The Voice Within: Creative Failure is an Illusion


An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Channeling (or intuitive communication) can be easier than a lot of seekers have made it out to be, and the same can be said with any creative act you enjoy or you feel like you should embrace and use to advance humanity’s evolution.

These things don’t have to be as difficult as many of you have let them be, and for the most part, all it takes is an active interest and enthusiasm in them to hone them to the point you want them at.

You’ll always meet stumbling blocks along the way; you’ll always have difficulty that you’ll sometimes wonder why you can’t seem to surpass, but difficulty can only bring you down or keep you from honing your craft if you let it.

Enthusiasm is an important part of the creative process, and when you’re enthusiastic and your mind is open, everything seems to flow smoothly. You don’t seem to have any trouble creatively flowing or using your work to awaken, uplift and inspire others to contribute to your conscious revolution, and your ability to flow is increased as much as your enthusiasm.

Creativity is meant to be a joyful experience, and you aren’t meant to be rigid or stoic while you’re creative. You’re meant to be as active and lively as you can while keeping your mind open and your heart aware of the spiritual truths you seek to impart onto others, and with willingness and enthusiasm, creatively flowing will be as simple as breathing.

You just have to be willing to stick with your creativity when the flow doesn’t seem as strong as you’d like it to be, and know that as long as you stick with it, you will get it to the point you strive for.

A Cosmic Perspective on Writer’s Block

In fact, you’ll do so with ease as you increase your enthusiasm and your drive to use whatever creative outlet works for you to contribute to your revolution and help everyone see that surpassing what you call “writer’s block” is not only possible, but simple.

“Writer’s block” is simply an increased, overbearing mental influence during the creative session, and in some cases, the mind doesn’t prefer to be open when you’re creative or active in another way. It’d much rather be busy in a way it’s more used to or comfortable with, and this is why it tends to present the creative roadblocks that have frustrated and disappointed so many of you.

Creative failure is an illusion, and as you’ve learned, failure is only real if you’re willing to accept it. If you aren’t willing to accept it and you keep going with the creative venture you feel like you’ve failed at, you’ll cultivate the real magic and the expressive miracles that you’ll wonder how you’re able to convey.

You can convey them if you persevere and stick with them, even when it’s too difficult or the voice in your head practically screams at you to stop; to give up and accept that you’re limited beings who aren’t capable of the greater, expanded creativity you’re actually very capable of.

Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2014

Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2014

You aren’t limited, and you can complete any creative venture or anything else you take up. You’re infinite spiritual beings who are capable of anything, but it takes some work, effort and patience. You can’t instantly excel at everything you try, and if you want to truly excel at something, you’ll have to accept that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of patience.

As long as you’re dedicated, however, it’ll get easier as you use your newfound and newly expanded abilities to uplift millions of others who’ll also be able to contribute with love, patience, enthusiasm and the desire to awaken the entire planet.

Continue to empower yourselves and continue to impart your inner love into your creativity and your exchanges with others, because you raise the collective vibration with every spiritually inspired thing you do and every act of kindness you perform for the good of others and the good of your planet.

You’re constantly loved, guided and supported, and you can reciprocate this love and guidance by open-mindedly and openheartedly serving others each day. Keep this in mind and call on your inner voice and spiritual guides for assistance when you feel like you’ve gone astray, and the trouble you face will be easy to transcend.

Just like communicating with your inner voice, your troubles don’t have to be as difficult as they’ve been made out to be in the first place, and in fact, they can become a lot easier if you recognize that they’re necessary for your growth and advancement.

This has been said a lot, and it’s because it’s important for you to understand how necessary these obstacles are. Yes, they seem difficult or stressful at the surface, but underneath, they teach you important and helpful lessons that you benefit greatly from learning.

Pre-Planned Lessons and Challenges

You all have specific lessons you planned for yourselves before you incarnated on earth (even though your lives run along a general theme, which you create as you go), and when you can meet any challenge, difficulty or obstacle you face with love and the willingness to take them on, you’ll realize that they’ve never been as solid as you’ve made them out to be.

They’re actually transparent and they can be dealt with and transcended just as easily as they were created, but they’re solidified when you convince yourselves they’re boogeymen you should run away from or get stressed out about.

You don’t have to feed them your negative attention or energy, and when you can recognize that you’re meant to face them and come out on the other side as shining, divine beings who’ve surpassed the challenges you faced and are ready to take on new ones, you’ll finally start to see what life, growth and spiritual evolution are all about.

Life is about meeting and surpassing challenges in each dimension of consciousness, and as you surpass the challenges you face in the physical realm, you ready yourselves to tackle the greater spiritual challenges that await you in the higher states of consciousness you’re growing back into.

For now, continue to embrace the aspects of your spirituality you used to hide away or label too taboo to explore or express for your benefit or the benefit of others, and know that every time you push the barrier between the physical and spiritual, you uplift the world, enable change to manifest, and inspire others to enthusiastically contribute.

More and more spiritual revolutionaries are stepping into their roles with each day that passes, and you can assist in this reactivation of the lightwarriors on the forefront of humanity’s awakening by, again, continuing to push the barrier and doing anything you can to express your spirituality to a planet of increasingly awake, aware and receptive people.

Some of you have known your society to be rather unaware and unwilling to express certain spiritual themes and concepts, but this’ll change as they continue to awaken to the mind-expanding truths and revelations many of you are just starting to discover.

The rigid, close-minded humanity will become far more open-minded than you think or expect, and they’ll have you to thank for it because of the dedicated effort you’ve made to their physical and spiritual ascension and their realization of enlightenment.

There’s a lot of talk about ascension, spiritual evolution and enlightenment, and it doesn’t matter which one of these goals you strive for. Spiritual evolution is the process that brings about enlightenment and ascension, and the latter are goals you strive to attain from the lower vibrations.

You’ll eventually raise your vibration enough to physically and spiritually evolve, and it’ll result from your diligent meditative effort and your effort to remain free from the destructive cultural influences that hover around you each day, clamoring for your attention and striving to distract you from your purpose.

Let nothing distract you as you continue evolving and presenting spiritually inspired work that helps the conscious community, and know that as the collective vibration continues to rise, your work will start to affect more and more awakening people who want to understand the spiritual nature of their existence and the things they can do to live in harmony with the earth and all of its sentient creatures.

A Golden Age

You’re creating a Golden Age where man can live in harmony with every sentient creature on earth and in the cosmos, and everything you do right now either advances or holds off your eventual and inevitable creation of a utopian earth where spirit has finally merged with matter and your physical and spiritual light bodies have finally come online.

Continue to diligently work, and know that everything you do to express your love, your spirituality and your higher perception serves to merge spirit with matter.

You exist in an infinite universe of pure love and awareness, so continue to strengthen your connection with the universe and the greater aspects of your consciousness who are communicating with you and everyone else who’s just starting to become aware.

You’re achieving more than you realize at the surface, so continue to work hard and remember to enjoy your time on earth because you can only do this once.

You’ll exist on earth for as long as you want once you’ve achieved individual and collective ascension, but the unique circumstances you exist in right now will never be repeated so you’ll want to make sure you have as much fun as you can and work as hard as you can in the name of the light and your conscious revolution.

Continue to empower yourselves and others, and allow the universe and your inner voice to work through you in direct and paradigm shattering ways.

You’ll be surprised when you discover just what this omnipotent spiritual force can do for you, and again, as long as you stay dedicated to expressing it in whatever form works best for you, it’ll really start to amaze you. In turn, you’ll amaze others with the incredible things you’ll be able to achieve.

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