The New Age and the False Light Matrix

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

There’s been a lot of talk lately about New Age teachings and the ‘false light matrix’ they apparently feed.

The idea behind it all is that the only way to liberate ourselves is to do away with all of the channelings and the teachings about ascending into the fifth dimension or creating a new earth, because they’re apparently traps that are meant to oppress us.

In their place, as others have said, should be a more authentic way to explore our consciousness, and I don’t know about any of you, but the idea that a new earth is some kind of trap by those pesky Archons just doesn’t sit well with me.

A lot of interesting yet confusing observations have been made about it, and to be honest, all of these contradictory perspectives on spiritual evolution are very discouraging.

Reading every New Age teaching and every perspective on them – good and bad – is making me want to detach from it all and go find some quiet place to sit in meditation and contemplation.

Like other people have said, all I know for sure is that love is the way. Love is everything, and the best way to spiritually evolve is to embrace it.

Love is my truth, and it’s the truth I want to follow. Everything else is starting to get so confusing and convoluted that it doesn’t seem worth my energy or attention, and I’m ready to detach from all these different perspectives on the New Age movement. Mainly because most of them are so negative.

I want inner peace, and all this contradictory spiritual information – some that claims channeling, ascension, the light, etc. are good and some that claims they’re a trap to keep us enslaved – makes it hard to find.

I’m ready to detach from it all and live in love, with the hope that this lifestyle will spread to others who’ve also been confused for the past couple months. Love and inner peace are the ways to enlightenment, and nothing else really matters to me right now.

It hurts my head to read all the perspectives on New Age spirituality that have emerged, and like I said before, it’s disappointing that the New Age movement has been turned into something we should all stay away from.

In fact, it’s currently being touted as something that was created by our oppressors to keep us from genuinely exploring our consciousness or coming back to the center of it all, which is love. I don’t know if I believe all that, but the people who’ve presented this theory are certainly convinced.

I can’t say I’m as into channeled messages or other components of the New Age movement as I once was, but the difference between me and a lot of other spiritual seekers is that I try not to condemn people who are into them. Sometimes I fail, but I’m trying and that’s all that matters to me.

Condemning New Age spirituality is the trendy thing to do right now (it’s basically the spiritual form of gluten-free food), but I have good friends who believe in certain aspects of the New Age movement, like channeling, and telling them their beliefs are wrong or designed to enslave them wouldn’t seem very accepting of me.

I’ve actually hurt people’s feelings by condemning aspects of the New Age movement that I thought were misaligned at the time (I don’t know what to think right now), and what seems to set me apart from others is that I could tell I was hurting people and I felt pretty bad about it.

If I’m completely honest with myself, I don’t know if channeling, ascension or other aspects of New Age spirituality are genuine. That hurts to say, because I want more than anything to believe.

I post channeled messages to the blog every now and then because channeling is how I started out and I don’t want people who believe in it to be left out, but I honestly don’t know if Archangel XXX actually exists or really communicates with us.

Nor do I know if Archon XXX poses as an archangel to siphon our energy. Honestly, how could anyone who’s still on earth claim to know something like that for sure? We might know for sure if we could peek beyond the veil, but for now, we have to rely on faith alone, no matter what we believe.

What I do know is that the conscious community’s respective philosophies are becoming so mixed and contradictory that getting away from it all and into a place of inner peace seems like the best course of action.

One corner of the conscious community believes we’re experiencing a collective ascension into a higher state of consciousness, which is commonly referred to as the fifth dimension.

I was a part of this corner when I first discovered spirituality and started doing spiritual work, and I have a lot of great friends and readers who are part of it. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for the channeling and ascension crowd, because they’ve supported my work through the years.

There’s another corner of the conscious community that seems to denounce New Age spirituality, and its numbers grow by the day. Even people who once believed in channeling, ascension and similar concepts are now denouncing them and encouraging others to do the same.

People are even starting to claim the entire concept of ascension is a hoax that’s been designed by the planetary controllers to keep us from empowering ourselves.

They achieve this by getting us to focus on channeled entities (who are really archons in disguise – boy, those guys can do everything) or other things that are apparently misaligned with genuine spiritual evolution.

It’s getting to the point that no spiritual territory seems safe anymore. It seems like spirituality itself will soon be denounced, discredited or claimed to be something that makes us subservient to the powers that be. It all seems very limiting, disempowering and, dare I say it, a little close-minded.

