Don’t Suppress Your Negativity – Explore It


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I didn’t feel so great when I woke up yesterday. I felt tired, lazy, lethargic, and the last thing I wanted to do was write anything or post to the blog. When I explored why I felt this way, I realized that I still had some latent reservations about the role I’m playing in humanity’s awakening.

I convinced myself I didn’t want to spend so much time on the computer, which, as you can imagine, is a huge requirement when it comes to running a blog. After all, being on the computer is required to post, write articles, answer emails, or do pretty much anything else that reaches people.

I wanted to detach from the computer because I tend to feel like technology opposes the natural lifestyle I want to cultivate.

Now, I’m realizing that technology can be a natural part of life that we use for positive, constructive purposes, and while it’s hard to meditate while we’re staring into a computer screen, technology doesn’t have to be the unnatural beast it’s sometimes made out to be.

The other reason I felt so unwilling to contribute is that I started to feel like I was spending too much time posting to the blog, and I could use that time to develop my writing and music. I took this idea and ran with it (like I have in the past), and it eventually got to the point where I didn’t want to do anything.

I didn’t want to write, play music or post to the blog, and it was all because I convinced myself I didn’t have enough creative time. I essentially stopped myself from doing the things I was upset about not having time for. Do you see the irony?

I notice that if we let it, the mind will bring up all kinds of issues and present every downside to every aspect of life, which includes our spiritual work.

I was worried that I wasn’t giving myself enough creative time throughout the day, and in indulging this worry and letting it bring me down, I actually stopped myself from being creative. And it all started because I convinced myself there was a problem in the first place.

When I was thinking about how posting can take away valuable creative time, I neglected to think about all that spare time I have each day that isn’t used for creativity. I’m realizing now that I actually have plenty of time, and I just have to use the opportunities that are available throughout the day.

I’m also learning that if we feel low, it can help to take a small break, let a few things slip through the cracks and explore our feelings. If we wake up in the morning and dread whatever we have to do that day, we need to take some time to think about why we feel that way.

That’s exactly what I did, and it helped me realize that while posting is probably the most repetitive, mechanical thing I do throughout the day, it’s still necessary and it can actually be spiritual.

It’s spiritual because of the content of the articles I post, which touch on spiritual matters and matters that deal with alternative news, and just because I’m not writing and playing music all day long doesn’t mean the other things I do aren’t valuable or helpful, for me and other people.


It took breaking my normal routine and exploring why I felt the way I did to arrive at this conclusion, and if it weren’t for the decision to stop and explore these negative thoughts and feelings that were surfacing, I might’ve pushed them back down and kept myself from exploring them.

It’s essential to give ourselves some time to unwind and ask ourselves some essential questions about our lives, and we might stay in a perpetually unhappy state of mind if we don’t explore our negativity, work through it and start contributing again when we’re ready.

I’ve always had issues with posting (because, again, it can be a little repetitive), but I’m realizing that if I stick with my creativity and utilize that extra free time to develop the writing and music, the amount of time I spend posting won’t matter because I’ll still give myself plenty of time for other things.

I’m starting to accept that my role will require a lot of work, and I might not have very much free time. It’s essential for anyone who stays consistently busy to make time to sit in contemplative silence and explore their consciousness, but we can stay creatively busy when we aren’t meditating.

There’s nothing wrong with staying busy, and in fact, I think we’re meant to be busy right now. I think we’re meant to work (and play) hard in the name of the light, and we can occupy ourselves with tasks that stimulate our spirituality and our drive to use our creativity progressively.

Staying busy is actually a good thing, but again, we need to take a break when we just don’t have it in us. A break is necessary every now and then, and this is why I like to get out to nature or do other things that refill my cup and inspire me to get back to this lovely little laptop and write (or post) my heart out.

When I get to the core of the issue, I realize that fear has stopped me from wholeheartedly contributing every day.


Fear stops me from thinking I can write, post articles, play music and be a full-time parent every day, all at the same time (which doesn’t sound like much but, believe me, is a lot of work), and we need to eradicate fear if we want to succeed at anything.

Let fear be a thing of the past, and let spiritually inspired activity, along with the willingness to take a break when we don’t feel our best, show us the way into a higher consciousness. Writing this has helped me explore and work through this issue, and at the end of the day, I feel blessed to have all these creative tools.

You can continue to expect articles from me (along with a lot of other people) on the blog, and if I seem absent one day in the future, it’s because I took my own advice, detached, and refilled my cup. I’d probably return the next day stronger than ever.

I don’t see it happening, though, and despite my advice, the last thing I want to do is take a break now.

Let’s do our best, try to ‘be there every day’ as Bob Marley said, and remember to rest when we need it. When we can do all of this and embrace our role to the point that we’re excited to contribute every day, everything will flow more smoothly.

We just need a little faith, perseverance and self-empowerment.

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