GMOs and Informed, Conscious Decision Making


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the choices we make can affect our lives for better or worse.

There’s a force on this planet that wants us to make choices that keep us unhealthy and unaware of the spiritual realities that exist just beyond our conscious perception, and the last thing this force wants is for us to become conscious.

Awareness is the last thing the ‘powers that be’ want for humanity, and they want us to be lazy consumers who don’t know enough not to sit on our couches, watch TV and eat bad food all day long (when we aren’t slaving away at a dead end job that benefits them).

It’s essential for those of us who’ve become aware to have our awareness reflected in the choices we make each day, and we have to take it one day at a time.

Those of us who’ve become aware of the monstrous effects GMOs can have on the body will want to start eating healthy foods with as few ingredients as possible, but it takes commitment and discipline.

It takes the willingness to say no to foods we know are unhealthy or genetically modified, and this requires awareness of the choices we make. Introspection is a necessity right now, and the best way to stand up to the elitist forces who want to control us is to refuse to give them control over our bodies.

Food is obviously the best way to gain control over an entire nation of people (along with money), and the elite know this. That’s why they’ve genetically modified our food and put so many unhealthy, unnatural chemicals in it, but now that we’ve become aware of what they’re doing, we’re in a position to make a change.


We’re informed, and we can stop feeding the corporate parasites who use money and food to rule over us. We can starve them of their profits by refusing to buy what they try to sell to us, and if we already have their food in our household, we can refuse to eat it.

It’s easier said than done depending on who you talk to, but it isn’t impossible.

Healthy, organic food is everywhere in some places, but it’s harder to find in other places, which is why diligence is so important. Organic food is becoming more popular where I live, and I’m in this strange transitory state where I still see GMOs everywhere, and yet, a change is starting to arrive.

More and more organic food is becoming available around here as consumer demand increases, and this seems to be a direct result of people making the informed, conscious choice to eat food with no chemicals, additives or GMOs.

Now that a change is starting to happen, we’ll all have to become more diligent than ever. Luckily, this is getting easier since we have more organic food than we did a short time ago.

It’s become pretty popular, but the fight isn’t over yet. Those of us who continue to consume genetically modified food will have to stop buying the brands that contain it, because this is the best way to starve the corporations of their profits.

Feeding the current system is the best way to keep it going, and this is why we have to become conscious of the things we purchase and especially the things we eat. Food is, again, one of the best ways to control people, and it’s safe to say that most of us don’t want to be controlled.

Most people want to know if GMOs are in their food so they can stay away from them, but tragically, the very companies who use GMOs spend massive amounts of money to make sure they aren’t labeled. What does that tell you?


Big food doesn’t want us to know what we’re eating, and Monsanto especially doesn’t want us to be informed. They want us to be mindless zombies who blindly consume everything we see at the local grocery store, but if we want to create a future that’s free from their overbearing influence, we can’t give in to them.

There are a lot of other areas of life we could all improve in, but the food we eat seems like the most important. I’m no angel, and I’m certainly not an example of what a conscious eater looks like, but little by little, I’m realizing that a change needs made and I’m encouraging us all to make it in whatever way we can.

The most obvious change we can make is to eat foods that are natural, healthy and preferably organic, and every effort, big or small, makes a difference. Everything we do to starve the controllers of the profits they need to keep us enslaved is essential, and maintaining an active, socially and spiritually aware lifestyle can help.

There are plenty of things we can do to stay aligned with the higher aspects of our consciousness we’ve just started to connect with, and keeping the body healthy and active seems like one of the best ways to stay spiritually aligned.

It isn’t enough, however, and we also need to take a serious look at our food to determine if it’s holding us back or keeping us from making progress along the evolutionary path. Some people might not think food has much to do with their spiritual evolution, but I think it has more to do with it than we realize.

Our physical health isn’t the only thing that rides on the content of our food – our mental, emotional and spiritual health could suffer greatly if we continue to consume genetically modified foods that are loaded with chemicals.