I’m not trying to say everyone who criticizes New Age spirituality is close-minded. I’m saying that everyone’s offering a different perspective – a perspective they’re wholly convinced is right – and in doing so, impeding on other spiritual seekers’ ability to decide for themselves what is and isn’t reality.

Sadly, most of the articles I’ve read that denounce the New Age actually encourage people to withdraw from any teachings that are related to channeling or ascension, as if everyone else’s spiritual decisions are the authors’ choice.

According to the philosophy that’s getting more and more popular, if we follow New Age teachings, we give our energy to the evil archons who use false light to enslave us in a ‘new earth’ hierarchical matrix that looks nice and fuzzy at the surface but traps us in the illusion forever, while the devil laughs and twirls his mustache.

All of this apparently happens when well-meaning spiritual seekers take advice from channeled angels.

And then there are the channeled messages themselves, some of which are decently levelheaded, and others, far too difficult to understand or even comprehend. I’m reaching a point where all I want is love, inner peace and a clear, basic spirituality that doesn’t go ridiculously far down the rabbit hole.

There are a few philosophies that resonate with me, and one is that we’re collectively evolving with the earth. I do believe there are entities on other levels of existence who we can communicate with if we’re open enough, but unlike before, I don’t claim to communicate with them.

Nor can I claim with any degree of certainty that anyone else is, because again, I haven’t been to the higher realms (yet) to confirm for myself.

I don’t think that believing in channeling or the New Age means we let archons siphon our energy or keep us unaware, but others believe that and that’s fine. It’s their path and I have no right to claim they’re wrong for thinking the way they do (but I can give my perspective).

Nor do they have the right, in my opinion, to claim anyone, even the people who believe in the wildest, craziest, new agey-ist teachings, are wrong for thinking the way they do.

We have to accept that we all have different perspectives when it comes to whatever the heck is happening right now, and almost all of us can agree that a shift is taking place.

We all define this shift differently, and I’m sure some people are denouncing it by now or claiming it’s an illusion the controllers have concocted to keep us enslaved. It seems like everything keeps us enslaved lately, even the things that seem to liberate us.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re giving the elite and the ‘archons’ who run them a little more credit than they deserve…

I guess the point I want to make is that we have to define our spirituality ourselves, and we can’t rely on any external source (whether it’s a channeled source or a well-meaning spiritual writer who believes the New Age is a trap) to tell us what is and isn’t reality.

Some spiritual seekers are very convinced of the conclusions they’ve come to about spirituality and the New Age, but the problem is when we try to force our conclusions onto other people, who are drawing their own conclusions based on their experiences and their inner search.

While someone over here concludes that the New Age is a trap created by the cabal to keep us enslaved, someone over there just concluded that we’re being visited by higher-dimensional guides who want to help us create a new world.

Both people are wholly convinced in this situation, and if they can’t accept each other, all they’re going to do is make each other feel bad about their beliefs. They might even duke it out on the internet, as people are prone to do, if they’re emotionally charged enough.

We have to draw our own conclusions and find our own way in the midst of all the contradictions and confusion, and while I’m not as passionate about New Age spirituality as I once was, it’s still a part of me and I still have good friends who believe in it.

I’m not about to denounce it like everyone else just to fit in with a crowd (the New Age nonbelievers), nor will I embrace it like I once did to fit in with another crowd (the New Age believers).

It’s unfortunate that we’ve divided ourselves like this, but I can only write so many articles about it before it becomes pointless. I hope we eventually learn to accept each other’s beliefs instead of boldly telling others to ditch the way they feel and adopt our beliefs because theirs are confining and ours will offer true liberation.

We’re falling into the same trap as religion, and I hope we realize it before the conscious community tears itself apart. To the believers in angels, archangels, ascended masters, and ascension itself, I say embrace your beliefs without pushing them onto others.

To those who don’t believe, I say the same: embrace the way you feel without being insulting or derogatory toward what you call ‘New Agers’. We’re all finding our own path, and we’re all crazy in the eyes of society anyway, so why should we divide ourselves?

Do your thing, let others do theirs, and maybe, just maybe, we can come together at some point in the future. If we present our philosophy as if it’s the only true one and demean others’ beliefs, however, we’ll hold ourselves back and play right into the elite’s hands.

Maybe they want us to be divided in the first place, because a divided spiritual community is a conquered spiritual community.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the Universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

9 thoughts on “The New Age and the False Light Matrix

  1. Good for Wes for finding it inside yourself to detach from the noise. Love & compassion are the foundation of the new truth, the rest isn’t much more than window dressing.

