The Voice Within: You’re Meant To Be Tested

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An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Your creative and expressive abilities can be clear and free-flowing, and all it takes is the willingness not to let the ego heavily influence your creativity or anything else you do to bring your planet into the light.

When it comes to channeling or conveying the intuitive guidance you receive from the greater aspects of your consciousness who want to help you spiritually evolve, releasing your mind-driven resistance and letting the expressions flow is the best way to produce a clear and coherent communication for others to benefit from.

Channeling or connecting with your higher self isn’t just meant to benefit the people who read or listen to the message later on – it’s meant to benefit the person who practices it by filling them with divine energy and inspiration and allowing them the creative freedom that comes with getting the ego out of the way and letting one’s expressions flow with no hindrances or barriers present.

Any creative practice is difficult at first, but with time, effort and patience, they become easier as you decrease your mind-driven barriers and allow them to flow in an uninhibited way.

The Silent, Universal Flow

The creative flow is practically absent when you’re in a rigid frame of mind, but when you let all that rigidity fade and let yourselves exist in the calm, silent, universal flow, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable as you realize that you have nothing to be upset or worried about.

The mind uses an infinite amount of tricks to convince you that you should wallow in negativity about any given situation, but when you transcend its overbearing influence and let yourselves exist in this silent yet powerfully omnipotent flow, you realize that you’re meant to embrace the challenges you face and, in doing so, excel at them.

The challenges you face each day are only as difficult as you build them up to be in your mind, and when the mind no longer influences you to the degree that you resist challenge or stop yourselves from making any real or potent progress along the evolutionary path, you realize that challenge isn’t meant to bring you down or keep you from shining your light.

Its intention is to help you increase your light by overcoming obstacles and adversity, and realizing this is the first step to finally surpassing the challenges that have tested you the most.

As you’re learning, you’re meant to be tested as you make your way through the lower vibrations and struggle to express your light from within the dense and nearly suffocating atmosphere around you. You made the choice to come to the lower vibrations and uplift people, and you knew there’d be a lot of trials and challenges involved, which, in some cases, you knew would test you greatly.

You still have more challenges to face, and you knew you’d face them and everything else you’ve met so far as you strived to raise your vibration and the vibration of the rest of the planet. You’ve planned and coordinated each challenge to benefit you in the highest way possible, and it helps to keep in mind that even the most difficult things you go through are necessary for your growth and advancement.

Not only are they necessary – excelling at them will catapult you into a higher frame of mind that recognizes the constant presence of love and unity.

It might seem difficult to fathom that love and unity are constant aspects of your existence, whether you realize it or not, but the challenges and obstacles you currently face are helping you refine your understanding of this truth so you can eventually share it with others who, like you, are searching for a way out of the chaos they’ve created for themselves.

So Much Hurt

There’s so much hurt being passed around from person to person, and this is part of the reason you chose to come to earth and assist in the planetary restoration. You’re here to help heal the pain so many generations have passed down, and you’re achieving your goal with every challenge you overcome and every bit of spiritually inspired work you present to the rest of humanity.

As long as you can stay in a spiritually receptive frame of mind, you’ll have little difficulty using your spirituality and creativity to mend the broken hearts that are in need of love and recognition.

You really do raise the collective vibration and make it easier for others to awaken with every spiritually inspired thing you do, and it’d help you greatly to recognize this truth and let it inspire you in your dull, lackluster moments or the times when you feel too much pain to carry on.

Even though you’re on earth to heal the pain of others and help them understand the spiritual nature of their existence, you can’t forget to surface and heal your own pain.

Since you’re doing a lot of clearing work for the collective consciousness, which means you’re taking on the issues and the negativity of people you haven’t yet met in this life, your etheric bodies are routinely filled with the collective negativity you strive to transmute into positive energy that can benefit your planet and its people.

Because of this, you’re encouraged by multiple channeled sources and enlightened teachers to routinely clear out your auric field. There are various ways you can do this, and sometimes, laying down for a nap and getting some rest is a potent way to clear yourselves of the negativity you’ve willingly allowed to build up.

Other times, resting won’t help as much because it can cause you not to surface and clear the negativity, but there are times when laying down can allow you to awaken feeling clearheaded, purified and ready to take on whatever challenges you meet next.

The channeled sources and enlightened teachers who’ve told you you’re doing clearing work for the collective aren’t lying or trying to make you feel better about your mission, and you really are taking on other people’s negativity in an act of selfless personal sacrifice.

Love Yourselves

Credit: Pinterest

It’s imperative that instead of constantly focusing on how you can work hard for the benefit of others, you ask yourselves what you can do to heal your inner negativity, which is amplified when you carry the negative energy of others.

Love yourselves as much as you love your kin and the rest of humanity, and without descending into materiality, gluttony or any other form of physical indulgence, treat yourselves every now and then and show yourselves the love you strive to show to others.

The best way to treat yourselves isn’t always to have a nice dinner out, buy yourselves something nice or do something else that pleases the ego instead of nourishing the spirit, and there are ways you can spiritually, creatively or meditatively treat yourselves.

Find a way to put yourselves on a higher vibration where you can access and heal the negativity that’s built up in you, and remember to stay aligned throughout your day by distancing yourselves from things you know are spiritually vexatious while embracing the practices you know will help you stay aligned.

Above all, remember how much love the universe has for you and how much appreciation your fellow awakening humans will have when they realize how much you’ve done for their benefit.

Nobody’s joking when they say you’ve done a lot more than you realize (and you continue to), and when you can open your mind (and heart) and empower yourselves to a certain degree, you’ll start to realize how much you’ve done for the sake of others.

Hopefully, this realization will reassure you when you don’t feel like you’ve done anything significant at all, and it’ll help you to remember that even when you don’t feel like you’ve been active in the slightest, you’re done a lot more in the spiritual realms than you realize.

Stay strong and continue to call on the loving, universal flow in your times of trouble. The universe and the higher aspects of your consciousness are always here for you, and all it takes is a request to feel their presence and receive their assistance.

Keep in mind that your request is important, because no greater spiritual force can come to your aid unless directly requested.

Once you can sustain your universal flow and maintain a connection with these higher aspects of your consciousness, the difficulty and suffering that have plagued you in the past will be replaced with an active interest in surpassing challenges and using your inner love to help others.

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