Our physical health will go down the drain too, and I don’t know about any of you, but I’d like to avoid the golf ball sized tumors GMOs have been found to cause in rats. (1)

I’d like to avoid cancer or any disease that’s caused by eating bad food and cutting ourselves off from our spiritual essence, and it seems obvious that eating natural food is one of the best ways to ward off illness.


In short, we need more consciousness. We need to craft a conscious lifestyle that helps us feel alert, alive and willing to contribute to this growing revolution, and the more destructive our choices are, the harder our spiritual evolution will be.

We can make it a lot easier by making choices we know are aligned with the goal of staying healthy and becoming pure conduits for the spirit to express itself, and positive lifestyle choices are empowering.

We can empower ourselves by making choices that support our bodies and support the cause of starving the ‘powers that be’ of the profits they so desperately need, but we’ll disempower ourselves and make the journey harder if we refuse to make responsible, conscious decisions.

We can follow two paths from here: the path of the active, conscious seeker of the path of the lazy, misinformed consumer who fills their body with chemicals. The choice is ours, and hopefully, we’ll know the right one to make.


  1. For more on the study that was found to produce insanely large tumors in rats who were fed GMOs throughout their life, see this article from Natural News –

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4 thoughts on “GMOs and Informed, Conscious Decision Making

  1. Hey Wes, I’m interested in what you’ve been writing about- I am actually in a really similar mindframe in life but have not progressed forward in the same way as you (I’m also 21!). How did you start getting your posts onto sites like Waking times?
    I keep a journal of many deep thoughts, (intuition), and have been writing it for the past 2/3yrs, I started writing it up in a blog aswell but the reason I have stopped is because of uni being a distraction from it!
    (and partly maybe a subconscious belief that no one will see it, or that it will give me an online negative identity for getting a job, which I don’t actually want, lol)
    I am also a conscious musician aswell so would love to hear how you started at a young age


    • Hello Katherine, it’s always great to talk with someone else who’s young and just starting out. I submitted my posts to sites like Waking Times for a while before any of them were accepted, and I had (and still have) to persevere, stay consistent with the writing and music, and try to get it all out there as much as possible.

      I became aware of a lot of spiritual themes when I was about sixteen or seventeen, and I started writing when I was about eighteen. I was involved in other spiritual pursuits before I started writing, which I lot of people who first read my work probably remember, but I’ve since devoted myself to writing, music and meditation and I try to stay consistent with them and share them as much as I can. The only advice I can offer is to keep at it, even when the motivation wanes, and maybe start submitting some of your articles to well known spiritual sites. I think people would understand your situation and wouldn’t judge you for getting a job – nobody prefers it but we all know it’s necessary to survive while we do our spiritual work.

      Hope I could help! Much love 🙂


      • Hey Wes, thanks for responding. I feel these topics are very interesting and relevant in todays world, so it’s a very positive thing to be part of 🙂 That’s why I would love to get involved. I feel I could give a lot to this, and make people really think through the things I come up with. The journal I write I call a ‘thought book’, in this way its not really article material, but very interesting insights I have had, usually only 1 or 2 paragraphs. So its quite an easy thing to pick up and open anywhere. I had thought of typing it up as a book but I am only young with no experience in publishing etc, so just dont really know what to do with it all 😛
        That’s interesting me too, around 3 years ago I became very interested in spiritual/alternative ideas. Meditation is so useful- I feel the intuition (Higher self) can teach u so much, and meditation allows you to hear it.

        Right now I am in my final of university, doing a degree which my heart is not in.
        My real passions in life are learning about spirituality(/everything xD) and creating music on guitar (some of which have spiritual lyrics). These are like my reasons for being alive haha- I actually feel it like my purpose, but I still have that negative ‘realistic’ part of my mind which doubts me being able to actually push through and do this with my life. I have probably rambled on a bit but thanks so much for reading anyway if you have any other tips for me theyre very welcome haha 🙂 -Katherine

        p.s. what I meant by the job bit was that if I write my spiritual stuff online, and then try and get a ‘real’ job, the employer may see it and not employ me for the reason I appear ‘a bit alternative’ 😛


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