Merging With The Voice Within


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve probably said what I’m going to say before, but if so, it bears repeating. I use writing in two ways: to express myself and let the universe express itself through me, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing and the ‘Voice Within’ messages I’ve been publishing lately.

I told myself at first that I’d bring through and publish a ‘Voice Within’ message once a day (with the exception of weekends, because everyone needs a break every now and then), but it requires more work than I anticipated.

I don’t know what it’s like for most people who channel or intuitively communicate, but for me, the words pour through in a way that makes proper spelling practically impossible. When I relay messages from my inner voice, I have to go back and edit the text so it’s presentable. Here’s what a typical message looks like before I edit it:

“Stay strong and keep doing wha tou can to rainse the collective vibration very day, beau syou’r emaking a more sigoinct hang ehtan you reaize a syous triovne ot proenst yrknwoeld eo thre tso fhuiaty I a way that everyone can understand and pen up to.

“You’re being supoirnted from on high in all kinds of extraoridoneary ways, but you avhe to oen yoru mind and hearst to the aistoaice you’re being given torecoenve it in earnest and this can be idfocl thwne you chose the nioanv ean dpaonful emtiosn that comewith living on earth over the calm, siltn emtiness tah comes with expoerin gyour osnoicens and raisoing yoru vibration.”

As you can see, some work will need done before those two paragraphs are presentable. I don’t mind the editing work, however tedious it might be, and it’s just one aspect of the messages that I’ve been thinking about lately.

Instead of publishing a message every day, I think I’m going to bring them through once or twice a week. That way, they stay fresh and I can eliminate some of the extra work I took up, which is only ‘extra’ because I added it to the writing and blogging I’ve been doing.

The extra work isn’t the only thing that’s led me away from publishing the messages every day, and what’s really driving this whole thing is that I want to be a conduit for the universe (or a higher aspect of my consciousness) without the need for a middleman.


Like I’ve said before, I want to cultivate a completely conscious, enlightened lifestyle. If I did, the universe and my inner voice would be reflected in everything I thought, said and did, so there’d be no need for ‘Voice Within’ messages because this voice would come across in my writings and everything else.

That’s the goal I’m striving for right now – to embody and express my inner voice in my articles and anything else I do to uplift people. I want love, spirituality and enlightenment to become my life, and I want that to be reflected in the work I present to all of you.

I still want to intuitively connect every now and then, however. Bringing those messages through provides a good meditation, but instead of seeming separate from my inner voice by publishing articles from me and messages from it, I want to merge with it and bring it forth in my creativity.

I want my inner voice to become a direct part of me, and in a way, I feel like constantly channeling it would keep me separate from it.

Some of you would probably disagree and say that consistently connecting is a great way to stay close with it, but again, I don’t want it to be a distant or far-off voice that I have to meditate and intuitively connect to attain. I want it to be a constant part of my existence.

We’re always connected with our inner voice no matter what we do, so if you think about it, striving to connect with it and receive messages from it seems a little redundant. I can use my inner connection to produce articles and music that awaken and uplift people, and I can still bring through ‘Voice Within’ messages every now and then for those of you who enjoy them.


For the most part, I’ve published those messages so much because they seem popular, even though I haven’t been publishing them very long.

Those of you who read the channelings I used to bring through probably appreciate the ‘Voice Within’ messages more than anyone else, and I noticed that views on The Culture of Awareness increase every time I publish them.

This led me to think I was doing something right and, thus, I should keep publishing them every day, but I’m realizing that we can’t do things just because they give us attention or, in my case, increase our blog stats.

Increasing blog traffic is important to me since the blog’s my passion and it’s how I stay financially afloat, but I can’t bring myself to do something I’m not passionate about just because it increases views. That seems less spiritual or passionate and more egotistical or survival-based.

I’m not saying I’m not passionate about connecting with my inner voice, but my passion is shifting and I’d rather constantly express it through my articles than connect with it in a specific, potentially limiting format.

I’ll just have to deal with less blog views, and hopefully, my articles will start to stand on their own two feet and those of you who’ve enjoyed my channelings (as well as new readers who enjoy spiritual material) will flock to the articles as much as you’ve flocked to the messages.

I can only hope at least, because as egotistical as it sounds, I (and any other spiritual writer or blogger) would love more success with the blog. It isn’t necessarily because of the personal benefits that come with success, which can trap us and drain our spirituality if we aren’t careful – it’s because I want to reach and uplift as many people as possible.


Channeling my inner voice is a great way to reach a lot of spiritual seekers, but when it comes down to it, writing (and expressing my inner voice through the articles) might allow me to reach even more people who are just starting to become aware.

Not to mention that I’m as passionate about music as ever, and I feel like I can use the two, along with blogging, to express my inner voice and hopefully uplift people. Expect a lot of articles and occasional ‘Voice Within’ messages, because I’m getting more and more excited about consistently expressing this inner voice, no matter what difficulties or obstacles I might face.

It’s easier said than done, and becoming a conduit for spirit requires us to express an enlightened perspective with every issue we face, however difficult, painful or confining. It’ll be worth it in the end, however, because we’ll enjoy an increased sense of bliss that’ll result from an active, sustained connection with the universe.

Beyond cozying up to the silence, which is important for anyone who wants enlightenment, the best way to keep this connection strong is to keep our creative connections strong, because they’re our link with the universe and our inner voice.

I’ll continue to creatively flow as much as I can, and hopefully, the material that results will uplift all of you who’ve come to my blog day after day in hopes of finding some positive, nourishing, uplifting material. With the universe by my side, I’ll do what I can to bring it to you.

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