Weekly Newsletter Preview: Changing the World

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week, I’d like to talk about how we can use our awareness and spirituality to make a positive impact on the world. Some spiritual seekers prefer to hide away from the world and explore their consciousness with meditation or other tools, and this is a great way to raise the collective vibration without directly influencing humanity.

It’s not the only way we can create positive change, however. We can use our creativity to uplift the world by presenting spiritually inspired art that’s meant to help people along their journey and awaken those who haven’t yet become aware, and while this route isn’t always preferred, it’s a very direct and potent way to inspire people with spirituality.

Both methods of service are helpful and needed, and either of them could survive without each other. For example – you might pick up a Bob Marley record and listen to his inspiring words about peace, freedom, justice and spirituality, but it won’t do much for you if you haven’t elevated your consciousness.

I listened to Bob Marley as a well-meaning, pot smoking teenager, but I didn’t take anything genuine from his words until I grew a little and awakened to spirituality and the oppression of the lower classes. The work of some diligent meditator who I’ll probably never meet (along with Bob and any other conscious musician) raised my vibration enough to awaken me to all these concepts.

We affect everyone’s consciousness when we meditate or do anything else that fills us with a higher vibration, because we’re all connected. We’re one consciousness that influences and assists (or hurts) itself, and we’re affected positively when a diligent seeker meditates for hours on end.

If it weren’t for all the people out there meditating quietly to themselves, the work so many conscious pioneers have done wouldn’t do much to awaken the masses. An inner shift needs to take place before we can truly benefit from anything that raises social or spiritual awareness, and this is why we need the meditators and the more direct world changers.

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