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  2. I completely understand where your’re coming from and your suggestion to sit quietly and turn inward is the best advice I’ve heard. The thing about The New Age Movement is, it’s incredibly hard to define. Since there is no book or doctrine or agreed upon ideology, it’s simply a label one gives oneself. To be “new age” you can take or leave channeling, you can take or leave ascension, hell, you can take or leave the concept of oneness if you want. You can believe in multiple dimensions, you can believe the entire universe and all its dimensions purely exist in the mind. It’s all new age and nobody knows for sure.

    My personal feeling is that many people are really feeling empowered for the first time. All people have been given external influences on belief (through religion, society, or familial influence) and many are excited at the prospect of turning inward to find the answers. How that manifests is completely unique to the individual. I believe we are all on a journey, and whether we believe we are starseeds from another planet, or the world exists only in our mind or that we must explicitly follow the dogma of a specific religious text in order to be spared eternal damnation doesn’t, really matter. What matters is that we are moving toward a place of love.

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  3. You bring up a lot of great questions and points, Wes! Personally, I’ve come to “know” the following. Whether it’s considered “New Age” or not, I really don’t care one way or the other…for I simply consider it “my” Truth:

    1) EVERYTHING is an illusion. It’s a creation for us to experience all the nuances and possibilities of creation.

    2) We are all One with Source. There is NO true separation or division between us. What we perceive as separation or division is merely an illusion created for our learning/experiencing.

    3) As One with Source, we are powerful beings. We just don’t realize our power because we’re collectively and individually limiting ourselves in order to go through this physical, human experience.

    4) Thoughts are powerful things. Again, many of us just don’t realize their power.

    I’m not sure yet whether we actually CREATE our future experiences or we simply “align” ourselves with something that’s already created, but either way, I know that we have a GREAT deal of influence over our future experiences by our thoughts, intentions, and actions. For example, if we wish to experience a peaceful and harmonious future, I’m becoming more and more convinced that we can “attract” that chosen experience to us by our continued focus and intentions.

    Whether we think of these “New Age” concepts or ascension as some kind of a “trap” doesn’t really matter in the long run. Each soul will ultimately chose the best experience for itself to learn and grow–and ALL souls will eventually return to full consciousness with Source. As for me, I tend to think of everything (Archons, Light/Dark, ET’s, apocalypses, ascension) as a distraction. I tend to look at them as a kind of “testing” process to see if we’ll be distracted, drawn back into fear-driven, egoic ways of thinking–or if we’ll be able to rise above them and remain focused on Service-to-All (both “self” and “other-selves”). I think that the stronger our focus and confidence, the more in alignment our experience and our intentions will be.

    My path of choice is to remain confident in my relationship with Source (or AS Source in this particular human “identity”), choose the type of future experience I wish to have, express myself as such, and fully appreciate whatever experience comes my way as a wonderful gift. I also choose to try and act with LOVE for all beings and all creations–for we are all equal, illusory aspects of the same WONDERFUL being.

    With much Love and Respect,


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  4. This the best article Ive read during this whole “trip” so far. A simple self- truth goes a long way. I myself have simply stopped “guiding” and “wayshowing” on purpose. When others seek and see my light I guide. I feel that just being who am should exalt my beliefs knowledge and ex-perience and in-perience. Believe it or not…you unintentionally caused many “wanderers” to stand at attention. And whether we want to or not, weary but not broken, unfused at times, and even ungrounded…our work here continues. Thank you

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  5. My observation has generally been that the critics of so-called “new age” philosophies often serve as disinfo agents, even if this is not their intent. The arguments posited from their vantage point often reveal a lacking of the subtle distinctions which result from fully integrating and digesting the universal truths seeded within the new information being delivered to the planet.

    It is as if people are more interested in seeking out the flaws than they are in extending their imagination to find the validity. My experience has been that missing just one tiny little seed of truth can create a “false logic,” one that can appear to be very compelling, in spite of not being an accurate reflection of what the galactics and ascended beings are really sharing with us.

    For example, I have heard critics complain that the new agers are just sitting around twiddling thumbs, “hoping” for a positive timeline to emerge triumphant. The argument is that “sending positive thoughts” is somehow being championed as THE solution to material problems, which isn’t the most accurate way of making sense of how our personal contribution affects the all.

    Certainly, you are what you think. Yes, our vibration raises or lowers based the sum of our beliefs and definitions, which inform our choices and being. BUT the critics of this concept seem to overlook how the true nature of “physical reality” is ultimately a form of energy and as such, alteration of the energetics is a fundamental ingredient in this complex recipe of spiritual evolution.

