Liberate Yourself Today


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It’s time to free ourselves from society’s rigid expectations. We need to become free again by enjoying life and pursuing things that help us feel happy, whole and awakened, and it takes the courage to break out of the crafted social shell that the mind tends to reinforce.

The elite don’t want us to be free. They want us to be content, complacent worker bees who stock shelves, follow orders and pay our bills. They don’t want us to realize that we contain (and comprise) an infinite spiritual universe, and they’d rather force us into conformity and complacent acceptance.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our planet is to be free. Freedom is our inherent birthright, and we aren’t meant to slave away at dead end jobs we don’t care about. We aren’t meant to ‘pay bills until we die’ as the saying goes, and we surely aren’t meant to accept all of the crazy standards society pushes onto us.

In order to enjoy life, we’ll have to cultivate the freedom the world seems to have lost. We’ll have to be willing to try new things, gain new experiences, expand our consciousness and have fun along the way, but our sense of joy and spirituality will be zapped if we participate in the elite’s world.

We can’t give the planetary controllers what they want by surrendering our freedom and the basic rights we’re all supposed to have, and the best way to be free is to stop confining ourselves in any area of life.

If there’s something we want to do, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do it.

If there’s some creative task we want to excel at, we might as well try and try again until we complete it. I think we should embrace the challenges that come with reclaiming our freedom and trying new things, and the more we challenge ourselves, the better we’ll feel when we complete the challenges.

The more we expand our capabilities, the more we’ll impress ourselves and the people who witness our feats. All we have to do is find the willingness to break out of our shells, open up to our inner universe and refuse to confine ourselves or let others confine us.

Reclaiming our freedom can be simple, and we don’t necessarily need to protest or embrace other forms of activism to do it. We can reclaim our freedom by expanding our horizons and excelling at new challenges, and the best way to be free is to feel free.

If we feel free and we’re passionate about life, we won’t have any trouble enjoying ourselves, creatively flowing or doing anything else that requires an enriched, enthusiastic perspective. With freedom comes limitlessness, and when we stop living rigidly in the mind, we realize that we can do whatever we want.


We realize that we really are infinite, and all that spiritual material that encourages us to realize our infinity isn’t just ‘new age fluff’.

The advice we’ve been given to realize that we’re infinite spiritual beings who exist in an equally infinite (and equally spiritual) universe is legitimate, and all we need to do to realize it is open up and change our thinking.

Everything becomes clearer when we open the mind and step into our true, authentic freedom.

The mental fogginess some of us experience is replaced with unprecedented clarity and the willingness to use that clarity for progressive, constructive purposes, and we no longer have to deal with lethargy or anything else that slows us down and depletes our passion.

Instead, our passion is restored tenfold and we realize how important both qualities – passion and freedom – are to each other. We need passion to sustain our freedom, and we need freedom to give us something to feel passionate about. Together, they’re a mighty force.

It can be hard in our modern society to find any degree of freedom or wholeness, and sometimes, stopping for a moment and taking a look around this reality can help us see how free we truly are.

Some of us might not feel free when we have to get up and work a job every day that depletes our time and energy, but there are things we can do to make it better. There are things we can do to increase our freedom even when we have to work every day, and our perspective is always important.

How we see life will determine how we feel each day, and even if we have a job we don’t care for, we can shift our perspective and ask ourselves what we can do to make our day lively, eventful and, most importantly, fun.

I’d recommend changing jobs if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, but those of you who enjoy your jobs yet tend to have bad days might benefit from transforming your perspective and claiming your freedom, even if it doesn’t seem to be there.

The idea that our freedom is missing is an illusion, and everything comes down to our mindset and how we choose to see the world.


If we’re willing to open up and believe we’re infinite and capable of anything we put our minds to, which includes enjoying the daily tasks we don’t really care for, we’ll amaze ourselves with the things we can do and the zest we can find for life.

All it takes is heart-centeredness and the willingness to embody joy and freedom itself when we don’t feel our best, and it gets easier with practice. Everything gets easier when we stay dedicated, and consistently reclaiming our freedom is one of the best things we can do for ourselves – especially right now.

It’s clear that the elite don’t want us to free ourselves from ‘mental slavery’ as Bob Marley and a few others called it, and they’ve done everything they could to zap our energy and keep us from being the free spiritual beings we’re meant to be.

We can transcend their tricks and tactics by answering the call from a higher power to liberate ourselves from everything that confines us and keeps us from being who we truly are, and liberating ourselves gets easier when we can be consistently open to spirit and the wonders a higher perception offers.

Lightening our vibration is arguably the most potent way to find those little bits of enlightenment that help us throughout the day, and liberation comes when we recognize that we don’t have to accept our current ‘status’ as humans walking around in these heavy meat suits.

We can transcend all of that and welcome spirit into our life, and all it takes is a little discipline and the willingness to disappear into our sacred center every now and then.

We only cease to be free when we stop ourselves from doing things we enjoy or things that fill us with passion and wholeness, and true freedom comes when we realize that despite what the elite’s done to keep us mentally, physically and spiritually oppressed, we were never oppressed to begin with.


We’ve let society and the influences around us oppress us since childhood, but now, we’re transcending that illusory oppression and using our creativity and spirituality to uplift the world.

We can be free if we let ourselves, and the first step is to refuse to confine ourselves any longer. We confine ourselves by closing the mind and letting it constantly race, and when we can stop this, we’ll take the first steps on the path to true freedom.

We are and have always been free, and it’s time to reclaim our innate freedom and show the world what we can do when we no longer let social expectations or limitations stop us.

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