Yes, Music is a Form of Meditation


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve been saying for a while that I think music is one of the most spiritual things we can do, and I’ll always stand by that opinion.

I have people like the Marley family to thank for this profound realization, and through their music, they’ve helped me see that we can use this incredible medium to connect with a higher aspect of our consciousness.

Music has been called ‘the language of God’ or ‘the language of the soul’, and for good reason. If consistently practiced for the right reasons, it can connect us with the Supreme in a way that nothing except meditation can help us achieve.

I’ve struggled lately with whether or not I want to fully embrace music when I’m not writing or posting to the blog (or doing anything else). I’ve searched and searched for a clear or coherent answer to this inner query, and today, I was sent a musical guardian angel in the form of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

Who is Sri Chinmoy? He’s a spiritual teacher who’s been popular since the 1960s (maybe even longer), and he passed away in 2007. He apparently shared a lot of teachings and art with the world, and call me a spiritual novice, but I was just introduced to his teachings today.

Here’s some information about him from Wikipedia.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, better known as Sri Chinmoy (27 August 1931 – 11 October 2007), was an Indian spiritual master who taught meditation in the West after moving to New York City in 1964. Chinmoy established his first meditation center in Queens, New York, and eventually had thousands of students in 60 countries.

“A prolific author, artist, poet, and musician, he also held public events such as concerts and meditations on the theme of inner peace.

Chinmoy also advocated athleticism to achieve spiritual enlightenment, including distance running, swimming, and weightlifting. He organized marathons and other races, and was an active runner and, following a knee injury, weightlifter.” (1)

His insights about music and how it can connect us with our inner Christ consciousness have helped me a lot. For the next few days (or maybe even weeks), I’d like to take some time to discuss what he’s told us about music’s potential to help us expand our spiritual awareness and connect with Source through sound.

I couldn’t begin to tell you how important this subject is to me, and that’s why I’d like to take as many articles as I need to write about it.

I really appreciate what he’s said about exercise being a pathway to enlightenment too, because I’ve always thought that in a way but I never had something real or concrete to base it on until now.


Along with his teachings about music, his teachings about the spiritual value of exercise have lit my fire even more and encouraged me to keep at all of these important disciplines (music, exercise, etc.)

Like a lot of spiritual teachers, however, a few of his followers have detailed some behavior of his that was less than enlightened.

Musician Carlos Santana (who’s highly spiritual and claims to have a strong link with the angel Metatron, which I think is awesome) is one former disciple who left because of Sri Chinmoy’s judgmental behavior, even though the teacher claimed we should accept every religion and every way of life. (2)

His teachings still resonate with me for the most part, however, and no matter which spiritual teacher we hear from, we’ll want to appreciate the message more than the messenger.

As I learned, and as you’ll all learn by consequence, music is second only to meditation when it comes to helping us connect with our inner universe, and those of us who enjoy music would be best to practice it in accordance with meditation.

This must be why so many conscious musicians use cannabis or other psychedelics when they play – they feel like it helps them connect and even meditate as they play their divinely inspired music. You don’t have to agree that cannabis or anything else connects us with spirit, but a lot of people are convinced it does.

When it comes down to it, we have to do what works for us and allow others the freedom to do the same, whether or not we agree with their philosophy or the lifestyle choices that result.


Psychedelics aside, when meditation and music are combined, incredible, consciousness expanding results are apparently produced, and it’s liberating to know that music can be almost as effective as meditation in opening our minds and expanding our awareness.

I’ve learned from reading some of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings that if we embrace music, we might not want to practice it by itself. By that I mean that we’ll want to find time to meditate and explore our inner silence, which, like he said, is the most effective way to raise our vibration and connect with Source.

Nothing beats meditation, but according to Sri Chinmony, music is a close second. Music provides a path straight to the Most High, and while it might be a slower climb inward, it still produces potent results.

I’ll introduce Sri Chinmoy’s teachings in an article tomorrow, but for now, I wanted to introduce him and give my opinion on the things he’s said about music.

Again, it feels great to know that music really can be a path to the higher consciousness so many people are looking for, and those of you who embrace music are encouraged to keep at it and, if possible, use it to connect with your inner universe.


I think it’s time to become more active than some of us have been in connecting with Source and using the inspiration that results to awaken and uplift as many people as we can, and it’s obvious that music isn’t the only creative thing that helps us stay connected.

I’ve learned that writing and intuitively channeling are also potent avenues to a higher consciousness, and maybe, just maybe, any creative act we stick with can help us find enlightenment.

I can’t say for sure if every creative avenue helps us maintain our spiritual connection, but I know that music and writing do in their own ways. I think music is a more potent way to connect than writing, but writing has to be closely behind it because the writing flow undoubtedly and undeniably helps us stay connected.

I know I’m connected with my inner universe when I produce these flowing articles, and it feels great to say the least. We’ll talk more about how music and meditation can help us stay connected throughout the next few weeks, because my passion for this subject has reached an all-time high.

Some of you can probably say the same, so continue to embrace music or whatever creative act helps you stay connected. Along with meditation, they could very well help you find the enlightenment we all seek.


  1. Wikipedia: “Sri Chinmoy” at:
  2. See Carolos Santana’s very enlightening interview with Rolling Stone from 2000, where he talks about his time with Sri Chinmoy and why he left, his connection with Metatron and a lot of other interesting subjects:

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6 thoughts on “Yes, Music is a Form of Meditation

  1. Love your work,

    I found this comment on a post written to Zen Gardner. Based on your recent posts about music, mediation and activism, I thought you would reflect and glean the most from the presentation content, the beat and message of Kirk Nugent. I’m happy to send these to you, who I read daily and enjoy beyond measure.


    Mar 25, 2015 at 1:40 am
    I am compelled to post these five works of art by Kirk Nugent because he is a genius. His work at these links are no less than brilliant!

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –
    Part 3 –
    Part 4 –
    Part 5 –

    Sent from iPad


  2. Wes: Right on about music BUT your message about Sri Chinmoy might carry more “weight” if you acknowledged his phenomenal achievements in weightlifting…see my article in Golden Age of Gaia, “Moving Mountains,” about Chinmoy who, though a whimp lifted 7X more than the strongest men in the world. He was asked thousands of times, how do you do it and why? “My faith in God gives me the strength to do these things,” and, “I am trying to teach people there is an easier way.” I also posted an article in GAG on orcas as master teachers which may interest you. Love your work.


    • Thanks, Randall! I’ll keep that in mind, and I think I read the article of yours that you mentioned. I read about Sri Chinmoy’s incredible feats with exercise and weightlifting elsewhere, and it intrigued me. It also lit my inner fire even more, because I’ve been passionate about exercise as a means to achieve eventual enlightenment but I didn’t have anything to base it on until I read about Sri Chinmoy. This man has helped me in a lot of ways, and I’ve hardly read any of his material!

      Much love 🙂


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