    So while our positive vibrations will not single-handedly go and remove a tyrant from political office, they are a pre-requisite for loosening up the muck of this collective co-creation. How can we shift the collective if we have not first pulled ourselves up out of the gridlock?

    Fundamentally, the argument against “positive thinking” is flawed because it is operating on a good/evil type of defining positive/negative, when our star kin and others from the higher realms have told us repeatedly, in a variety of ways that this is a trap, one that was planned from the very beginning to enslave humanity. Lightworkers are not to treat acts of terrorism or catastrophe as “positive” events in the sense they are just or justified. No, we are to “hold light” which really is a poetic way of saying to not forget our own divinity in the face of events that are designed to create fear and try and make us feel small.

    At the end of the day, I AM an eternal being. My many lifetimes occur simultaneously. In some, I perish at the hand of world events. In others, natural causes. I’d be proud to proclaim that in one of my lifestreams I was so dedicated to serving the all that I fell prey to an immature galactic who took me out of the game via some juvenile “false light” hoax – at least I could stand tall and say that I was willing to follow my heart instead of waiting it out on the sidelines because I was afraid that the rumor might be true.

    Perfect love casts out fear. Wouldn’t this imply that fearful ideology is inherently imperfect?

    My main point here is that when you become a “soul-infused” personality, you no longer envision it being possible for there to exist an adversary to Prime Creator. There is no opposing force that can stop the spiraling up, that is, unless you agree to such a thing in the first place.

    Said differently, the best way to protect yourself is to know that you need no protection.

    It’s normal to waver as we tread these new waters. It’s expected that we will tire from time to time, our muscles fatiguing. The amount of information being given at this time is dizzying and the physical mind cannot possibly reconcile all of it.

    I highly recommend a film called “Astral City” – available for streaming on Amazon. It was a main catalyst for me in my ascension process and helps give an idea of where all this channeled information is coming from. In the cities of light, there are many “municipal” buildings, one of which is a “ministry of communication” or something like that, in which, souls from the other side of the veil dedicate hours upon hours upon hours “getting word” back to us on 3D Earth. The film is provocative and powerful, also in Portuguese, so have your reading glassed on hand. It led me down a very profound rabbit hole and has anchored my present understanding of this “channeling’ initiative, which we can all agree is robust, fulsome and yes, sometimes confusing.

    Let us not forget that there is not “one truth” that is true for everyone. There will be parallel realities where those “believing in false light” will fall into “archonic booby-traps.” And there will always be a version of this reality where souls simply side-step every single obstacle and cannot be touched. So the question really is simple, which reality does your current belief system allow you to attract to yourself? Each of us steers our own reality based on the state of being we achieve.

    When critics voice their distrust of ultimate goodness, let it roll right off. Might be true for them, but doesn’t have to be true for you!

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  6. Dear Wes,

    I also wandered away from New Age and channelled messages. I must admit, returning to your blog after a while, I was surprised by what you wrote here, because your channellings were for me always the best and full of very common sense wisdom. They were simply different. Asking my selves why they seems to be different is that you channelled higher self and not any of Arch*…
    But what New Age gave to me is a different perspective of our materialistic world we are so poisoned with. I started to read much more serious books, I also newly discovered philosophy for example. Humanity were so smart 2000 years ago already. So for me, New Age was a kind of awakening. But definitely not in the 5th dimension.
    However I still believe in Higher Selves, reincarnation, which was not the case before. And initial credit goes to New Age. Confirmation about this concept I found elsewhere. Personally I am still in the quest to understand theory of everything.
    I do believe that New Age is a new religion, initiated by puppet masters in order to passionate and control people.. People simply need this and old religion is a little bit outdated. Purpose of religion is control.
    From perspective of puppet masters Love can easily be misused. It is similar to Hippie movement in sixties. Sex and drugs and rock’n roll. Keep focus away from serious problems.
    But I fully understand your quest to search your portion of love. We all would be much better humans if we would fully embrace it.
    Let me conclude that I am again as always positively surprised with your incredible progress. You must be very old soul !



    • Thanks, Bostjan! I suppose it’s all part of the growth and refinement process. We’ve all found beliefs and ideologies that work for us, and sometimes, we have to confront and expand (or transcend) them so we can reach the next stage of our growth. It all seems necessary on one level or another, and it’s great that so many people are awakening in such unique, authentic ways.

      Much love 🙂


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