environment) in mind, but I still tend to make choices that don’t reflect this awareness.

I made the choice to eat whatever was in the food I consumed today, and I’m realizing that it was a mistake. You might think I’m exaggerating the issue or making a mountain out of a molehill (it was just lunch, after all), but I’m realizing that what we put into our body is extremely important.

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We have to question the things we consume, and eating healthy doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s sometimes made out to be. The only hard part about it is having the discipline to say no to foods that we know are unhealthy, and we’ll need to be diligent in this area if we want to keep our health intact.

I’m feeling the effects of the heavy, fried, processed food I ate, and I can tell that it brings me down and lowers my vibration. I made the choice to basically drug my body with fried foods that are void of any real value or nutrition, and while a change needs made to our global food supply, I can’t solely blame the big corporations.

I have to take responsibility for my choices, and the fact that that unhealthy food exists in the first place isn’t as important as the fact that so many people choose to eat it, effectively keeping this rotten system going.

Big Food (and especially their advertisers) basically represents the little devil on our shoulder that encourages us to do something we know isn’t in our best interest, and depending on where you live, healthy and organic food is an option. It might cost a little more, but don’t you think it’s worth it to stay healthy?

For me, it all comes down to a choice between being conscious or indulgent. Sure, that fried food pleases the taste buds and gives us the illusion of happiness, but what does it really do for us? What does it do for our bodies? Our minds? Our spirits?

The answer I’ve slowly come to is that it makes us think we’re happy by stimulating our minds and giving us a false sense of nutrition and fulfillment, while it’s unnatural ingredients slowly kill our bodies by producing diseases that take decades to mature but seem to come out of nowhere when they finally hit.


Not only does it hurt our bodies – I think it slowly diminishes our spirituality. I definitely felt heavy and lethargic after eating that food, and when I think about it, it’s always made me feel that way.

I’ve always felt low and heavy after eating unnatural food, but I must’ve been too conditioned or complacent to realize it. I’m ready for that to change, and for me, writing this article is a potential first step in the right direction.

We can’t give the elitists control over our bodies anymore, and I think the best way to reclaim our power is to find natural foods that amplify our spirituality and satisfy our need for nutrition. Growing our own food is obviously the best option, but buying organic fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, etc. is a close second.

Humans have perverted our food system, and most of the ‘food’ out there really isn’t food at all. It’s some form of Frankenfood that was designed by people who only care about profit, and this is why the unhealthiest foods satisfy the taste buds the most.

They’ve engineered food that’s designed to stimulate the mind and the senses, because they know how powerful the mind is and they know they can manipulate it for personal gain. This is usually known as ‘mind control’, and for the most part, nobody realizes how widespread it really is.


It’s time for a change, and the world can’t change until we each make the changes we know need made before we can be healthy, active contributors to this conscious revolution.

We have to watch the things we eat, and until we do, we’ll continue to give in to the elite and the nutritionally dead ‘food’ they want us to consume. The best form of rebellion is the refusal to feed their system, and we know what we have to do to thrive without them.

The first (and potentially hardest) step is to finally start doing it.

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4 thoughts on “How Do We Feed the System? By Letting It Feed Us

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Nice article, thanks, I agree. Yet I do like to eat out, at times. I think we can change the food. Use out love, light, and focus on the chemicals being removed from the food. I think we are powerful creators and can do this. Put your hands around the food, drink, and ask that the toxins be removed. See if you notice a difference.


  2. Another great post, Wes. I have left unhealthy food (among with meat and dairy) behind 1 year and a half ago and I must say it feels really great when you eat greens, seeds, nuts, and fruits, it’s so energizing and refreshing, and what’s the most important, people don’t realize how many tasteful and delicious things you can make out of these foods. But it’s so hard to convince people around me to change their diet, they don’t want to accept what they’re eating is not good at all..
    Also, for more than half a year I don’t cook anymore with water from the sink because bad impurities rust are still there after you boil it, and I’m also doing it to protect myself from the calcium chloride it contains. Another good thing you can do is to change your tooth paste with a natural one, without fluoride. This way, your pineal gland (the spiritual third eye) remains decalcified and in its own rights 🙂


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